Sunday Night Chat 2014/11/30

MegaBossMan Nov 30th, 2014 197 Never
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  1. [18:01] == AdrianMarceau_ [63e2ee3d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  2. [18:02] <ThatGuyNamedMike> I'm gonna wait until you guys are finished with your ideas. I just counted: 33 entries in the v2 Pitch.
  3. [18:02] <AdrianMarceau_> There we go
  4. [18:02] <AdrianMarceau_> Wanted to make myself fullscreen
  5. [18:02] <AdrianMarceau_> Can you OP me and kick the other adrian?
  6. [18:02] == mode/#mmrpg [+o AdrianMarceau_] by MegaBossMan
  7. [18:02] <@AdrianMarceau_> So it's not confusing
  8. [18:02] <MetaKirbSter> full screen kindof.
  9. [18:02] == AdrianMarceau was kicked from #mmrpg by MegaBossMan [wibble]
  10. [18:02] <@AdrianMarceau_> Thanks
  11. [18:02] == Spinstrike [183d324f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  12. [18:02] <@AdrianMarceau_> Alright
  13. [18:02] <MetaKirbSter> i could try that.
  14. [18:02] <MetaKirbSter> hey spin
  15. [18:02] <ThatGuyNamedMike> He's been wanting to boot Adrian Marceau for MONTHS. :P
  16. [18:02] <Spinstrike> Hello, everyone! :)
  17. [18:03] <@AdrianMarceau_> Anyway, I'll try to allow the shopkeepers in the future
  18. [18:03] <@MegaBossMan> Hey there.
  19. [18:03] <@MegaBossMan> Ha.
  20. [18:03] <MetaKirbSter> ;)
  21. [18:03] <@AdrianMarceau_> Thanks for the suggestion, forgot that they're saved as separate entities than everything else
  22. [18:03] <@MegaBossMan> Woo!
  23. [18:03] <MetaKirbSter> sorry about before spin.
  24. [18:03] <@MegaBossMan> That'll make it easier for RP.
  25. [18:03] <Spinstrike> It's fine, forget about it.
  26. [18:03] <MetaKirbSter> ok, about the skins in the next update.
  27. [18:03] <@AdrianMarceau_> Meta, let's do one person and thing at a time
  28. [18:03] <@AdrianMarceau_> Don't want this to get too crazy
  29. [18:03] <MetaKirbSter> And the date of the update release date.
  30. [18:03] <MetaKirbSter> oh ok.
  31. [18:04] <@AdrianMarceau_> Let's me start with the release window
  32. [18:04] <MetaKirbSter> me next i guess.
  33. [18:04] <@AdrianMarceau_> I would still like to release this holiday season, as it were
  34. [18:04] <ThatGuyNamedMike> I'm last, as always.
  35. [18:04] <@AdrianMarceau_> but it will likely not be December
  36. [18:04] <@AdrianMarceau_> Maybe January
  37. [18:04] <MetaKirbSter> `so, around January first or so?
  38. [18:04] <@MegaBossMan> Ok.
  39. [18:05] <Spinstrike> So, is this just a Q&A panel, or did I miss something?
  40. [18:05] <@AdrianMarceau_> I had some personal stuff come up that delayed me several weeks, and I added a bit more to my list as far as features that will take a bit more time.  Mostly boring admin stuff, but it's kind of necessary for everything else to work out.
  41. [18:05] <@AdrianMarceau_> I'd say to assume end of January until I saw otherwise.
  42. [18:05] <@AdrianMarceau_> No, it's not
  43. [18:06] <MetaKirbSter> so, January, December or at the latest feburary
  44. [18:06] <@AdrianMarceau_> I want to get some info out first, then you guys can present your ideas, and then we'll do a Q&A at the end
  45. [18:06] <Spinstrike> Oh, didn't mean to be rude. Just wanted clarification.
  46. [18:06] <MetaKirbSter> when would we do the Q&A, cuz i go to bed at 9
  47. [18:06] <@AdrianMarceau_> MetaKirb, please listen politely until your turn or go back to the Xat.  Thank you and I'm sorry if that sounds rude.
  48. [18:06] <MetaKirbSter> oh ok.
  49. [18:07] <@AdrianMarceau_> Alright
  50. [18:07] <@AdrianMarceau_> So release is delayed a bit, but I'm sure most of you were expecting that.
  51. [18:07] <@MegaBossMan> Yeah.
  52. [18:07] <Spinstrike> It's fine.
  53. [18:07] <MetaKirbSter> meh, fine by me.
  54. [18:07] <@AdrianMarceau_> I doubt it will make up for it, but if you guys want I COULD upload all the other alt costumes to the server early so you can use them in RP and posts.
  55. [18:08] <@AdrianMarceau_> AT the very least, they're all done.
  56. [18:08] <@MegaBossMan> If you'd like.
  57. [18:08] <MetaKirbSter> yes please.
  58. [18:08] <Spinstrike> That'd be nice. As long as it's not too much trouble for you.
  59. [18:08] <@AdrianMarceau_> Not sure if I want to upload the support ones yet, Rhythm worked hard on 'em and I don't want to take the wind out of his sails unless he's okay with it,,,
  60. [18:08] <@AdrianMarceau_> but all the RMs for sure
  61. [18:08] <@MegaBossMan> Ok then.
  62. [18:08] <MetaKirbSter> ok.
  63. [18:08] <@AdrianMarceau_> Okay, cool
  64. [18:09] <@AdrianMarceau_> Now some screenshot/preview/updates
  65. [18:09] <MetaKirbSter> alright.
  66. [18:09] <Spinstrike> Oh, boy!
  67. [18:09] <@MegaBossMan> And here's the fun!
  68. [18:09] <MetaKirbSter> :D
  69. [18:09] <MetaKirbSter> im glad i came then.
  70. [18:09] <@AdrianMarceau_> Not sure if I showed these last time.  I didn't upload them to the server so it's possible I forgot.
  71. [18:09] <@AdrianMarceau_>
  72. [18:09] <@AdrianMarceau_>
  73. [18:10] <@MegaBossMan> Oh, I like the nicknames.
  74. [18:10] <@MegaBossMan> Watermelon alt.
  75. [18:10] <Spinstrike> Ah, so they DO have cute little nicknames! :D
  76. [18:10] <@AdrianMarceau_> Just showing some of the outfits and how/where to swap 'em.  Not a big real or anything.
  77. [18:10] <MetaKirbSter> huh. any pic's about me? Like Last time?
  78. [18:10] <@AdrianMarceau_> Only some do.  I wasn't very creative with like 99% of them, but a select few I had fun with,
  79. [18:11] <MetaKirbSter> ok...
  80. [18:11] <@AdrianMarceau_> The filenames are generic _alt2, _alt3, etc. names so I can change the official names later without problems.
  81. [18:11] <MetaKirbSter> thats fine by me.
  82. [18:11] <Spinstrike> If you want, I could offer you a few pointers.
  83. [18:11] <@AdrianMarceau_> @MetaKirb, I used Tails' save file when I'm testing because he has a lot of stuff unlocked and is easy to get to on the leaderboard.  Sorry. :P
  84. [18:12] <MetaKirbSter> thats fine
  85. [18:12] <@AdrianMarceau_> I'd like that.  Not right here right now, but once they're up and you see which ones already have names I'd LOVE another suggestions topic based on what colours I pre-selected for everyone.
  86. [18:12] <@AdrianMarceau_> And I want to give you guys an idea of how I picked colours.
  87. [18:12] <@MegaBossMan> I'd be sure to help out then.
  88. [18:12] <MetaKirbSter> ok. but i only have  18 more minutes.
  89. [18:13] <MetaKirbSter> Eh, i can give it a shot.
  90. [18:13] <@AdrianMarceau_> Well we're gonna be here a while.  Sorry.
  91. [18:13] <ThatGuyNamedMike> ^
  92. [18:13] <@AdrianMarceau_> Anway
  93. [18:13] <@AdrianMarceau_> When picking colours, I looked at their initial scheme
  94. [18:14] <@AdrianMarceau_> If a robot was a primary colour (red/blue/yellow) I would give them alts that matched the other two colours.
  95. [18:14] <@AdrianMarceau_> If a robot was a secondary colour (green/purple/orange), I would do the same thing and give them alts in the other two colours
  96. [18:14] <@AdrianMarceau_> However
  97. [18:15] <@AdrianMarceau_> If a primary coloured robot (like Flash Man) already had one of the other colours on his outfit (yellow), I would switch to the OTHER version of primary colours (red/green/blue) and go with that.
  98. [18:15] <@AdrianMarceau_> In instances where neither of these worked out or the robot was a non-colour, I went with me gut
  99. [18:15] <@AdrianMarceau_> Hence the gold and crystal skullman
  100. [18:15] <@MegaBossMan> Hmmm...
  101. [18:15] <@MegaBossMan> Gold.
  102. [18:15] <MetaKirbSter> if it was a color like Brown, Pink, And Black?
  103. [18:16] <@AdrianMarceau_> He's not a colour, so I picked things that felt fun for him.  Gold Skull and Crystal Skull felt fun to me.  In the future we can add more, but these are what we're starting with and I wanted there to be (at least a little bit) of a theme.
  104. [18:16] <@MegaBossMan> Crystal Skull?
  105. [18:16] <@MegaBossMan> Mmmm...
  106. [18:16] <@AdrianMarceau_> I'd go with the robot's personality or maybe try to make some kind of reference or easter egg
  107. [18:16] <Spinstrike> Crystal Skull? Sounds like an unesisary sequel...
  108. [18:17] <@AdrianMarceau_> sometimes, however, I picked things that didn't fit any rules
  109. [18:17] <MetaKirbSter> But about the stats? oh sorry.
  110. [18:17] <@MegaBossMan> Like Ice Man to Nana.
  111. [18:17] <@AdrianMarceau_> Toad is green, but he's a lime green so I ditched the rules and went with colours reminiscent of poison dart frogs
  112. [18:17] <@AdrianMarceau_> And yes, Ice Man to Nana and Popo refernece :P
  113. [18:17] <MetaKirbSter> Blue, Red.
  114. [18:17] <MetaKirbSter> about wood though.
  115. [18:18] <@AdrianMarceau_> He has a mossy and a burnt alt
  116. [18:18] <@AdrianMarceau_> Green and Grey
  117. [18:18] <@MegaBossMan> Nana and Popo burns me though.
  118. [18:18] <@AdrianMarceau_> Me too :|
  119. [18:18] <MetaKirbSter> oh, i see.
  120. [18:18] <@AdrianMarceau_> But no OT!!!
  121. [18:18] <@AdrianMarceau_> Lol
  122. [18:18] <MetaKirbSter> what about Hard and spark?
  123. [18:18] <@AdrianMarceau_> Anyway, so that's my reasoning.  Hopefully you understand when you see them.
  124. [18:18] <@AdrianMarceau_> You'll have to wait and see. ;P
  125. [18:19] <@AdrianMarceau_> Okay, next
  126. [18:19] <MetaKirbSter> 2 things.
  127. [18:19] <@AdrianMarceau_> Oh?
  128. [18:19] <MetaKirbSter> Stats, and when can we use the skins for alts and in the leaderboard?
  129. [18:20] <MetaKirbSter> just wondering.
  130. [18:20] <@AdrianMarceau_> I'll get to stats later, but alts on leaderboard will be available as soon as you unlock them, and you can unlock them as soon as the update is done.  :)
  131. [18:20] <@AdrianMarceau_> Movign on
  132. [18:20] <@AdrianMarceau_> *Moving
  133. [18:20] <@MegaBossMan> So, anyone has anything?
  134. [18:20] <@MegaBossMan> I think I might have something, but...
  135. [18:20] <@MegaBossMan> That's just a reveal...
  136. [18:20] <@AdrianMarceau_> About this?  I'm not done with the screenshots yet.  :P
  137. [18:20] <ThatGuyNamedMike> I don't think he's done, yet.
  138. [18:21] <@MegaBossMan> Oh, ok.
  139. [18:21] <@MegaBossMan> Sorry.
  140. [18:21] <@AdrianMarceau_> Next I mentioned in the Xat, but here is is :
  141. [18:21] <@AdrianMarceau_> The community will have a search function FINALLY
  142. [18:21] <@AdrianMarceau_> Like any normal forum
  143. [18:21] <@AdrianMarceau_> :P
  144. [18:21] <Spinstrike> Oh, thread search!
  145. [18:21] <@MegaBossMan> OH
  146. [18:21] <@MegaBossMan> HOW WONDEROUS
  147. [18:21] <@AdrianMarceau_> Straight forward how it works, and it will definitely be a bit more cleaned up visually before I launch, but there it is
  148. [18:22] <@MegaBossMan> As long as it searches, I'm good.
  149. [18:22] <ThatGuyNamedMike> If I had a 3rd thumb, it'd be point up like the other 2.
  150. [18:22] <ThatGuyNamedMike> *pointed
  151. [18:22] <@AdrianMarceau_> Programming this allowed me to add another feature as well
  152. [18:22] <@AdrianMarceau_> Leaderboard pages will now have tabs for threads
  153. [18:22] <@AdrianMarceau_> and for posts
  154. [18:23] <@AdrianMarceau_> So we can keep tabs on people ;)
  155. [18:23] <@MegaBossMan> Hmm?
  156. [18:23] <@MegaBossMan> I like it, but it's a bit confusing at first.
  157. [18:23] <@MegaBossMan> Definetely something we need though.
  158. [18:23] <@AdrianMarceau_> It's just that you click "threads" and it shows you all the threads created by that player
  159. [18:23] <@MegaBossMan> Ah, ok.
  160. [18:23] <@MegaBossMan> Sorry then.
  161. [18:23] <@AdrianMarceau_> Same for posts
  162. [18:24] <Spinstrike> I like it.
  163. [18:24] <@AdrianMarceau_> That way it's easier to review a specific user's contributions and/or disturbances in the forums
  164. [18:24] <@AdrianMarceau_> Also, related, comments on threads are now separated into actual pages with real links
  165. [18:24] == MetaKirbSter [ad50f5dc@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
  166. [18:24] <@MegaBossMan> Yeah, it'll be easy to keep "tabs" on a player who's been troubling the community.
  167. [18:25] <@MegaBossMan> Yeah, that's something that'll make modding the Community so much easier.
  168. [18:25] <@AdrianMarceau_> Meaning that A) Not every single post is loaded at once causing the browser to almost die on certain threads, and B) you'll be able to easily jump to the first/last page or a thread right from the index
  169. [18:25] <@AdrianMarceau_>
  170. [18:25] <@AdrianMarceau_> Oops
  171. [18:25] <@AdrianMarceau_>
  172. [18:25] <@AdrianMarceau_> Sorry
  173. [18:26] <@MegaBossMan> Imagine how chaotic it'll be for finding one of my near-2000 posts.
  174. [18:26] <@AdrianMarceau_> Next, the formatting for how online players are displayed has been tweaked slightly
  175. [18:26] <@AdrianMarceau_>
  176. [18:26] <@AdrianMarceau_> And this has been done so that it matches the style present on...
  177. [18:26] <@AdrianMarceau_> The community categories
  178. [18:27] <@AdrianMarceau_> Now you can see who is browsing which category or topics in that category
  179. [18:27] <Spinstrike> Neat!
  180. [18:27] <@AdrianMarceau_> Because chat is a category, you should also be able to see who's idling on that page from the website.
  181. [18:27] <@MegaBossMan> Oh!
  182. [18:28] <@MegaBossMan> That'll make it easier then clicking in and checking if anyone's actually in there.
  183. [18:28] <@AdrianMarceau_> Next up, stats
  184. [18:28] <@AdrianMarceau_>
  185. [18:28] <Spinstrike> So we won't have anymore "someone's in the chat lol" posts?
  186. [18:28] <@AdrianMarceau_>
  187. [18:28] <@MegaBossMan> Slur has stats?
  188. [18:28] <@MegaBossMan> Fun.
  189. [18:28] <@AdrianMarceau_> I've changed the max stat formula to be much easier to remember (10x the base stat at that level)
  190. [18:29] <@AdrianMarceau_> And I'd made it so that the 9999 can be broken if it needs to be
  191. [18:29] <@AdrianMarceau_> The battle screen will just display the numbers a little smaller when a stat goes above 9999
  192. [18:29] <@AdrianMarceau_> That allows boss characters like Slur to have significantly higher stats than run-of-the-mill unlockables, and the same goes for all the other boss-only
  193. [18:30] <Spinstrike> Sounds good!
  194. [18:30] <@AdrianMarceau_> And about the boss characters...
  195. [18:30] <@MegaBossMan> ?
  196. [18:30] <@AdrianMarceau_> Warning, big file
  197. [18:30] <@AdrianMarceau_>
  198. [18:30] <Spinstrike> !
  199. [18:30] <ThatGuyNamedMike> So, Slur's Stats are 260-248-254-138. :P
  200. [18:30] <@AdrianMarceau_> I want to make it clear who is and is not unlockable
  201. [18:30] <@AdrianMarceau_> So there you go
  202. [18:30] <@AdrianMarceau_> I know some hearts will be broken
  203. [18:30] <@AdrianMarceau_> Sorry MMKillers
  204. [18:31] <@AdrianMarceau_> But I want them to be a tough fight.  This game is way too easy right now.
  205. [18:31] <@MegaBossMan> Yay, no Killers!
  206. [18:31] <@AdrianMarceau_> And that's all I have for you.
  207. [18:31] <@AdrianMarceau_> I mean, there's other stuff that's too buggy to show.  But that's what I've finished or come close to finishing so far.
  208. [18:31] <Spinstrike> Oh, and I see you've added Doc Robot and the Dark Men!
  209. [18:32] <@AdrianMarceau_> Any basic questions or initial reactions before we move on?
  210. [18:32] <@AdrianMarceau_> :P
  211. [18:32] <ThatGuyNamedMike> I'll save mind for when they're done asking theirs.
  212. [18:32] <ThatGuyNamedMike> *save mine
  213. [18:32] <ThatGuyNamedMike> <.<
  214. [18:33] <ThatGuyNamedMike> >.>
  215. [18:33] <@MegaBossMan> I don't think I have anything.
  216. [18:33] <Spinstrike> I have a question.
  217. [18:33] <ThatGuyNamedMike> I'm trying not to be a complete killjoy here, so, for now, I just have the one question.
  218. [18:33] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Hold that thought.
  219. [18:33] <ThatGuyNamedMike> my thought, that is.
  220. [18:34] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Go ahead, Spin.
  221. [18:34] <Spinstrike> Thanks, Mike. If or when fortress stage bosses are added to the game, which ones would you like to see added?
  222. [18:35] == tobyjoey [4a6f7275@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  223. [18:35] <tobyjoey> Sorry I'm late.
  224. [18:35] <@AdrianMarceau_> That's fine.  :)
  225. [18:35] <Spinstrike> Oh, hey Toby.
  226. [18:36] <@AdrianMarceau_> The bosses I think are most appropriate for the prototype in its current state are normal-size humanoid ones.
  227. [18:36] <ThatGuyNamedMike> 'eeeeeeey, Tee Jaaaaay.
  228. [18:36] <@AdrianMarceau_> BUT in the future I'd like Yellow Devil (as much as I hate him), Mecha Dragon, and maybe a few other big well-known ones
  229. [18:38] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Any others?
  230. [18:38] <@AdrianMarceau_> Not that I can think of off the top of my head
  231. [18:38] <@AdrianMarceau_> Not discriminating, just drawing a blank
  232. [18:39] <@AdrianMarceau_> So what else?
  233. [18:39] <Spinstrike> Maybe Gamma? Or the Giant Met?
  234. [18:39] <@AdrianMarceau_> Oh yeah, those sound fun too.
  235. [18:39] <ThatGuyNamedMike> My question: I've an idea that'll save you some coding, Adrian: If bosses are unplayable, why to they have max and min stats? Why don't they just have regular stats, seeing as they don't level up like yours or mine robots do?
  236. [18:39] <@AdrianMarceau_> I mean, thinking of RPG-like attacks for them that don't require big moving animations will be hard, but we'll find a way.
  237. [18:39] <ThatGuyNamedMike> *why do
  238. [18:41] <@AdrianMarceau_> Honestly, I manually generated the stat-spread for Slur and stat-breakdowns don't actually show on the DB for bosses and mechas cause they can be anything I want them to be.  I just wanted to have visual proof that robots can go above 9999 now.
  239. [18:41] <Spinstrike> Hey...wait a sec!
  240. [18:42] <Spinstrike> What's up with all these new moves in the database?
  241. [18:42] <@AdrianMarceau_> Though it should be noted that bosses and mechas are not actually different than robots as far as the game code is concerned.  They are all just classes of the "mmrpg_robot" object and thus the same max/min rules and rounding applies to everyone.
  242. [18:42] <@AdrianMarceau_> Yes, I'm finally fleshing out the rest of the Burn/Blaze abilities
  243. [18:42] <@AdrianMarceau_> starting with the types represented by the MM1 bots
  244. [18:42] <@MegaBossMan> How about MM2 tier 2s?
  245. [18:43] <@AdrianMarceau_> They're important too
  246. [18:43] <@AdrianMarceau_> Obviously
  247. [18:44] <@AdrianMarceau_> And just because these new abilities are in the DB doesn't mean they'll be done for the update.  Note the lack of sprites.  They could end up being placeholders for the future.
  248. [18:44] <@AdrianMarceau_> The MM2 tier 2 may yet come first, but we'll see.
  249. [18:44] <Spinstrike> I am willing to assist in names, if nessisary.
  250. [18:44] <@AdrianMarceau_> Of course :P
  251. [18:45] <@AdrianMarceau_> Anything else?
  252. [18:45] <@AdrianMarceau_> I don't wanna hog the room.
  253. [18:46] <ThatGuyNamedMike> I'm last, as always.
  254. [18:46] <Spinstrike> NOT QUITE
  255. [18:46] <Spinstrike> I have another question.
  256. [18:46] <Spinstrike> Mike can go first.
  257. [18:47] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Nono, all my opinions can be said in a thread. You, first.
  258. [18:47] <@AdrianMarceau_> Just keep 'em coming so we finish before tomorrow :P
  259. [18:48] <Spinstrike> Oh, alright. So, will we be seing any new Robot Master abilities with the new update?
  260. [18:48] <ThatGuyNamedMike> My Story Pitch v2 is gonna be a LONG while, so, you might wanna go next.
  261. [18:48] <Spinstrike> Aside from the elemental stat boosts/breaks, I mean.
  262. [18:49] <@AdrianMarceau_> Oh, and Mike - I absolute read your story ideas from last time, and I was definitely on the edge of my seat while reading.  :P  I do have some notes, but I'm sure we'll talk about it later .
  263. [18:49] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Oh, it gets better. Your friendly neighborhood MegaBossMan suggested things, and I was able to double the pitch, to make it feel not so rushed.
  264. [18:49] <@AdrianMarceau_> I do not think so, but I would really like to.  They are one of the most important things in the game, and I already have so many ideas to pull from it shouldn't be terribly difficult.  I'm think I'm just saving the most enjoyable part of the development process for last.
  265. [18:50] <Spinstrike> I understand.
  266. [18:51] <Spinstrike> Mike, you next. ;)
  267. [18:51] <ThatGuyNamedMike> You don't have anything to add, Boss? T.J.?
  268. [18:51] <@AdrianMarceau_> A lot of this other stuff is fun, but it can be super tedious at times.  I find the abilities the most rewarding, so I save them for the end as my metaphorical carrot on a stick
  269. [18:52] <tobyjoey> I have nothing to add. I failed Kindergarten.
  270. [18:52] <@AdrianMarceau_> Otherwise, if we're all done, maybe it's Mikey time now?  :p
  271. [18:52] <@MegaBossMan> I have something, but that can be saved for next time.
  272. [18:52] <@AdrianMarceau_> Saving the best for last, as I said.  ;)
  273. [18:53] <@MegaBossMan> Me and Adrian have discussed it, but I'm not ready to reveal it.
  274. [18:53] <@AdrianMarceau_> Ah, okay
  275. [18:53] <ThatGuyNamedMike> About the storyline idea, Adrian; as I said, Boss suggested a few things, and they were used as massive springboard to extend the storylinge and make it seem more introductory and not rushed.
  276. [18:53] <@MegaBossMan> Unless you guys want me to.
  277. [18:54] <Spinstrike> I'm conflicted...
  278. [18:54] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Where there were 15 journal entries, there are now 33.
  279. [18:54] <Spinstrike> I suppose you can do whatever you want to.
  280. [18:54] <@MegaBossMan> Adrian, should I?
  281. [18:54] <@AdrianMarceau_> If you want to MBM, go ahead, otherwise we'll wait until next time.  It's really up to you.
  282. [18:55] <@MegaBossMan> Alright then.
  283. [18:55] <@MegaBossMan> GB probably won't be in the game.
  284. [18:55] <Spinstrike> !
  285. [18:56] <ThatGuyNamedMike> YAY!
  286. [18:56] <@MegaBossMan> The skins, I mean.
  287. [18:56] <ThatGuyNamedMike> WOOOOOOOOOOO!
  288. [18:56] <Spinstrike> Really? After all that hard work you put into it?
  289. [18:56] <ThatGuyNamedMike> I mean, uhhhh....awwwwww.
  290. [18:56] <@MegaBossMan> And if something like that were in the game....
  291. [18:56] == MegaBossMan [4cbcfdf4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
  292. [18:56] <tobyjoey> Well, whatever goes goes.
  293. [18:57] <@AdrianMarceau_> !
  294. [18:57] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Whoa.
  295. [18:57] <@AdrianMarceau_> I...
  296. [18:57] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Boss has left the building. :P
  297. [18:57] <Spinstrike> What is it? Did you find Solid Snake?
  298. [18:57] <@AdrianMarceau_> I wonder if he's just kidding?
  299. [18:57] <Spinstrike> Do you think he's upset...?
  300. [18:57] <tobyjoey> With MBM, probably not
  301. [18:58] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Naaaaah.
  302. [18:58] <@AdrianMarceau_> We discuss it weeks ago, I knew he was sad but I would have thought he's be over the worst of it by now.  
  303. [18:58] <@AdrianMarceau_> D:
  304. [18:58] <@AdrianMarceau_> *discussed
  305. [18:58] <Spinstrike> He's probably messing with us. Right?
  306. [18:58] <ThatGuyNamedMike> I'm glad, though, 'cause this means that Adrian can focus on more important things, really.
  307. [18:59] <ThatGuyNamedMike> He has enough things to program as it is.
  308. [18:59] <tobyjoey> He's gotta be joking.
  309. [18:59] <@AdrianMarceau_> Basically, I like the idea of desaturated sprites, but the GB ones would have taken more effort per-alt than I was willing to go forward with.
  310. [19:00] == MegaBossMan [46c2c34f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  311. [19:00] <@AdrianMarceau_> So I told him that I may add GS ones at some point, by means of a PS filter, but GB would probably not happen because I'd have to either manually recolour each one myself or manually copy/paste submissions into the PS file instead of just toggling a layer style on/off.
  312. [19:00] <@AdrianMarceau_> There you are!
  313. [19:00] <@AdrianMarceau_> What was that?
  314. [19:00] <MegaBossMan> Sorry, compuer problems.
  315. [19:01] <@AdrianMarceau_> You sure?  Seemed pretty on-queue there.
  316. [19:01] <MegaBossMan> I have to use the phone right now.
  317. [19:01] <@AdrianMarceau_> :P
  318. [19:01] <tobyjoey> What's a compuer?
  319. [19:01] <@AdrianMarceau_> Oh, okay.  Well come back soon.
  320. [19:01] <MegaBossMan> Im so sorry if it looked that way.
  321. [19:02] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Looks like the Pastebin falls to you or I, Adrian. :P
  322. [19:02] <MegaBossMan> Yep.
  323. [19:02] <@AdrianMarceau_> Alight :S
  324. [19:02] <@AdrianMarceau_> Can we break it into two then?
  325. [19:02] <MegaBossMan> That was so embarrassing......
  326. [19:02] <@AdrianMarceau_> First one up until now and then Mikeys ideas in part 2?
  327. [19:05] == AdrianMarceau [63e2ee3d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  328. [19:05] <Spinstrike> The rest of us have shamed ourselves by worshiping at the temple of Apple.
  329. [19:06] <MegaBossMan> The worst type of gods.
  330. [19:06] <ThatGuyNamedMike> ^
  331. [19:06] <AdrianMarceau> Oops, should have OPed boss before I left :o
  332. [19:06] <AdrianMarceau> Oh well
  333. [19:06] <AdrianMarceau> Can we do Mikey's ideas now?
  334. [19:06] <Spinstrike> So, Boss, you're okay about the GB sprites going unused?
  335. [19:06] <AdrianMarceau> I really am sorry Mikey
  336. [19:07] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Nono, it's fine. I'll get started, now.
  337. [19:07] <MegaBossMan> Meh, Ill get sprites in the game somehow one day. Until then, I dont mind.
  338. [19:07] <AdrianMarceau> I didn't realize these were being done for the actual game until it was too late - thought you guys were just messing around - and then when I realized I didn't have the heart to break it to MBM. :S
  339. [19:07] <ThatGuyNamedMike> :P
  340. [19:07] <AdrianMarceau> Like the Make-A-Moveset threads I thought it was all a big what-if thing
  341. [19:08] <AdrianMarceau> Anyway, it's my fault and I'm sorry.  :|
  342. [19:08] <ThatGuyNamedMike> I told him a long time again that it's easier to GS than to GB.
  343. [19:08] <Spinstrike> That's what I set it up as, anyway.
  344. [19:08] <ThatGuyNamedMike> *a long time ago
  345. [19:08] <MegaBossMan> Its fine. At least Mike gets bragging rights.
  346. [19:08] <AdrianMarceau> I'm sorry about that too.  :p
  347. [19:08] * Spinstrike hugs Boss.
  348. [19:08] * AdrianMarceau hugs Boss
  349. [19:09] <MegaBossMan> Ill just brag over being number 1 then :p
  350. [19:09] <AdrianMarceau> Haha
  351. [19:09] <Spinstrike> Mike, join the group hug.
  352. [19:09] <MegaBossMan> Ah thanks, but I have a cold, fellows.
  353. [19:09] * AdrianMarceau backs off, disgusted
  354. [19:09] <AdrianMarceau> Haha
  355. [19:09] <ThatGuyNamedMike> You heard the man, he has a cold. No go. :P
  356. [19:09] <AdrianMarceau> Anyway, let's do it!
  357. [19:10] <Spinstrike> Like Crash Man?
  358. [19:10] <ThatGuyNamedMike> All right. My turn!
  359. [19:10] <AdrianMarceau> I'll save my... beef with a certain c-named alien for after.
  360. [19:10] <Spinstrike> Wait, alien? What alien?
  361. [19:11] <MegaBossMan> Excuse me if i dont talk so much during this part. Hard to type like this.
  362. [19:11] <ThatGuyNamedMike> As I said last pitch, you won't actually get this from the start, and there will be additional entries before and after these 33 if Adrian OK's this. If I have my way, you'll also be getting entries as you advance through the game.
  363. [19:11] <Spinstrike> You know what, I'll wait until after Mike's thing.
  364. [19:11] <AdrianMarceau> I see
  365. [19:11] <AdrianMarceau> Yeah, let's go
  366. [19:11] <AdrianMarceau> I'm excited
  367. [19:11] <AdrianMarceau> :D
  368. [19:11] <Spinstrike> Oh, sort of like...
  369. [19:11] <ThatGuyNamedMike> mmmkay, here we go. quiet, pleaseandthankyou.
  370. [19:12] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Date: 969-76499. From here on in, I'm recording all journal entries by text and I'm saving them in my main memory.....just in case this all goes horribly wrong.
  371. [19:12] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Date: 970-76499. No doubt in my mind that THEY are after me. In my current state, even with all 20 Stars, they'll be able to dispatch me with little trouble. I must find another world...there's no other option; There has to be SOME place that I can escape to.....
  372. [19:12] <AdrianMarceau> [gets comfortable]
  373. [19:12] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Hehe.
  374. [19:12] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Date: 971-76499. I see a bright, glaring star in the distance. I believe I've somehow stumbled into another solar gravity field. I'll head towards the star; hopefully I can find a safe haven at some point...
  375. [19:13] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Date: 972-76499. I just passed what I believe is a planet with.....rings around it. They seem to be made of ice, upon closer inspection. A quick scan of the nearby surface shows no life. Sad. I'll have to keep going; No doubt in my mind I'm leaving a trail, and there's even less doubt that they're following it...
  376. [19:13] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Date: 973-76499. It would seem that my new discovery is a complete success; I'm still alive, still operational, and still fully aware of my actions. I should be relieved, but, it would seem that I may have underestimated the vast emptiness of the Milky Way; These planets I keep coming across are barren and devoid of life.....I must keep searching, though.
  377. [19:13] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Date: 974-76499. Now, I get to truly test the maneuverability of my new body: An asteroid field is up ahead, with 2 more planets in my immediate view after that; One--red in color--looks as devoid as the ringed planet I came across earlier, while the other--multicolored, really--seems to sustain a clouded atmosphere.
  378. [19:13] == Spinstrike_ [183d324f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  379. [19:13] <Spinstrike_> (Internet crashed, sorry.)
  380. [19:14] <ThatGuyNamedMike> It WILL get different, soo, I promise.
  381. [19:14] <ThatGuyNamedMike> *soon
  382. [19:14] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Date: 975-76499. Maneuverability is now second nature in this body; Made it through the asteroid field with little trouble. The red planet is as empty and barren as predicted. Scans show no intelligent life within my range; likely no life on it at all. Hopefully, this green and blue and white planet up ahead may be my sanctuary, though. At least, for the time being.
  383. [19:14] <Spinstrike_> (Oh, I didn't miss anything. Good.)
  384. [19:14] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Date: 976-76499. It seems to be nighttime on this planet. I'm still functional, still aware, still working. I've landed on the planet after a slightly rough entry; the atmosphere wasn't the easiest to endure, but it didn't seem to be TOO much of a problem in my new body. I'm almost positive that I landed unnoticed, but, I can't afford to take any chances; I must find a hiding place until I can find a suitable sanctuary to put
  385. [19:15] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Date: 977-76499. Daylight. I seem to be safe for now. As I suspected, even now, I leave a energy trail with a half-life long enough that THEY will undoubtedly notice. Time will tell whether or not this will present a problem, but, I digress; The city that I've landed in seems to be big enough to hide in for the time being. Just as with Dnaxira, there are organic life forms and robotic ones, as well. How could I have not known
  386. [19:15] <ThatGuyNamedMike> No matter, with the 20 Star Force Stars in my possession, I just need to find a safe haven where I can put them to good use. Seeing as how this planet seems to have everything Dnaxira has--greenery, landscape, population, authority figures--I just need to find a place safe enough to rest and to gather myself.
  387. [19:15] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Date: 978-76499. Nighttime. I'm still amazed that I retain my memory, my focus, my dexterity, my sanity. I'm even more amazed that THEY have not appeared, yet. Unfortunately, my energy trail is leaving a bit of an adverse effect on robots within my vicinity, forcing me to come to the conclusion that robots on this planet aren't as advanced as those on Dnaxira; I'm tempted to call this yet another obstacle in the way, but, I'm
  388. [19:15] <ThatGuyNamedMike> time will tell whether I'm right. In the meanwhile, I'm collecting information about the town that I currently seem to blend into; summarization to follow.
  389. [19:15] == Spinstrike [183d324f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
  390. [19:16] <Spinstrike_> (Don't worry, I'm still here.)
  391. [19:16] <AdrianMarceau> (me too)
  392. [19:16] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Date: 979-76499 [or April 6, 20xx, by Mega City's date]. Daytime. Today's been VERY interesting, so far. First, my summarization of the city, based on the information that I've gathered, so far. The name of the planet that I landed on seems to be called "Earth". It has a population of something like 8 billion organics, along with millions upon millions of robots. The city I'm hiding out in, Mega City, seems to be a bustling m
  393. [19:16] <ThatGuyNamedMike> where "humans"--that's what the organic life forms are called--and industrial robots co-exist. Robots here help the humans to live, just as robots from Dnaxira help organics to live. During my time here, I've noticed that there seems to be a reputable robotics creator responsible for quite a few of the industrial robots made for Mega City; a Dr. Thomas Light. I'll need to see if his reputation precedes him.
  394. [19:17] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Date: 980-76499 [or April 6, 20xx, by Mega City's date]. Nighttime. Located Dr. Thomas Light's dwelling. Scans of it reveal 3 humans--2 male, 1 female--and at least 6 robots throughout the upper, lower and basement floors of the dwelling. Further scans show 2 important findings; The first finding shows me that the aforementioned Dr. Light and a "Dr. Cossack" plan on sending "Mega Man"--likely one of their robots--to investiga
  395. [19:17] <ThatGuyNamedMike>  around in Mega City, making certain robots malfunction and misbehave; Dr. Light and "Mega Man" seem to think that a "Dr. Wily" may be behind it, while Dr. Cossack seems to think that "whatever entered the atmosphere last night", in his words, may be the source of this energy. The SECOND important finding concerns a "prototype" that they seem to be working on;
  396. [19:17] <Spinstrike_> (You know what would be cool? If these were all fragmented, with certain parts missing or obscured.)
  397. [19:17] <ThatGuyNamedMike> a battle simulator of some sort. Drs. Light and Cossack may be the solutions to all my problems, and meeting this "Mega Man" may be the key. I'll figure out a way to meet him by this time tomorrow; I just hope he's friendly.....
  398. [19:18] <Spinstrike_> (Kind of adds an air of mystery to everything.)
  399. [19:18] <ThatGuyNamedMike> You should see this next one, then, Spin:
  400. [19:19] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Date: 981-76499 [or April 7, 20xx, by Mega City's date]. Daytime. I witnessed the most amazing thing, today! I saw a blue robot fighting against a black robot; the blue robot seems to be Mega Man, and the black one seems to be called "Bass"; strange name. Anyway, it seemed to be clear from the start that these two are rivals in terms of both power and in determination. Mega Man seemed to get the better of Bass in the end, tho
  401. [19:19] <ThatGuyNamedMike> I was able to ascertain from the fight, however, that Bass's creator is a "Dr. Wily", according to Mega Man. Actually, as of this entry, I currently have Mega Man on my tra
  402. [19:19] <ThatGuyNamedMike> [I purposely made the entry end there.]
  403. [19:20] <Spinstrike_> (Spooky...)
  404. [19:20] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Now, HERE'S where it starts to get different from my original pitch:
  405. [19:20] <AdrianMarceau> (okay, good)
  406. [19:20] <AdrianMarceau> (^_^)
  407. [19:20] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Date: 982-76499 [or April 7, 20xx, by Mega City's date]. Evening. Mega Man has found me, which was why I had to cut the last entry short. He's was slightly wary of me, at first, but, I fully and wholly cooperated with him. I asked him if there was a safe place where I could explain why I was here, and amazingly enough, he led me towards Drs. Light and Cossack's humble abode, introducing me to them as "the source of the strang
  408. [19:20] <MegaBossMan> (the MegaBoss version.)
  409. [19:20] <ThatGuyNamedMike> I used the name "Alpha" to identify myself with them; better not to truly reveal myself until it's absolutely necessary. Dr. Light and Mega Man introduced me to their 'family':
  410. [19:21] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Mega Man was originally an industrial robot that was supposed to help Dr. Light with his robotics projects, but then, he willingly volunteered to be coverted to a fighting robot to protect the city from Dr. Wily. His "little sister", Roll, also made by Dr. Light, was originally made as a house-cleaning robot, as well, but, has also been upgraded to some extents to have combat and ally support abilities, as well.
  411. [19:21] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Proto Man was Dr. Light's first robotic creation, ever. He prefers to live by his own rules, though, and currently lives with Dr. Cossack for the time being. Rush [a robotic dog], Eddie [a small supply robot] and Beat [a robotic bird], are all supposed to support allies like Mega Man and Proto Man in battle.
  412. [19:21] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Auto seems to me the most clumsy robot here to be honest, but, he seems to have a knack for putting together supplies of energy for MM; even more so than Eddie does. Dr. Cossack, like Proto Man, didn't seem so willing to get close, but, his daughter Kalinka seemed VERY curious about me, and that didn't seem to go well with Dr. Cossack and Proto Man.
  413. [19:21] <ThatGuyNamedMike>  Everyone is asleep as of this entry, save for the ever worried Proto Man. I'm taking a look around the outside of the house, it's relatively secluded, which, among other good things, will allow me ample warning to escape if THEY should appear. In the meantime, though, I'll bide my time;
  414. [19:21] <ThatGuyNamedMike>  There's still this Dr. Wily character to be wary of, and this "prototype" to investigate as a worthy enough place for me to gather myself.
  415. [19:22] == MetaKirbSter [ad50f5dc@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  416. [19:22] <MetaKirbSter> hey.
  417. [19:22] <ThatGuyNamedMike> [this entry is finished]
  418. [19:22] <Spinstrike_> (Shhh....)
  419. [19:22] <MetaKirbSter> ..................
  420. [19:22] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Just in time to see the new parts of my Storyline Pitch v2, Kirb.
  421. [19:22] <Spinstrike_> (Mike's proposing an idea for the plot)
  422. [19:22] <MetaKirbSter> (im gonna go back to watching gemenilaser.)
  423. [19:22] <AdrianMarceau> (we're listening to Mike's story, sit back and read quietly thanks!)
  424. [19:22] <MetaKirbSter> (I dont care.) (what about the QNA?)
  425. [19:23] <AdrianMarceau> (If you don't care please go do other things)(Also don't be rude)
  426. [19:23] <Spinstrike_> (Please continue, Mike)
  427. [19:23] <AdrianMarceau> (Yes, please)
  428. [19:24] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Date: 983-76499 [or April 7, 20xx, by Mega City's date]. So, this morning, I finally got a good look at it; the "prototype". It seems to be a computer simulation program  created by Drs. Light and Cossack to test the hypothetical combat capabilities of robots that they've encountered in the past; specifically, their own robots, as well as Dr. Wily's robots.
  429. [19:24] <ThatGuyNamedMike> I've seen it in action; it has multitudes of locations programmed into it, as well as computer program versions or Mega Man, Roll and Proto Man. I'm convinced; It's perfect. This is where I can safely carry out my plan to get rid of THEM once and for all, and put Dnaxira in the hands of someone who isn't as blind to science and progress as they are.
  430. [19:24] <ThatGuyNamedMike> As I create this entry, Dr. Light is scanning my body for the data necessary to input a computer program likeness of myself into the Prototype.....Hopefully, the don't notice anything TOO out of the ordinary....
  431. [19:24] <ThatGuyNamedMike> [this entry is finished]
  432. [19:25] <Spinstrike_> (To make things more cinematic:
  433. [19:25] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Date: 984-76499 [or April 8, 20xx, By Mega City's date]. As I write this evening entry, I'm all alone in the lower portion of the Light dwelling. I spotted Dr. Wily, Bass, and a girl robot named Disco [ANOTHER very strange name for a robot], also likely made by Wily, attempting to break into the dwelling, no doubt to uncover the "prototype".
  434. [19:25] <ThatGuyNamedMike> However, Mega Man, Proto Man and Roll quickly took care of the situation. I'm still surprised that a robot as seemingly docile as Roll actually has battle capabilities. She'll certainly be one to keep an eye out for. According to Dr. Light, Dr. Wily has been placed in a confinement area known as "Jail".
  435. [19:26] <ThatGuyNamedMike> Interestingly enough, I planned for today to be the day that I put my plan into action, but, with Wily's attempted break-in, Dr. Cossack and Proto Man are both on even higher alertness concerning my loyalties. I'll have to wait longer.
  436. [19:27] == MetaKirbSter [ad50f5dc@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
  437. [19:27] <MegaBossMan> (Id like to mention this is where the original story ended.)
  438. [19:27] <AdrianMarceau> So there's more then?
  439. [19:27] <AdrianMarceau> (Like, how much more?)
  440. [19:28] == qwebirc683465 [320bddf1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  441. [19:29] <qwebirc683465> This is Mikey.
  442. [19:29] <AdrianMarceau> Okay
  443. [19:29] <qwebirc683465> I'm pitching the v2 storyline right now for the MMRPG PRototype.
  444. [19:30] == ThatGuyNamedMike [320bddf1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
  445. [19:30] <AdrianMarceau> I don't mean to be rude, but how much longer do you estimate you'll need?
  446. [19:30] <AdrianMarceau> Still hungry and would like to eat relatively soon, then come back for Q&A later.  But not before giving you my thoughts on your story stuff so far.  :P
  447. [19:31] <qwebirc683465> If I'm extremely fast, and you are, as well, I can be done in 15 minutes tops.
  448. [19:31] <qwebirc683465> Here we go:
  449. [19:31] <qwebirc683465> MBM provided this entry:
  450. [19:31] <qwebirc683465> Date: 985-76499 [or April 9, 20xx, By Mega City's date]. Daytime. Today, Dr. Light has decided to reveal that something as beneficiary as the "Prototype" cannot be hidden from the public any longer. He plans to showcase the Prototype in some sort of Battle Royale "next week"; still trying to figure what a "week" is. The participants would be Dr. Light's team, which will compose of him, Mega Man, and Roll, and Dr. Cossack's team,
  451. [19:31] <Spinstrike_> (I need to get going soon, but go on.)
  452. [19:31] <qwebirc683465> which would consist of him, Proto Man, and a Prototype battle program supposedly code-named "Rhythm". I haven't seen this program, yet, but I'd assume that it would function in a similar way to Roll; as support. Rush and Beat would help as offensive support, while Auto and Kalinka will assist with the help of recovery items and such, without interfering directly. If I'm honest, I'm sort of interested to see how this will turn ou
  453. [19:32] <qwebirc683465> [this entry is done]
  454. [19:32] <qwebirc683465> Date: 986-76499 [or April 9, 20xx, By Mega City's date]. Nighttime. The Drs. are taking a break, tonight. As much as I'd like to take advantage, the Prototype isn't done, yet, and I risk breaking it--and therefore, ending myself--if I try anything with it right now. Tonight was probably the greatest test yet of whether or not I retained my memory and sanity.
  455. [19:32] <qwebirc683465> Tonight, Roll asked me a lot about who I was, where I came from, how I got here, who "built me" and why my energy reading was making robots in town malfunction. She reminds me of myself when I was much younger; inquisitive and curious about every new being, place and thing I saw. As a matter of fact, I wonder if my energy isn't already having an effect on HER.
  456. [19:32] <qwebirc683465>  I can't help but smile at the thought of that. In any event, as much as I'd like to just tell her the truth so that I don't have to worry about keeping up a web of lies, I had to bite the bullet and lie to her concerning just about every single answer to any and all of her questions. I do suppose that at some point I'll owe her the truth, but, now isn't the time or place for it.
  457. [19:32] <qwebirc683465> [this entry is done]
  458. [19:33] <AdrianMarceau> (starting to like where this is going more now)
  459. [19:34] <MegaBossMan> (youre welcome.)
  460. [19:34] <qwebirc683465> Date: 987-76499 [or April 10, 20xx, By Mega City's date]. Morning. Today was quite the unexpected surprise. Dr. Wily, the scientist who had been imprisoned not too long ago, arrived at the Light dwelling today, along with Bass, Disco, and 2 strange-looking robots named Treble and Reggae [those are STILL very strange names for robots].
  461. [19:34] <qwebirc683465> When he had broken into the Light home, he had secretly left an eavesdropping device right on the back door of the dwelling, allowing him to listen in to the Light family's conversations [Which I've avoided being in range of almost the entire time since he was here; I can't take any chances around a device like that]. He told us that he had changed, and he wanted to help us with the showcasing of the Prototype.
  462. [19:34] <qwebirc683465> In his words, we would have a much larger array of robots to select from due to his long list of past creations, and that something as potentially groundbreaking as the Prototype couldn't be done by only two men. Now, I've tried not to bring attention on myself, but, this Wily person just REEKS of being a nuisance to both the Light family AND my plans, so, I voiced my opinion; he can't be trusted.
  463. [19:34] <qwebirc683465> Dr. Cossack and Proto Man couldn't agree with me more, it seemed. Dr. Light, being a forgiving man [to extreme faults, really], decided to let him help with the Prototype, anyway. However, I suggested that either Mega Man, Proto Man and/or myself keep a CONSTANT eye on him and his robots at any and all times. Everyone agreed.
  464. [19:34] <qwebirc683465> I have to admit, Wily's a nuisance, but, he's a BRILLIANT nuisance; It's a brilliantly concocted scheme by him to undoubtedly get close to the Prototype. This Prototype impresses me more and more by the second.....
  465. [19:35] == tobyjoey [4a6f7275@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
  466. [19:35] <qwebirc683465> [this entry--which ALSO had help from MBM--is done.]
  467. [19:35] <qwebirc683465> Date: 988-76499 [or April 10, 20xx, By Mega City's date]. Dr. Cossack, Mega Man, Roll and Proto Man insisted on keeping an eye on Wily, Bass and Disco tonight, so, I let my curiosity got the best of me for a bit. Recently, I asked Dr. Light why he and Dr. Wily are such sworn enemies; As I understand it, about 28 or so Earth years ago [which seems to equate to just under 20.5 Dnax Cycles],
  468. [19:36] <qwebirc683465>  Dr. Light created 6 industrial robots: Cut Man [for deforestation projects], Guts Man [for construction works], Ice Man [for arctic and antarctic exploration], Bomb Man [for demolition projects], Fire Man [for garbage and waste disposal], and Elec Man [for controlling and harnessing electric currents]. While these 6 robots were doing their normal everyday duties,
  469. [19:36] <qwebirc683465> "Albert"--which is Wily's first title, according to Dr. Light--made his presence known by capturing and reprogramming all 6 of these robots to help him take over Mega City as his base of operations to launch attacks on all of Earth, and bring all of Earth's cities under his control. Mega Man came to be after Rock [Mega Man's original name; yet another strange name for a robot]
  470. [19:36] <qwebirc683465> volunteered to be converted by Dr. Light into a FIGHTING robot, instead of a housekeeping robot alongside Roll. Since then, Dr. Wily Albert has supposedly launched some 15 additional campaigns to bring Mega City to heel, but, he's been thwarted by Mega Man every single time. If what Dr. Light said is 100% true, that robot is something else, as well.
  471. [19:36] <qwebirc683465>  I wonder if Mega Man could eliminate THEM all by himself. As much as I'd love to find out, I'd better not leave it to chance. He would certainly be a most worthy ally, though; that much is certain.....
  472. [19:36] <qwebirc683465> [this entry is finished]
  473. [19:37] <Spinstrike_> (Adrian, you'll pastebin this, right?)
  474. [19:37] <qwebirc683465> I will if he doesn't. :P
  475. [19:37] <MegaBossMan> I could.
  476. [19:38] <Spinstrike_> (Oh, good. I have to leave.)
  477. [19:38] <MegaBossMan> Wait, maybe not.
  478. [19:38] <MegaBossMan> Bye Spin.
  479. [19:38] <AdrianMarceau> Yeah, one of us will.
  480. [19:38] == Spinstrike_ [183d324f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
  481. [19:38] <AdrianMarceau> Probably me as I've been here longer without loosing connection.
  482. [19:38] <AdrianMarceau> Anyway
  483. [19:39] <qwebirc683465> Date: 989-76499 [or April 11, 20xx, By Mega City's Earth's date]. Morning. I relieved Dr. Cossack late last night to help Mega Man, Roll and Proto Man keep an eye on a restless Bass, an angry Disco, and a sleeping Reggae and Wily. I make this entry as I look at Bass seemingly anxious to destroy something. But, I let him and Disco know not to try anything, and that they have no idea what I'm capable of.
  484. [19:39] <qwebirc683465>  Mega Man warns them that he's "seen what I can do, and is stronger than all of us"; He hasn't seen ANYTHING that I can do. He's even more clever than he lets on. I'm inwardly hoping that it doesn't come to that, though; I'll only bring more unneeded attention to myself than I already have. This morning was very....tense, if I'm honest, though.
  485. [19:39] <qwebirc683465>  I wanted to know more about Mega Man, Proto Man and especially Roll [why does she fascinate me so much?], but, I didn't wanna reveal anything that Bass and Disco could use against them, so, it's very tense, this morning.....and silent, too. very, VERY silent.
  486. [19:39] <qwebirc683465> [this entry is finished.]
  487. [19:40] <qwebirc683465> 12 Entries left. Hang in there, fellows. :P
  488. [19:41] <qwebirc683465> Date: 990-76499 [or April 11, 20xx, by Earth's date]. Tonight, it was SUPPOSED to be Proto Man and I watching the 3 Doctors scan Bass's and Disco's data for the Prototype. Bass isn't exactly cooperating, though; I'm currently letting him think that he can outrun and outthink me by hiding in Mega City's center.
  489. [19:41] <qwebirc683465>  I can't show myself to be TOO capable of making him look completely obsolete, because I have to bring him back alive and in one piece so that the Drs. can scan his data for the Prototype. However, I DO have an idea in mind about exactly how to bring him back, whether he likes it or not. He won't know what hit him, and if he knows what's good for him, he'll cooperate by the time I'm finished with him.
  490. [19:41] <AdrianMarceau> (takes a deep breath, clenching his stomach)
  491. [19:41] <qwebirc683465> [entry done. 11 left.]
  492. [19:42] <qwebirc683465> Date: 991-76499 [or April 12, 20xx, by Earth's date]. I'm a genius. I got ahold of Bass last night and implanted what I'll refer to as an "Alternate Bass" in his memory. He's aware of this, but, I've already warned him that I can instantly take [and release] control of his body, his movements and his speech at any time simply by calling his activating the "Alternate Bass" personality I've implanted in his memory.
  493. [19:42] <qwebirc683465> The "Alternate Bass" will read my command waves and obey my every [silent] order; I can take control of his body before he ever has the chance to reveal what I did to him. I offered him a truce; I'll let him keep full control of his body as long as he exhibits complete, total and unconditional cooperation with the Drs. concerning any and all matters related to the Prototype and making it better.
  494. [19:42] <qwebirc683465>  After a small demonstration where I had "Alternate Bass" take over and say "I love Mega Man" 10x consecutively, Bass had no choice but to agree, and he grudgingly--but, quietly--returned to the Light dwelling of his own volition.
  495. [19:42] <qwebirc683465>  As of this morning, he's tried a couple of times since then to have bright ideas, but, I've kept a close watch on him, and one look into my eyes lets him know that I do not make idle threats. I'm almost sorry that I had to lie to the Drs., Mega Man, Roll and everyone else about this.....ALMOST.
  496. [19:42] <qwebirc683465> [entry done. 10 left.]
  497. [19:43] <qwebirc683465> Date: 992-76499 [or April 12, 20xx, by Earth's date]. Evening. Disco's data is in the Prototype as of this Entry; The Drs. will do Bass's data, next phase [tomorrow morning]. It would seem that Mega Man and Proto Man needed to recharge, tonight, so, I have to settle for Auto and Roll helping me to keep an eye on Wily, Bass and Disco.
  498. [19:43] <qwebirc683465> Strangely, Kalinka was cooking food--"pancakes", she calls them--for Wily, tonight. I got a good look at the sustenance that Kalinka and Roll can make over the last few days, and I've desperately wanted to try most of it, but, it'd do nothing for me. Heh. Finally, a bad side to being a robot.
  499. [19:43] <qwebirc683465> Kalinka finally piped up and asked me things; basically the same questions that I had to lie to Roll about 6 phases [or 3 Earth nights] ago. Disco--somewhat shyly--also asked me how I was able to bring Bass back yesterday night; I responded "I just helped him see things my way". Bass was going to say something in response, but, he looked at me and seemed to think better of it.
  500. [19:43] <qwebirc683465> At that point, Wily and Disco both looked at Bass, looking for some kind of explanation. He said, "He.....he's too fast. I couldn't outrun him; said he wouldn't put me back in jail if I cooperated." Disco looked kind of impressed. She then asked me, "Really? Maybe you can make him shut up sometimes;
  501. [19:44] <qwebirc683465> He's so obsessed with beating Mega Man that I wanna strangle him." He then glared at her and said "1970's reject." She came back with, "Little Drummer Boy.", and the insults went back and forth: "Disco Duck", "Mega Man Lover", "She-witch", "Dog's Best Friend", "Purple Idiot Eater", "The Dummy From The Black Lagoon".
  502. [19:44] <qwebirc683465> Then, it got more serious when Bass shot back with "Teacher's Pet". She gasped, turned red with anger, and shot back with, "FIIIIISH!". Wily, at this point, ordered them to stop bickering so he could get some sleep. No wonder Mega Man can get the best of Bass and Disco so often; they keep squabbling amongst themselves.
  503. [19:44] <qwebirc683465> [entry done; 9 left.]
  504. [19:44] <AdrianMarceau> (dinner is coming to me in 10mins, I will eat it, if we're not done by then I'll have to catch up and respond after I'm done eating, sorry)
  505. [19:45] <qwebirc683465> Date: 993-76499 [or April 13, 20xx, by Earth's date]. Something very, VERY interesting just happened. It turns out that Mega Man's Rush and Bass's Treble aren't just for support, after all. After the Drs. were able to finally scan Bass for the Prototype this morning, I then heard Disco tell Wily that they forgot to scan his "super form". Super form? Impossible. Bass would've used it last night to defend himself.
  506. [19:45] <qwebirc683465> But, behold; it turns out that Mega Man can actually merge with Rush to become SUPER Mega Man, and Bass can merge with Treble to become SUPER Bass. I would've liked to have fought this version of him last night, if I'm honest. He may have actually lasted longer than 60 Earth seconds if he was lucky. Both Super Mega Man's and Super Bass's data have been added to the Prototype.
  507. [19:45] <qwebirc683465>  I actually asked Proto Man if HE had a Super form; he mumbled 'no'. I asked Roll and Disco if THEY had super forms; they both basically said that they have other forms, but, not SUPER forms like Mega Man and Bass. I knew these robots were special, and this proves it;
  508. [19:45] <qwebirc683465> Mega Man in particular is a truly unique robot, even for one built on a planet as technologically inferior to Dnaxira as Earth. Maybe he CAN beat THEM all by himself.....
  509. [19:45] <qwebirc683465> [Done. 8 left.]
  510. [19:46] <qwebirc683465> Date: 994-76499 [or April 13, 20xx]. I make this nighttime entry from the kitchen on the first floor of the Light dwelling, as I look into the backyard, where the Support Bots [save for Auto and Eddie] usually are; Proto Man and Kalinka are keeping an eye on Wily in the basement right now [where the Prototype is], while I keep an eye on Bass in the backyard. Bass seems to be telling Treble a 'secret' plan:
  511. [19:46] <qwebirc683465> to transform into Super Bass when I least expect it and ambush me so that he and Wily can effectively take over the Light household and the Prototype along with it, unaware that my scanners can hear him loud and clear. I'll feign ignorance, for now; I've wanted to see if his Super form's bite is worse than his bark, anyway.
  512. [19:47] <qwebirc683465> "So, seriously, between you and me," Disco quietly tells me, "What'd you do to get him to come back?" I respond, "The same thing I've doing with you, right now: I had a few words wi--" She cuts me off. "No. Nice try. Bass thinks I'm stupid, too, but, I'm not. I'm a smart cookie, guy. Bass NEVER listens to ANYBODY. Unless he sees that he can't beat you, he wouldn't listen to you, either,
  513. [19:47] <qwebirc683465> so, you HAD to have done something to him, and I wanna know what it is." I ask her why. She responds, "Because I wanna make him listen to me. Ever since Master Wily built me, Bass has done nothing but put me down, underestimate me and disrespect me, and yet,
  514. [19:47] <qwebirc683465> all of Master Wily's plans revolve around him while I'm always at home, forced to sit out all the exciting missions. I wanna show both him AND Master Wily that I'm strong, too. He doesn't even respect Master Wily like I do. He shouldn't have been created." She's a feisty one; while Roll intrigues me for some reason,
  515. [19:47] <qwebirc683465>  I completely admire Disco's personality: tired of being the unknown, wanting her shot in the metaphorical spotlight. An idea comes to my mind; after checking around us to make sure that Proto Man and Kalinka aren't coming up the stairs from the basement floor, I tell Disco,
  516. [19:47] <qwebirc683465>  "I can't show you now. In fact, I'm going to have to ask you to return downstairs for now; we don't wanna make anyone suspicious. If you would really like to know what I did, I can show you better than I can tell you; meet me back here at this spot at sunrise tomorrow morning. Come alone, and tell NO one about this; I'll know if you do."
  517. [19:48] <qwebirc683465>  She nods. I also give her an incentive: "I might also be able to teach you a couple of things to make you better in combat."
  518. [19:48] <qwebirc683465> [That was the longest one. 7 left.]
  519. [19:48] <qwebirc683465> Date: 995-76499 [or April 14, 20xx]. Sunrise, and, she shows up. I tell her to look directly into my eyes. I hold her head in both my hands, and in her now hypnotized state, my hands electronically transmit and implant an "Alternate Disco" personality in her memory. Then, I let go of her head, and she becomes fully aware, again.
  520. [19:48] <qwebirc683465>  She was about to ask me what I did to her, but, I show her exactly what I did; I signal the Alternate Disco to take over, and I ask it what Disco, Bass, Wily, Treble and Reggae are doing here. "We're supposed to fill the Prototype with as many of Master Wily's past robots as he can, then have Bass and dismantle and destroy Rush,
  521. [19:49] <qwebirc683465> so that Mega Man wouldn't be able to beat him when he transforms into Super Bass, then, we're supposed to take the Prototype back with us and use it's data to create a new army of robots to attack Mega City with." is Alternate Disco's response. This, I CAN'T feign ignorance over.
  522. [19:49] <qwebirc683465>  I signal to her to return to Wily's side and deactivate for 1 Earth hour. I almost regret doing that, as I know I could've gotten more information out of her, but, I couldn't afford to be caught by any of the Light residents. The rest of the morning went pretty much as planned.
  523. [19:49] <qwebirc683465> [done. 6 left.]
  524. [19:49] <qwebirc683465> Date: 996-76499 [or April 14, 20xx]. Evening. Disco was 100% aware of what I did to her this morning, and strangely enough, she's more impressed than offended; she knows that her game is over, Bass knows that I will make an example out of him if he dares to interrupt the completion of the Prototype, and *I* know all of what Wily plans to do, but, still, my time is running out;
  525. [19:50] <qwebirc683465> Dr. Light is still infinitely excited about the reveal and public demonstration of the Prototype, which actually comes less than 2 Earth days away. I've already realized that it'll become infinitely difficult to remain hidden if all of Mega City know about the Prototype's existence, AS MY DATA IS INSIDE IT,
  526. [19:50] <qwebirc683465> and assuming that THEY aren't already here--and it wouldn't surprise me at all if they somehow managed to land without my noticing it--they'll put the dots together and find me, and all of them versus me in my current state? That can only end one way. I'm not worried, though, as I already have a plan in motion. No more time for patience. Tomorrow night is the time; It must be then or never.
  527. [19:50] <qwebirc683465> [done. 5 left.]
  528. [19:52] <qwebirc683465> Date: 997-76499 [or April 15, 20xx]. Morning. More work on the Prototype was done, today. Dr. Cossack admitted that while there are 'still a couple of kinks in the system', it should be fully-functioning for tomorrow's event. I then ask him how a machine this sophisticated is supposed to be kept under power, and he almost nonchalantly explains--as if I'm stupid--that it's due to a special battery containing high amounts of energ
  529. [19:52] <qwebirc683465> I almost regret doing this the Light and Cossack families, but, if all goes well, they'll be absolutely fine. This is how I know that I'm still sane and aware; I know who my targets are, and it's those idiotic fools that would dare to call themselves "authorities". I'll have my revenge on them soon enough, and then, I'll finally be able to rescue Dnaxira, as well, all in one fell swoop. Just a few more hours.....
  530. [19:52] <qwebirc683465> [done. 4 more.]
  531. [19:53] <qwebirc683465> Date: 998-76499 [or April 15, 20xx]. Late in the evening. Mega Man and Proto Man watching Wily and Bass. To once again prove that I still have my sanity, I'm going over my plan in this entry. First, I make sure that my getaway is secure by leading Disco away from the others so that I can activate 'Alternate Disco' with no interruptions. Once I have, I rematerialize the Time Star from my memory; this will amplify my time slowing
  532. [19:53] <qwebirc683465> slows to a crawl, while I remain unaffected. This will allow me to quickly roam the household and 'gather' everyone together [except for Disco]. Then, I'll head downstairs to the basement and 'gather' the Prototype, as well. I'll then let time run as normal, and command Alternate Disco to lead me to Dr. Albert Wily's household.
  533. [19:53] <qwebirc683465> With the streets of Mega City being almost completely empty at night, there's little chance of me being spotted with her. We'll then make our way into the deepest sanctum of his household that there is. There, I then rematerialize the Prototype there. I'll then deactivate and 'gather' Disco, and also 'regather' the Time Star, as well.
  534. [19:53] <qwebirc683465> Then, I finally extract  before heading into the Prototype, myself. This plan is to commence after finishing this entry; hopefully, this is as easily done as I think it is.....
  535. [19:54] <qwebirc683465> *extract a sample of my energy
  536. [19:54] <qwebirc683465> [done. 3 more.]
  537. [19:55] <qwebirc683465> Date: 999-76499 [or April 16, 20xx]. It turned out that Dr. Wily's 'household' is actually a base, and a fortified one at that. However, I had Alternate Disco did it. I've plugged into the Prototype, and my Memory, or rather, the data manifestation of it, is inside. *I'm* inside. And it's glorious. Absolutely sublime.....
  538. [19:55] <qwebirc683465> [Done. 2 left.]
  539. [19:55] <qwebirc683465> Date: 1000-76499 [or April 16, 20xx]. I seem to have unknowingly wasted an entire Phase in here marvelling at how all the data comes together. How every Field comes together in almost-perfect harmony. How every Mecha and 'Robot Master' thing just glues together like a.....a perfect world. This is the perfect sanctuary to carry out my plans:
  540. [19:55] <qwebirc683465> Soon, THEY--if they're 1/2 as compentent as they let on--will arrive in Mega City following my energy trail, and seeking me out. to destroy me. Little do they know that I'll soon have the power to bring them here as well. Time to test my data-altering powers on a few things.....
  541. [19:55] <qwebirc683465> [1 more.]
  542. [19:56] <qwebirc683465> Date: 1-76500 [April 17, 20xx]. It's almost funny how as of now, the END of the old Dnax cycle ends, and the BEGINNING of a new one starts; ALSO starting now, I plan to end the age of the Galactic Council, and begin an age where freedom, creativity and knowledge shall reign supreme on Dnaxira. I've discovered that I can copy the Star Force. All 20 of them.
  543. [19:56] <qwebirc683465> At my will. As many times as I want [without overloading the Prototype's systems. While I'm at it, this entire's my canvas. My slate to make into whatever I please. and I have the perfect plan to build my army; those idiots on the Council won't know what hit them. Dnaxira will be in better hands, soon.....very soon.
  544. [19:56] <qwebirc683465> [DONE. =)]
  545. [19:56] <AdrianMarceau> Excellent
  546. [19:57] <AdrianMarceau> I'm gonna pastebin this, eat, then come back to chat after (maybe 30mins after?) but not for too long
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