The Invaders In My Room - 23

Apr 14th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

{Inner talk / thinking}
Scene Change / Flashback

Notable Characters:

Kang Woo Hyun (MC) Cartoonist FMC's Boyfriend
Yoon Soo Lee [?] (FMC) Writer MC's Girlfriend
Kim Na Young (XGF) Cellist MC's Ex-girlfriend
Neighbor [?] (RH) [N/A] [N/A]

Chapter - 23 Thanks to Lumagon

MC's Apartment

MC and a drunk RH fall on the ground, she takes his D out of his pants while licking her lips.

Neighbor (RH): OMG! I'm drinking so I might've a snack too.

RH starts sucking MC, then she stops to take a sip of beer before starting sucking again.. She takes another pause to drink the rest of her can.

RH: Puhaha ~

MC: {If you're doing it.. Can't you just do it, in a more normal way?}


MC's Apartment

RH sucks MC's D while MC is still in deep thought about what to do with her.

MC: {Why is this happening? What do I've to do? Do I've to tell her to stop here? But if I do that can we still do it another time..}

RH stops and stares at him.

RH: What's with that look? A beautiful girl is servicing you and you don't seem to appreciate it.
That's not good? Then I will do that.

She strips the top of her dress and shows her tits triumphantly.

RH: Tada ~ !

MC: Stop! Wait!

RH starts titfucking.

RH: So? Hate it?
I know you like my breasts! You always take a peek at them!

MC: I think you're drunk.. I don't think you're in your normal state.
So can we stop and talk about it for a second, okay?

She stops and looks at him angrily.

RH: Hey ~ Do you really think that I'm drunk? I'm not drunk at all! Are you not just thinking of an excuse for ignoring me?

MC: {Aah... Opposite effect.}

She strips her dress.

RH: Alright! You hate that too?!
I offer you a discount service today.

MC steps back dresses up.

MC: No! No! That's not it! Stop please!

RH: Oh, my gosh! Are you really a man?

MC falls on his bed and she takes advantage of that for jumping on him.

RH: I'll make you feel better. You just have to lay down and stay still. He-he.

She rides him and starts moaning a lot.

MC: {I can't take it anymore.}

He grabs her ass and pounds her hard making her moan louder.

MC: Are you satisfied now? Is it good? Tell me if it's good!

RH: Yes! It's Good! It's so good that I'm going to die!

RH stares at him all lovey-dovey and embraces him. Then more fucking till climax.

MC: {I don't understand why I came so early.. This girl is really something else.}

She gets up and gives a kiss to MC cheek making him all flustered.

RH: That was good, it's a bonus. He-he ~

Suddenly RH takes her hand to cover her mouth.

MC: Well? What are you doing?
MC: {This.. Is not possible !!}

RH throw up on MC...

MC: Haaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

In some room of Harlton Hotel

FMC looks at her laptop with a worrying face. Douche is on a sofa drinking.

Douche: How does it work? Yoon Soi "or" Yoon Soo Lee. (Again don't know if it's her name / pseudo or anything else)

FMC: The article is not written yet. Do you think it's easy to write something if you keep me in custody?

Douche: Do you know what it makes me think?
In the past, a Japanese novelist couldn't write his book, so the editor locked him in a hotel room so that he could focus on writing.

Douche puts his bottle on the table.

Douche: This writer is you now. As promised you can't take a step out if I can't have a new story.

He stands up and approaches FMC.

Douche: This time you should write a Romance.
I know that it would have been difficult for a writer who's never been in a relationship before to write about that, but now it's not your case.

Douche stands just beside FMC with a creepy look.

Douche: You slept with him, don't you? Kang Woo Hyun (MC) is your first love right.
Did you have sex every day? Did you have a very sweet moment with him? You must remember that time.

Douche whispers in her ear.

Douche: What do you think? If you can't remember him, i can help you in his place.

Douche grabs her breast, she panics.

Douche: A funny story might just pops up, don't you think?


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