Aug 27th, 2020
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  1. Dogki vs Jelaun
  3. Rd 1:
  5. -Dogki takes a step back
  6. -Jelaun steps forwad with some hooks to the body
  7. -Dogki hits a decent snap kick to the ribs of Jelaun
  8. -Jelaun tries to retaliate with his own kick and ends up on the butt
  9. -Jelaun does some wack stuff
  10. -Dogki spins and turns around to face Jelaun
  11. -Jelaun catches a weak snap kick to the ribs of Dogki while up on his fully extended leg on his heel
  12. -Dogki somehow misses two more strikes
  13. -Jelaun kicks the exposed back of Dogki, big points.
  14. -Dogki tries to spin and kick, misses
  15. -Jelaun hits another kick to the ribs
  16. -Dogki hits an inside low kick and finishes with a right hook
  17. -Jelaun hits over the top with a chopping blow
  19. Rd. 1 Jelaun
  20. Won big points on the exposed back kick and was moving forward more despite missing strikes, having poor technique. Controlling the center and the pace of the action.
  22. Rd 2:
  23. -Jelaun hits Dogki with a kungfu Wrist attack
  24. -Dogki hits a ridgehand on the back of the head
  25. -Dogki tries to clinch
  26. -Jelaun hits a punch but falls a bit to catch himself
  27. -Jelaun launches a kick upon landing but steps instead
  28. -Dogki brings his leg up slowly and teeps Jelaun, preventing him from kicking with proper form.
  29. -Jelaun skims over the top of Dogki's head and frames on top of him to avoid a punch
  30. -Jelaun tries a kung fu wrist attack again
  31. -Dogki responds with a liver kick
  32. -Jelaun angrily hits Dogki's bicep
  33. -Dogki uses the recoil to chamber for a jab to the face, extra points for poise
  34. -Dogki then uses the position to hit a high left kick as Jelaun tries to exit to the right.
  35. -Dogki finishes with a superior pose.
  37. Rd 2. Dogki
  38. Dogki pushed the action forward and when he didn't, he showed proper Muay Thai technique to befuddle his opponent. He showed good poise and malleability to respond to each situation.
  40. Rd 3:
  41. -Dogki and Jelaun meet in the middle and have a pushing battle
  42. -They break off and do some whack shit.
  43. hannibal.jpeg
  44. -Jelaun dives into a punch a ends up turning into a reach-around
  45. -Dogki hits a lead sidekick to the left knee of Jelaun while he is leaned over.
  46. -Jelaun hits a good hook to the right ribs of Dogki
  47. -Jelaun hits a limp wristed punch to the hipbone, surely breaking his own wrist and hand in real life.
  48. -Dogki parries jelaun's shot to hit his own right hand to the body; but, it was a lil limpwristed
  49. -Jelaun does some weird falling leg toe tap kick in response
  50. -Jelaun lands in an awkward position
  51. -Dogki misses a knee barely to the face
  52. -Dogki hits a punch and falls on his face
  54. Rd 3.
  55. Close battle and dogki did slip at the end, being down for the duration of the round; but, the fact of the matter is that Dogki was the one pressing forward initially, he hit the more proper leg kick in the exchanges and had Jelaun landing in awkward positions before he landed in one himself after trying to secure the fight with one last punch.
  56. Very, very close round. Initially thought it was for Jelaun at first but then I thought about the round from a Thai perspective and replayed the round several times to come to this conclusion that Dogki is the winner by UD.
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