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Vilainess' Delight and Therapy - Anon md

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  1. >Be Anon and you’ve just been kidnapped.
  2. >You were just minding your own business when suddenly you were blindsided and knocked unconscious.
  3. >A while later, you woke up n a warehouse with your arms tied to a busted up forklift.
  4. >Looking around, you see one of the female villains, Shocker, sitting on a barrel not far away from you.
  5. “So, what’s with this?” you asked while shaking your tied up hands.
  6. > “It’s a kidnapping, dumbass. So be a good hostage, shut the fuck up and watch as i kill Spider-Woman,” She said, growling at you.
  7. “You sound angry,” you said very calmly.
  8. >She moves her head in a way that makes think she rolled her eyes.
  9. > “No shit, Sherlock. You want a prize or something,” Shocker said while glaring at you.
  10. >You’re pretty sure she’s glaring at you.
  11. >Ok Anon. You need to word this carefully or else you might just end up as a bloody smear.
  12. “Well I would like to talk.”
  13. >She just stares at you before tilting her head slightly.
  14. > “You want to talk with me?” She asked, sounding very confused.
  15. >She has a right to be confused.
  16. >Not many people want to talk to a villain.
  17. “I want to talk about your problems. Maybe I can help,” you said with a shrug.
  18. > “You really think talking will solve my problems and help me?” Shocker asked, sounding suspicious.
  19. “I might be able to help you.”
  20. >She scoffs and crosses her arms over her modest sized chest.
  21. > “I doubt you could help me,” she said uncaringly.
  23. >Thirty minutes later.
  24. > “I’M SUCH A TERRIBLE GIRLFRIEND. WAAAA,” Shocker cried as you rubbed her back.
  25. >It took a bit of time but you were able to find to root of her problems.
  26. >She even took off her mask and released your arms, which was a bit unusual.
  27. > “I WAS SUCH A BITCH TO HER AND WE BROKE UP,” Shocker cried into her hands.
  28. “You’re not a bitch, Shocker,” you calmly said as to not anger her.
  29. >She wipes away her tears and the snot running out of her nose.
  30. >You gave her a hanky as Shocker used it to blow her nose.
  31. “Just keep it,” you said as she was about to give it back to you.
  32. >She sets the hanky down as she starts to sniffle a bit.
  33. “Now that we talked, I have one thing to ask. Do you still love your ex-girlfriend?” you asked gently.
  34. > “Of course I do. I’m just a bad girlfriend to her,” Shocker said depressingly.
  35. “You’re not a bad girl. Well you are but not to your girlfriend,” you said, putting your hand on her shoulder.
  36. > “But.”
  37. “Buts are for sitting. Now do you still love her?” you asked as she looked at you.
  38. > “More than you know it,” the villain said softly.
  39. >That tone almost reminded you of your classmate Fluttershy.
  40. >You shake your head to clear those thought and focus at the problem at hand.
  41. “Then you should go to her and talk it out.”
  42. >Her red eyes show worry and fear at the mention of talking to her ex.
  43. > “But.”
  44. “You understand you messed up, right?”
  45. > “Well yes.”
  46. “You and your girlfriend were in love, right?”
  47. > “Yes.”
  48. “Then go talk to her and fix things up. If she was in love with you then she’ll give you you another chance.”
  49. > “Maybe you’re right,” she said slowly.
  50. >Shocker gets up and walks towards the warehouse door while leaving you there.
  51. “What about Spider-Woman?” you asked.
  52. >She looks at you with a smile on her face.
  53. > “I’ll destroy her another day. Right now I’ve got something more important to deal with,” the villain said, sounding happier than she had before.
  54. >She left the building while saying, “Thanks for the help.”
  55. >You sit there for a few minutes wondering if this was a joke or not.
  56. >A couple of minutes roll by and no Shocker coming back for you.
  57. “Guess reading those books paid off,” you said, surprised by the whole situation.
  58. >Just then the glass ceiling broke as something landed in front of you.
  59. >Taking a closer look, it was just Spider-Woman.
  60. > “Alright Shocker, prepare for an ass ….kicking?” the spider themed hero said, looking around in a confused manner.
  61. “If you’re looking for Shocker, she left a few minutes ago,” You said trying to be helpful.
  62. > She grabs you by the collar and pulls you in close.
  63. > “What did she do? Did she hurt you? Is she off to rob a bank?” Spider-Woman asked a bit too forcefully.
  64. “All i know is that she left to take care of some life problems or something,” you said, pushing her away from you.
  65. > “What?” she asked while sounding unamused.
  66. “I’m not her keeper and i want to go home,” you said, not wanting to deal with anything else today.
  69. >It’s the next day and you’re still Anon.
  70. >You’re walking around the city since you didn’t have class today.
  71. >Just as you passed a pharmacy, your phone began to ring.
  72. >Taking it out, you brought the phone to your ear and answered it.
  73. “Hello? ….Hey mom. Just out for a walk. …..Yes, mom,” you said, feeling something brush against your back.
  74. “Yes, I’m doing that. No, I don’t have a girlfriend yet,” you said as something wrapped your waist.
  75. “Mom, I’m gonna call you back,” you said as you were hoisted off the ground and into the air.
  76. >You didn’t have to yell as you’re brought face to face with a black haired woman in a suit and trenchcoat.
  77. >She also had 4 metal tentacles coming out of her back.
  78. >She gives a quick once over before setting you down.
  79. > “Are you the one who gave Vinyl the advice?”
  80. “What?” you asked not knowing a person named Vinyl.
  81. >At least not to your knowledge.
  82. > “I mean Shocker,” the woman said distastefully.
  83. “Oh then yes. She seemed pretty down about…. her…. girlfriend? That’s you isn’t it,” you said, connecting the dots.
  84. > “Yes, now i have one thing to say,” the woman said as she took a step closer.
  85. >You close your eyes, waiting for her to attack you.
  86. >But an attack never came.
  87. >You opened up your eyes to the the mysterious woman holding a notebook and pen.
  88. > “Would it be possible to talk the day after tomorrow at four pm?” she said, jotting down something.
  89. “Um, I’m free at that time?” you said confused.
  90. > “Great, we’ll find you,” she said, using her tentacles to walk away from you.
  91. >It was at that moment, your reputation as the strongest yet craziest man was made.
  92. >Within the villain underground, they gave you a new name.
  93. >The Therapist.
  96. >Be Anon and this feels strange.
  97. >It's the day of your first official appointment.
  98. >You're not even sure what's going on in your life anymore.
  99. >A sigh escapes your lips as you look at your patient who was lying on a couch in front of you.
  100. >Doc Oct was no more than three feet away from you as you took a calming breathe.
  101. >You just need to be respectful and kind so she doesn't get a reason to use her tentacles on you like a stress ball.
  102. “So Doc Oct…,”
  103. > “Please call me Octavia,” the tentacled woman from the other day said.
  104. >Nodding your head, you just roll with it.
  105. “Very well. Now Octavia, before we start I would like to ask why you wanted to do this,” you said while waving to everything in general.
  106. >If you're gonna talk to one of the heavy hitting villainesses of Spider-Woman, then you should get some idea of what goes on in her head.
  107. > “I’m sure Vinyl or Shocker, as you know her, told you of our break up,” Octavia calmly said.
  108. “Merely the break-up and a small detail or two. Did she do something?” you ask, wondering if your advice worked or not.
  109. >Judging from that small smile, it did.
  110. > “Yes she did. You see Vinyl and myself are what the media calls villainesses,” she said in ‘matter of fact’ tone.
  111. >You nod at that and stay silent.
  112. >You were very tempted to say something like a smartass.
  113. > “With that title, we're bound to meet a hero,” the suited woman said, crossing her legs.
  114. “And that hero is Spider-Woman. May i ask how this ties to the break-up?” you asked, hoping to find some answers.
  115. > “As you know villains commit crimes, heroes fight villains and the heroes tend to win. For Vinyl and myself, we were trying to get some money so we don't lose our home,” Octavia said simply.
  116. “Wasn’t expecting that but go on.”
  117. > “You see being on the media and labeled as a villain tends to put a damper on your career,” she said, sighing.
  118. >You stay silent as Octavia tells her story.
  119. > “I wanted to be a part of the famous Canterlot Orchestra. But because of these, i had to kiss my dreams good bye,” the tentacle suited woman said as as she waved her extra appendages.
  120. “And that’s why you lash out at Spider-Woman?  It's merely you venting at all the frustration and negative light you had to endure. Deep down, you don't even want to kill Spider-Woman,” you asked, hoping you understood what she was saying.
  121. >Octavia began to laugh after you said that as if it was the funniest joke she ever heard.
  122. > “Oh i do want to kill her, there's no doubt about that. But you're right though. It's mainly all the negativity that's forced onto Vinyl and myself,” Octavia said, calming down a little.
  123. “Speaking of Vinyl, what’s she up to?” you asked, generally curious.
  124. >You could feel the happiness radiating off the villain at the mention of her partner.
  125. > “At the moment, i would say she's making a romantic dinner for the two of us. Probably preparing a nice dessert for our favorite movie as well,” Octavia said, smiling.
  126. “I guess she took my advice to heart,” you said, smiling as well.
  127. > “Greatly. The moment she got to our apartment, she started to talk about changing for me,” Octavia said, “She even asked me to pick a few things we will do for the next few days.”
  128. “Well all i can say for that is have fun,” you said, good heartedly.
  129. >You could tell the two super villains weren't bloody thirsty killers the media portrayed them as.
  130. >They were just a few misunderstood girls who wanted to live their lives and follow their dreams.
  131. >Well Octavia does.
  132. >You'll need to figure out about Vinyl another time.
  133. “Now back to your plans with Vinyl,” you said wanting to back on track.
  134. > “Ah yes. I was sceptical at first, thinking Vinyl was just using sweet words against me. She's done it before,” Octavia said, muttering the last part.
  135. “She does seem like the type but go on,” you said, making a note just in case.
  136. > “I've had a few instances where I decided on what we would do but had to hear her complain or groan. Naturally i was surprised when i suggested a few things she agreed without a second thought,” she said, smiling at the memory.
  137. “And what did you pick?” you asked, smiling down at the woman.
  138. >She raised her hand and made a few hand motions.
  139. > “Just a show and a nice chat. At the end of it, we ended in our bed,” she said, wiggling her eyebrows at you.
  140. >Rubbing your temples, you groan at this.
  141. “I don’t need to know your nightly activities, Octavia,” you said, trying not to imagine what they could have done.
  142. >Unfortunately your brain already made a possible mental image that you tried to forget.
  143. >Looking up at the clock in the room, you saw that it was getting a bit late.
  144. “Would you look at the time. It's getting pretty late.”
  145. >Octavia looked up and gasped once she saw the time.
  146. > “Shit. Vinyl should have dinner ready soon,” she said as her tentacles grabbed her bag and coat.
  147. “Then I won't keep you any longer,” you said, gathering all of your things.
  148. > “I'll see you next time, Anon,” she said, putting on the coat and leaving the room.
  149. >With everything in your bag, you walk out of the room while wondering what're you going to do now.
  151. >Still Anon and it’s been a quiet week for you.
  152. >Since you're little session with Octavia, you've talked to her and Vinyl a few times in the park.
  153. >While you were talking to them one time, the conversation shifted to how to contact you.
  154. >You decided to just give them your phone number, hoping they don't try to “kidnap” you every time they want to schedule an appointment.
  155. >But now you were in your living room, just watching something you've seen about fifty times.
  156. “I forgot how bored i was of this show,” you said, reaching for the remote.
  157. >Before you could even touch the remote, you felt something vibrate in your pocket.
  158. >Taking it out of your pocket, the screen showed you that Octavia was calling.
  159. “Hey Octavia,” you said, answering the phone.
  160. > “Hello, Anon. How're you today?” she said happily from the other end.
  161. “A bit bored but good. You calling to set up another session or just to talk?”
  162. > “Actually i called to ask a favor,” she said while sounding nervous.
  163. >This didn't set well with you.
  164. “What do you need?” you asked, wanting to know what the favor was.
  165. > “We have a friend who found out about you….”
  166. “How?” you asked, feeling a bit worried.
  167. > “Vinyl.”
  168. >You performed a real life facepalm at that.
  169. “Of course it had to be Vinyl.”
  170. > “Back to the matter at hand, our friend wanted to set up an appointment with you at the earliest convenience,” Octavia said, giggling.
  171. >Before you could even say anything, your friend said, “She willing to pay.”
  172. “.....Tell her Monday at four pm.”
  173. > “She'll be there. Ta ta Anon,” she said before hanging up.
  176. >Be Anon and you’re straightening up your living room.
  177. >Now it’s not that you have friends or family coming over.
  178. >No it’s much worse than that.
  179. >You’re having a new patient over in the next ten minutes.
  180. >After talking to Octavia, you decided to use your own living room as your office.
  181. >So for the past hour, you’ve been cleaning up everything in your apartment.
  182. >The dishes, dusting, vacuuming and anything else you could think of to make this place presentable.
  183. >You didn’t want the supposed villain to judge your on your lifestyle.
  184. >Someone started to knock on your front door as you just finished putting away a few magazines away.
  185. >Walking to the door, you open it and was ready to greet your guest.
  186. >To your surprise, Octavia standing in front of you with no one else in sight.
  187. “Don’t tell me you set this up for yourself,” you said, your eyebrow raising a bit.
  188. >Octavia began to laugh as she covered her mouth, making her seem like an elegant lady than a villain.
  189. >You really need to remember that your patients are as human as you.
  190. >They just have powers, gadgets or skills that can kill you.
  191. > “Don’t worry, Anon. I’m just dropping off my friend,” she said as she motioned for someone off to the side.
  192. >Another woman enters your vision as you look at her.
  193. >The newcomer is tan woman with white hair with a few purple strands here and there.
  194. >Her outfit was a somewhat blue bodysuit with various green pieces of armor and what appears to be wings.
  195. >It just occured to you that this woman was the villain called Vulture.
  196. > “So this the guy?” the woman said, looking at you bored.
  197. > “Yes and please don’t give him a hard time. He’s a friend as well,” Octavia said, smiling.
  198. >Vulture scoffs while rolling her eyes.
  199. >The very next second Vulture’s eyes went wide as one of Octavia’s tentacles snapped near her face.
  200. > “And remember I’m very protective of my friends,” Octavia said sweetly while smiling at the bird themed villain.
  201. > “.....Fine,” Vulture said grudgingly.
  202. > “Perfect. Now i’ll be back within two hours,” Octavia said, her tentacle returning to her side.
  203. >She walks to me, getting close, while giving you a small hug and wishing you luck.
  204. >She then walked away, leaving you alone with Vulture.
  205. “Come on in and make yourself comfortable.”
  206. > “Thanks Dweeb,” Vulture said, walking inside.
  207. >She walked through the door, towards the couch and sat down.
  208. > “Nice place,” Vulture said, uninterestedly.
  209. “Thanks, so let’s get started,” you said, trying to sound confident.
  210. > “I’d rather not talk,” she said, lying on the couch.
  211. “We could just talk about anything,” you said, trying to come off as nonchalant as possible.
  212. >She doesn’t say anything for a few moments.
  213. “Or you can just stay there and stare at the ceiling. Your call.”
  214. >She stays silent as you took a seat on your recliner.
  215. > “I got something,” she said, lazily.
  216. >You look at her, smiling at the thought of her at least wanting to talk about something.
  217. > “Why am I in your home? Couldn't afford an office?” she asked smirking.
  218. >Those questions sounded like an insult as if she wanted to get a rise out of you.
  219. >To her surprise, you started to chuckle.
  220. “Well that's one reason. The other was so Octavia and Vinyl don't try and kidnap me anymore,” you said, chuckling a bit.
  221. >After taking a moment to calm down, you noticed that Vulture was looking at you strangely.
  222. “Is there something on my face?”
  223. > “No , it's just that you called them by their real names. Not many people can do that without getting either their arm broken at least,” she said, giving you a bit more of her attention.
  224. “Well it helps when you fix their relationship while being held hostage,” you said, shrugging.
  225. > “I heard about that and I'll admit I'm impressed,” she said truthfully.
  226. “Really?” you asked, feeling a bit suspicious.
  227. > “A very very tiny bit, knucklehead,” she said, laughing good humorously.
  228. “I walked into that one,” you said, chuckling with her.
  229. >It was a little weird.
  230. >She seemed so bored just a moment ago and now you got her talking like a neighbor or something.
  231. >Maybe if you push a little bit more than maybe you can figure out what Octavia wanted you to help her with.
  232. “So do you mind telling me about yourself Vulture?”
  233. >She looks at you as one of her eyebrows rose.
  234. “You don’t have to say anything you don't want to,” you said quickly.
  235. > “You’re not gonna let that go are you?” she said, sighing.
  236. >You just shrug while smiling uneasily.
  237. >She continues to stare at you but shrugs her shoulders.
  238. >Does that mean she'll talk or not?
  239. >You were about to ask when she started to talk.
  240. > “Well you know how Octavia asked for you to help me?” she said, relenting a tiny bit.
  241. “Yes. She didn’t tell me the details but wanted me to help you,” you said truthfully.
  242. > “They think I try to keep everyone away from me,” she said, leaning back into your couch while dragging her claws across the cushions.
  243. >You’ll need to get some new ones once you get some money.
  244. “Do you?”
  245. > “No. It’s just that almost everyone I meet is nothing more than a huge nerd, loser or a coward,” she said, looking at the wall.
  246. “Okay, and you don’t see that as a problem?” you asked her as gently as possible.
  247. > “Hell no. If no one can show me how cool they can be then they don’t deserve to talk to me,” she said with a huff.
  248. “Makes sense.”
  249. >Vulture gets up and looks at you in surprise.
  250. > “Wait. You’re agreeing with me?” she asked in disbelief.
  251. “Well you have the right to choose your friends. It’s better to have people around you that you can trust instead of ones that’ll leave you in the dust,” you said, leaning back into the recliner.
  252. >Looking at the villain, you see a smile beginning to form on her face.
  253. > “Finally someone gets it,” she said happily.
  254. >It seems like you’re chipping away at her so called walls.
  255. >Let’s see what her limits will be.
  256. “Yeah, I had a few friends who left me without a second thought.”
  257. > “Really?” she asked, an uneasy look in her eyes.
  258. “Yeah. Had a few that either ran to the cool kids or just borrowed a bunch of money and never payed me back,” you said regretfully.
  259. > “That’s pretty harsh,” Vulture said, giving you a sad yet pitiful look.
  260. “Yeah but I learned from it and got some better friends. What about you?”
  261. >She looks surprised at your question and looks away from you.
  262. > “I don’t want to talk about it,” she said lowly.
  263. “I won’t saw anything to anyone else,” you said honestly while looking her in the eyes.
  264. > “.....Fine but this better not get out or else,” she said, raising her fist threateningly.
  265. “My lips are sealed.”
  266. > “They better be,” she said, glaring at me.
  267. >You give her a flat look, almost like you were bored.
  268. > “What?”
  269. “You’re a villain with bombs and stuff while I’m a normal civilian,” you said, pointing at her and yourself respectively.
  270. > “A-Anyways long story short, i had a friend who deserted me for her new friends,” Vulture said quietly but loud enough for you to hear.
  271. “Go on.”
  272. > “She just throws away an old friend just to be with some newer ones for no reason,” she said, sounding sad.
  273. “So that's why you keep everyone at arm's length,” you said, connecting the dots.
  274. > “Yeah, so is this gonna be the part where you say just go and make up with her?” Vulture asked irritably.
  275. “No. In my opinion I say fuck the girl,” you said simply.
  276. >It surprises you how fast some of these people could be.
  277. >One moment she was lying on the couch and then the next moment she was sitting up while looking at you with wide eyes.
  278. > “Fuck her? But shouldn't you being saying stuff like forgiveness is the key to happiness, let people in or something,” she said surprised by your answer.
  279. “Well you should let more people in but you should just move on from your friend.”
  280. > “Why?” Vulture asked in disbelief.
  281. >You shrug at her question while leaning back.
  282. “She's the reason why you close yourself to others. If she wanted to leave you for her cool new friends then find cooler and even better friends. Show her that you don't need her memory to weigh you down,” you said, crossing your fingers together.
  283. >You give her a moment to let the words sink in before continuing.
  284. “Besides it’s her lose if you ask me.”
  285. >She stays silent while looking at you and it was nerve wracking.
  286. >It got worse as she started to shake a little.
  287. >But she began to chuckle?
  288. >Her chuckling soon turned into full blown laughing.
  289. > “That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard in my life,” she said, laughing up a storm.
  290. >You groan to yourself, ready to just give up with this woman.
  291. > “But you’re right.”
  292. “Fine I’ll call Octavia and wait what?” you asked, feeling you just missed something.
  293. >Did you just help another girl with her problem?
  294. > “What you said was pretty cheesy but you’re right. Fuck her,” she said, swinging her legs off the couch to just dangle there.
  295. “Okay.”
  296. > “And I’ll show her who needs a friend like her,” she said, standing up.
  297. “Yeah,” you said, standing up as well.
  298. > “And I’ll crush her under my boots.”
  299. “Woah, let’s not go that far,” you said, holding your hands up.
  300. > “No it’s not far enough. I need to plan, maybe strike Spider-Woman as well,” she said, muttering to herself.
  301. >Now you feel like you’re missing something.
  302. >What did Spider-Woman have to do with this?
  303. > “Thanks dweeb. You know, you’re not half bad,” she said, giving you a one armed hug.
  304. “Uhh, no problem, Vulture,” you said, feeling her squeeze you a bit too hard.
  305. > “Just call me Gilda,” she said, happier than you thought she could be.
  306. “Okay Gilda, can you let go of me?” you asked, feeling a bone or two pop.
  307. > “Yeah sure,” she said dismissively, letting you go and allowing you to rub your shoulders.
  308. >That girl has a strong grip.
  309. “Okay so since we go that taken care of, do you have any other problems you want to talk about?” you asked, trying to be a good person/friend.
  310. >Silence is your only answer.
  311. “Did you hear me, Gilda?” you asked, turning around to face your patient.
  312. >Only to find your room patientless with the window open.
  313. “What the fuck? Did she jump?” you asked, running to the window and looking outside.
  314. >You were just in time to see a greenish figure fly towards the city.
  315. >At this point, you just pulled out your phone and speed dialed a number.
  316. “Please pick up.”
  317. >A moment later, you hear a familiar voice on the other end.
  318. > “Hello?”
  319. “Octavia, I need help,” you said desperately.
  320. > “Is everything okay?” she asked from the other line.
  321. “No, Gilda just jumped out of my window and is flying towards the city right now.”
  322. > “Don’t worry about it. I’ll make sure she doesn’t do anything drastic.”
  323. “Thanks,” you said, letting a out a sigh.
  324. > “Not a problem. Now I have a few things to do so I’ll see you again sometime,”
  325. “Sure and can you talk to her about my payment?” you asked, tiredly.
  326. >You need to replace a cushion.
  327. > “I’ll have a talk with her. Bye, love,” she said, cutely.
  328. “Yeah, bye.”
  329. >You hung up the phone and closed the window.
  330. >Walking towards your kitchen, you felt like having a snack when something just occured to you.
  331. “Did she just call me love?”
  335. >Be Anon and it’s quiet today.
  336. >You finally had a free day were you weren’t going to do anything.
  337. >All your homework was done and there aren’t any tests coming up so that eliminated any schoolwork.
  338. >The apartment was cleaned last night so you can’t do that.
  339. >You even watched all your movies and read all the books in your house.
  340. >There was nothing else to do as you sigh for the tenth time.
  341. “Maybe I should go to the mall or something,” you said, getting up and grabbing a few things.
  342. >After a taking the time to wander wherever, you find yourself walking down the road towards the mall.
  343. >You figured it would be the best place to kill sometime and you needed to get a few things as well.
  344. >Two birds one stone kind of thing.
  345. >Anyways you were just minding your own business when your first stop came into view.
  346. >The book store.
  347. >You wanted to see if there was anything new before you got your essentials.
  348. >Unfortunately all you saw was the same old stuff from two weeks ago so you just moved on to next thing as you left the store.
  349. >Or you would of if you didn’t bump into someone.
  350. “Sorry,” you said apologetically.
  351. > “No problem, Anon,” a familiar voice said cheerfully.
  352. >Looking at the person, you saw that it was your classmate Twilight Sparkle.
  353. “Hey Twilight, what’s up,” you said easily.
  354. >She just smiles and said, “Just here with my friends.”
  355. >You looked around to see none of her friends nearby.
  356. > “They’re at the checkout in there,” she said pointing at the store behind her.
  357. >Tilting your neck to the side, you saw that her friends were at the checkout.
  358. >Of a lingerie store.
  359. “Well I hope you and your friends have fun,” you said as you started to walk away.
  360. >Right into a huge mass of pink fuzz.
  361. > “Why don’t you join us, Anon?” the pink fuzz asked, bouncing a little.
  362. >Looking down at the smiling face of Pinkie Pie that caused you to backup and look back at the checkout line.
  363. >Her friends were still there but you looked back at Pinkie confused.
  364. >You were about to say something when you felt something touch your shoulder.
  365. >Looking to your side, you see Twilight giving you a flat look as she said, “Don’t question Pinkie. You’ll live longer.”
  366. > “Don’t listen to Twilight. You should hang with us,” Pinkie said, picking you up over her head like that one pink cowardly dog.
  367. >Holy shit she was strong.
  368. > “It’s more fun to be with friends,” Pinkie said, happily walking towards her other friends.
  369. “Wait, let me go. Twilight help me!” you said, calling to your intellectual classmate.
  370. >Twilight gives you a nervous smile as she followed you and the pink haired party girl who was walking towards her other friends.
  371. >The very next moment you’re standing in front of the others as you turn and glare at Pinkie.
  372. > “Hey/hello/greetings Anon,” the group said at the same time.
  373. “Hey girls,” you said while turning back to the group and greeted them.
  374. > “So Pinkie….,” Sunset said, waiting for an explanation.
  375. “Wanted me to hang out with you girls or something. I can leave if you want,” you said simply, about to leave the group to their own devices.
  376. >The only thing to stop you was two strong hands grabbing your shoulders and holding you there.
  377. > “Woah there, Anon. You don’t have to leave,” Applejack said from your left.
  378. > “Yeah, we always have room for one more,” Rainbow Dash said from your right.
  379. “What, you want me to make you look good?” you said jokingly as you got a light punch to your shoulder.
  380. >The girls laughed as you rub your shoulder.
  381. > “We don’t mind you tagging along. Besides you’ve been pretty quiet for awhile now,” Sunset said in a slightly worried tone.
  382. > “What have you been doing all this time, darling?” Rarity asked, her curiosity peaked.
  383. >This was something you didn’t want to deal with right now.
  384. >You couldn’t just say you became a therapist for a bunch of superpowered villains and are still taking patients.
  385. >Which reminded you to ask Octavia about these Gaea Everfree and Midnight people.
  386. >Anyways it would get pretty weird if you said that.
  387. “I’ve just been studying something after I helped a new friend,” you said, somewhat truthfully.
  388. > Twilight and Sunset were the only ones to look interested as the others were thoughtful yet uninterested.
  389. > “That’s why you’ve been like a hermit this past two week?” Applejack asked, looking at you strangely.
  390. > “It’s not a bad thing,” Fluttershy said quietly from behind Rarity.
  391. >She quickly hid herself as you looked at her.
  392. >It was always a bit sad and annoying when she does that.
  393. >You just sigh, silently wondering why you talk to Pinkie.
  394. > “Guess you left your man cave for food,” Rainbow said, nudging you a bit.
  395. > “Well no matter what reason, it’s nice to see that out and getting some fresh air,” Rarity said, looking past you and down the row of stores.
  396. >It was at that moment one of the store entrances was blown off causing almost everyone to start running away.
  397. “What’s going on?” you asked your friends and classmates.
  398. >It was oddly silent for a moment as you turned to see the girls running away from you.
  399. “THEY LEFT ME?” you yelled, shocked by what they just did.
  400. >You turn back around to see a bunch of thugs standing there with some weapons in their hands.
  401. >They were even grinning when you saw them.
  402. “..... Listen you could beat me like in those movies,” you said, backing away from them to get some distance.
  403. >This only made the thugs walk forward in sync with you.
  404. “And you all would most definitely win,” you said calmly as you back hits a wall.
  405. > “Got that right wimp,” the lead thug said, taking another step forward.
  406. >They’re getting closer but if you keep them talking then maybe you can buy yourself more time.
  407. “But you have to take into consideration that something might stop you,” you said, mentally hoping something will stop them.
  408. >They take one more step forward just a beam hits the couple of thugs, including the leader, and blasts them away from you.
  409. “Like that. Where did that come from?” you asked in amazement and disbelief.
  410. >Right after you said that a familiar looking tentacle ensnarled around the remaining thugs and flung them towards a bounce castle.
  411. >Luckily it broke their fall but you could still hear their groans of pain.
  412. >It probably not the softest of landings.
  413. > “That’ll teach them,” an sophisticated voice said in anger.
  414. >Looking to the side you saw your newest friends Octavia and Vinyl or as the media calls them Doc Oct and Shocker.
  415. “Thanks for the save,” you said, happy that you weren’t mugged today.
  416. >Vinyl looked ready to say something when Octavia was in front of you in an instant, looking you over.
  417. > “They didn’t hurt you did they?” she asked hysterically.
  418. >You calmly grab her hands to stop her from patting you down.
  419. “I’m fine. You girls saved my ass before they could do anything,” you said gratefully.
  420. >Vinyl gave you a one armed hug as Octavia stopped and let out a sigh of relief.
  421. > “Hey, your ass belongs to us and it’ll be a cold day before we let anyone do anything to it,” Vinyl said giggling at your blushing face.
  422. “Still thanks.”
  423. >They hugged you and caught you by surprise.
  424. > “Just don’t worry us,” Octavia said gently.
  425. “I’ll try,” you said jokingly breaking the hug.
  426. > “Are you sure you’re okay, love?” Octavia asked tenderly.
  427. >It’s surprising at how fast you accepted that name.
  428. “I’m fine but you should get out of here before the cops or heroes get here,” you said, trying to get them going.
  429. >They sadly nod and began to leave out the mall’s exit as Octavia looks back at you.
  430. “I’ll call if there’s any other trouble,” you said, waving.
  431. >She takes a moment before leaving through the door they came from.
  432. “At least I’m getting a moment of peace,” you said, feeling tired.
  433. >And it would have be a peaceful moment if the arrival of a certain heroes didn’t show
  434. >It was almost like the first time as the spider themed hero landed on her feet in a crouched position.
  435. > “Get away from the innocent ….civilian?” Spider-Woman said confused as she looked around for any danger.
  436. “And the moments gone. Later Spider-Woman,” you said bored, leaving the mall and a confused hero in your wake.
  440. >Be Spider-Woman aka Sunset Shimmer and you’re webswinging through the city.
  441. >You decided to leave the mall since those thugs were taken care and the cops were on their way.
  442. >As you swung through the city, your thoughts drifted to Anon.
  443. >With the little time you were there, you noticed that a group of thugs were sent flying through store window while the rest were sent into what remained of a bounce castle.
  444. >From what you could gather from their pained groans, someone with energy blasts and metal tentacles beat them.
  445. >And the only two to fit that description was Shocker and Doc Oct.
  446. >Before you could think of anything else, you arrived at Pinkie’s house as you landed on her roof.
  447. >Checking to see if the window was open, you were glad she remembered to unlock it this time.
  448. >With the window open, you crawled inside as you watched your friends talking amongst themselves almost excitedly.
  449. “Hey girls,” you said, taking off your mask and taking a seat on Pinkie’s plush bed.
  450. > “So how did it go?” Applejack asked, taking a sip of her drink.
  451. > “I'm sure she wiped the floor with them. Am i right Sunset?” Rainbow asked smugly, putting her feet on the wall near Rarity’s head.
  452. >The fashionista pushed Rainbow’s feet away from her as she turned her head to the side.
  453. “There wasn't anything to do,” you said, laying on the bed.
  454. > “That easy?” Rainbow asked, not bothering to look at you.
  455. “There wasn’t anything to do. It was already taken care of,” you said, staring at the ceiling, “And i think Shocker and Doc Oct were involved.”
  456. > “What?” all 6 of your friends asked at the same time.
  457. >Groaning a bit, you lift yourself up into a sitting position as you looked at your friends.
  458. “The thugs were mumbling about beams and metal tentacles if they weren’t complaining about their pain. So unless we have a copycat of villains running around then it’s them but that’s not what’s confusing,” you said, thinking back at your time at the mall.
  459. > “What do you mean, darling? They took care of it and by the sound of it those brutes weren’t that badly hurt,” Rarity said, looking at you with a confused expression on her face.
  460. >You shake your head at Rarity’s logic.
  461. >It does sound good that they took care of but it still bothers you.
  462. >Sometimes you hate being a hero.
  463. “What’s confusing was that Anon wasn’t hurt,” you told them as they let out a sigh of relief.
  464. > “Well that’s good,” Fluttershy said happily as she relaxed.
  465. “Yes but it’s strange,” you said, running a hand through your hair.
  466. > “Strange?” Twilight asked, looking a bit nervous.
  467. >Nod absentmindedly, not even bothered by her nervousness.
  468. “Yeah, Anon was still standing. He didn’t have a scratch or even have any rips on his clothes,” you said causing the girls to look at you.
  469. >You unzip the top part of your suit so your body can breathe a bit.
  470. “And it’s not like Shocker or Doc Oct to not take a hostage or even rough him up a bit. This is like that one time I found him in the warehouse,” you said, thinking back to that time you tried to save Anon.
  471. >It didn’t make any sense.
  472. >Why would she just leave him there unharmed?
  473. > “Maybe he’s working with them or something,” Rainbow said, shrugging uncaringly.
  474. >The others voiced a bunch of negative responses as that one sentence made you think.
  475. >He wasn’t hurt both times and it was strange that Shocker with him both times if you were right.
  476. >But it didn’t make sense, you knew him and he was as harmless as Fluttershy.
  477. “You really think he’s working with those two?” you asked doubtfully.
  478. > “Well it could happen. I mean Black Cat managed to get close and doup you before running off,” Rainbow said, making you remember your short partnership with the thief.
  479. >Some much trust only to be betrayed.
  480. >You better keep an eye on Anon just incase.
  481. >If you’re lucky, then you might be able to stop him before anything bad happens.
  484. >Be Anon.
  485. >It’s the next day and you’re at your apartment.
  486. >Big shocker but that’s not important.
  487. >What’s important was that your newest guest/patient that was on your couch.
  488. >Or what use to be your couch after she used her crazy plant powers.
  489. >She’s been here for a couple of minutes, getting as comfortable as possible.
  490. >The woman in question looked to be about your age if not older while wearing a green leafy dress.
  491. “I’m gonna regret this but tell me what’s bothering,” you said, taking a sip of hot chocolate while leaning back into your chair.
  492. > “It’s the people who want to litter, pollute and destroy nature,” she yelled, running her hand through her green hair.
  493. >Guess you knew why Octavia warned you about her and wanted you to help her.
  494. >You take a deep breathe and get your clipboard ready.
  495. “Can you go into detail what you mean, Miss Everfree?” you asked in the politest tone.
  496. > “It’s everyone that’s not taking care of the planet. They just treat our home as if it’s one big trash can,” Gaea said angrily, unconsciously making the plant in the room grow from a small flower to a small tree.
  497. >You like it this way now.
  498. >She started to go on a rant about the injustices of the world and you wisely let her speak her mind.
  499. >Gaea went on for about twenty minutes on various things ranging from the environment, heroes, stupid henchmen and even an insult or two at you.
  500. >You took it all in stride so she can get it out of her system.
  501. >After all that yelling, she closed her eyes while leaning back onto the couch.
  502. “You feel better?” you asked, looking at her as she sat up slightly.
  503. >She slowly nods as she looks at the floor.
  504. “Well since you told me your problems, I have a few questions to ask,” you said, pouring some water into a cup for her.
  505. >Gaea takes the cups but nods, showing she’s listening to you.
  506. “Well the first thing I need to ask is what you’ve been doing to help the world?” you asked, looking at her face.
  507. >It was a difficult task since her dress was showing a lot of skin.
  508. > “I’ve been trying to spread my children and preserve what’s left of the Everfree Woods,” she said, calmly taking a sip of water.
  509. “And you do this how?” you asked, generally curious.
  510. >She puts her cup down and holds her hand out lazily.
  511. >At that very moment, your plant grew long vines that circled around her arm like a floral octopus.
  512. > “I merely make trees grow or make a few giant plants to toss those tree cutters away,” she said, making the vines do many things a plant couldn't normally do.
  513. >You will admit that it was impressive that the plant was juggling your coasters.
  514. “Did you kill anyone?” you asked, looking her straight in her eyes.
  515. >The way she said how she used her powers, raised a few flags in your head.
  516. >She looks at you like you’re crazy.
  517. >Sometimes you wonder that yourself.
  518. > “No. I want to protect the environment not be labeled as a murderer,” she said, rolling her eyes.
  519. “That’s good,” you said, not wanting to deal with a killer.
  520. >Being an unlicensed therapist to villains was one thing but you draw the line at killers.
  521. >Taking a moment to collect your thoughts and take a sip of water, you thought about what you could say to help her.
  522. >Telling her to stop her life of crime might get the heroes off her ass but she won’t sit still when there are people disrespecting the environment.
  523. >You couldn’t even say to continue what she was doing as that might get her hurt or killed.
  524. >There had to be something she could do to show them what her message is.
  525. >....
  526. >You might have an idea.
  527. “Well Miss Everfree, I might have an idea on how to help you.”
  528. >She nodded and looked at you with an unreadable expression on her face.
  529. “This may sound crazy but i want you to show the people what you can do,” you said, putting your empty clipboard down.
  530. >You need to get a pad or something.
  531. >The plant themed villainess blinked in a confused manner.
  532. > “But I already do that,” Gaea said slowly as if i was all there.
  533. “I mean go out there and show them. Meet people who share your love for nature's beauty or teach some kids about the wildlife,” you said, listing off a few things that could work.
  534. > “I don’t see how,” she began to say before you cut her off.
  535. “Look, you want to say the environment but people see your acts as if you're a villain. If you can talk to others who share your passion or teach children the importance of nature then it could start something big,” you said, waving your hand around.
  536. >Gaea gives you her full attention, showing that she's somewhat interested.
  537. “Most of the kids nowadays hardly see anything outside of their phones. If you can share the same beauty and elegance of nature that you see, it can be a stepping stone to your goals,” you said a bit to dramatically.
  538. >It seemed to work as Gaea looked at you in awe and happiness.
  539. >And was she blushing?
  540. >Before you could even say anything, Gaea got up from the couch with a strange glint in her eyes.
  541. > “You’re right. I need to show them first hand why nature is important. But how?” she said, mostly to herself as she crossed her arms.
  542. >You would have said something but she snapped her fingers the very next moment.
  543. > “That’s it,” Gaea said, smiling at a thought.
  544. “What’s it?” you asked, curious on what her idea could be.
  545. > “Don’t worry, i got this,” she said, walking towards you and giving you a hug.
  546. >It was nice with her arms wrapped around you and the smell of the forest coming off of her.
  547. >You didn’t need to feel a few vines from her outfit  touching you though.
  548. >This carried on for a little while before you coughed awkwardly.
  549. “Well, i guess we're done unless you have anything else you want to get off your chest, Miss Everfree,” you asked, hoping that she'll be calmer this time around.
  550. >She shakes her head negatively but happily smiling.
  551. > “I'll schedule another appointment later. I have work to do,” she said, walking towards the window and jumping out of it.
  552. >Just like Gilda, you ran to the window just in time to see Gaea riding a giant mobile plant down the road.
  553. >You stayed like that for awhile, trying to figure out if that really happened or was there something in the water.
  554. “Fuck it. I'm done for the night,” you said, closing your window as you walked to your kitchen.
  555. >You need a small snack after that.
  556. >As you walked into your kitchen, the phone began to ring.
  557. “Who the fuck is calling at this time?” you asked yourself as you grabbed the phone.
  558. >The number wasn't familiar to you but you answered it anyways.
  559. “Hello,” you said, wondering who was calling.
  560. > “HIIIIII ANOOOONNNN,” a bubbly voice yelled from the other end.
  561. “Hey Pinkie, what’s up….. And how did you get my number?” You asked as you never told her or any of your classmates your number.
  562. > “That’s not important. Are you doing anything tomorrow?” The pink haired party girl asked rather quickly.
  563. “No why?”
  564. > “Then you can hang out tomorrow. Meet us at the mall at ten am. See ya then,” Pinkie said before hanging up.
  565. >You look at the phone in confusion for a few moments before putting it down and continuing to the kitchen for your snack.
  566. “What’s going on with my life?” you asked yourself, wanting to know how this all happened.
  568. >It’s the next morning and you’re looking in the pockets of your hoodie while walking around your apartment.
  569. “Where did i put those keys?” you muttered, trying to remember where the fuck you put them.
  570. >You could have sworn you put them somewhere easy to find.
  571. >Walking into the kitchen, you saw your keys right next to your cellphone.
  572. “I’m an idiot,” you said, grabbing your phone and keys.
  573. >Just before you could pocket your phone, it began to vibrate.
  574. >Looking at the screen, you saw that Pinkie was calling you.
  575. “Hey Pinkie,” you said as you brought the phone to the side of your face to answer it.
  576. > “Hey Anon. Just wanted to call and tell you that we’re meeting at the food court in the mall,” she said in her usual fast paced tone.
  577. “Sure, I’ll be there in a little bit,” you said, walking out the door and locking it.
  578. > “Okies, I’ll see you in a bit,” she said, hanging up her phone.
  579. >You exit the apartment complex as you made your way towards the mall.
  580. > “You’re here. Now we can get this party started,” Pinkie said the moment she saw you enter the mall.
  581. >You weren’t prepared when your pink haired friend lifted you above her head and ran to the food court.
  582. >Thankfully Pinkie didn’t have to carry you for long and before you knew it, you were sitting in between Rarity and Sunset.
  583. > “Just wait right there while I grab a drink,” Pinkie said, running to parts unknown.
  584. >You could only watch as the pink party girl ran around the corner and through a store.
  585. “.....She needs to lay off the wheaties and sugar,” you said in a flat tone, the girls around you either giggling or nodding in agreement.
  586. > “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Anon. Remember the last time someone tried to take her treats away,” Sunset said, taking a sip of her soda.
  587. >You felt a shiver crawl down your spine as that memory popped into your head.
  588. “Yeah, I remember. Still can’t believe Pinkie clawed that guy’s face,” you said out loud.
  589. > “It was a slightly amusing to see him avoid her like the black plague,” Twilight said, giggle at the thought.
  590. “Yeah. Hey, where’s AJ, Dash and Shy?” you asked, not seeing the three with the rest of the group.
  591. >It was strange not to see everyone in Sunset’s little gang.
  592. >For you, it was like seeing half of a sports team showing up for a game.
  593. > “AJ had to help with an order that came at the last moment, while Rainbow had some homework she needed to finish,” Twilight said, matter of factly.
  594. >That made sense.
  595. “And Fluttershy? She doesn’t seem like someone to cancel plans for something like that,” you said, shrugging your shoulders.
  596. > “She doesn’t darling, but Fluttershy volunteered at the shelter today and forgot about it till last night,” Rarity said, waving a hand in a strange way.
  597. “Doesn’t sound like her,” you said, doubting the fashionista’s words.
  598. > “We know, but from what Fluttershy told us, she asked for this day,” Rarity said, looking at you with a neutral expression.
  599. “Still a little strange but whatever. So what’s the plan for today?” you asked, wondering if you’re gonna be a pack mule for the girls.
  600. >The last time you went shopping with the girls, you ended up carrying a pile twice your height before it toppled over.
  601. > “Just a couple of stores. We went shopping just a few days ago and you know what happened that day,” Sunset said , looking away from you.
  602. >You nod stiffly, still angry at them for leaving.
  603. > “So we wanted to make it up to you for that,” Sunset said, smiling a bit awkwardly.
  604. >That was a bit out of the blue.
  605. >It’s not like they don’t do you a favor every now and then, but this felt off.
  606. >Like they were planning something or they were going use you for some strange reason like Pinkie’s Cannon.
  607. >The thought stays in your head for a moment before you forget the thought.
  608. >Dealing with a few villains and what not must be messing with you.
  609. >These girls are you’re friends and they wouldn’t do something nefarious to you.
  610. >At least you hope.
  611. “..... Maybe you could help me with something,” you said, smiling good heartedly.
  612. >The girls all nod, happy that you don’t hold anything against them.
  613. > “Sure. What do you need help with?” Twilight asked, generally curious.
  614. “I would appreciate it if any of you girls could recommend a book or two on psychotherapy or on counseling,” you said, hoping any of your friends could help you.
  615. >Everyone looked either shocked, confused or a combination of both.
  616. >Guess they weren’t expecting that.
  617. > “Is that what you’ve been studying, Anon? That was the subject you’ve been looking into?” Twilight asked, getting out of her stupor.
  618. “Yeah. Like I told you girls, I was helping a friend with some relationship problems. After talking about the problems and helping with a solution, I found it to be a rewarding experience,” you said, smiling bashfully at the memory of the few you tried to help.
  619. > “Must have something if you were able to help your friend,” Sunset said neutrally while looking at you.
  620. “Well I figured it might be worth looking into. So can any of you hep me out?” you asked, looking at each of the girls.
  621. >As you thought, Sunset and Rarity looked a bit lost while saying, “Sorry.”
  622. >Twilight on the other hand just smiled and said, “I believe i can help you with that, Anon.”
  623. “You’re a lifesaver, Twilight. When can we get them?” you asked, wanting to get the books as soon as possible.
  624. >Suddenly you and Twilight and pulled into a tight hug while being spun around as you caught a glimpse of pink hair.
  625. >You didn’t need to guess who was hugging you.
  626. > “You already have a plan?” Pinkie said, still spinning you around while hugging you and Twilight.
  627. > “Yes?” Twilight said, her voice slightly muffled by Pinkie’s chest.
  628. > “Then we have no time to lose,” Pinkie said, running in some random direction as Twilight was trying to tell her where to go.
  629. >Sadly you would be stuck in Pinkie’s hug for the next ten minutes.
  632. >Luckily for you, Pinkie was able to get you to a bookstore.
  633. >After she ran around the mall, while hugging you, for just over nine minutes.
  634. >She dropped right next to the aisle as your face met the carpeted floor.
  635. “Thanks Pinkie,” you muttered, rising to your feet and facing the smiling girl.
  636. > “No problem. If you need me, I’ll beat the cafe,” the pink haired girl said, skipping away from you.
  637. >You watch as she turns around the corner and disappears from sight.
  638. “There’s something wrong with that girl,” you said, taking a moment get the feeling back in your body.
  639. > “I think it makes her unique,” Twilight said, smiling tiredly while breathing a bit heavy.
  640. >You don’t comment on that.
  641. >Instead, you made your way towards the bookshelves and began looking through them.
  642. “So, what do you recommend?” you ask, pulling a thick book off the self.
  643. >Before you were able to look at the book’s title, a feminine had grabbed the book from your hand and put it back on the shelf.
  644. >You turn to see Twilight moving down the aisle, browsing through the titles.
  645. > “If you’re looking for something on psychotherapy, you might want want to try this,” Twilight said, handing you a book that was titled “Theories on Counseling and Psychotherapy”.
  646. >Taking the book, you open it up and take a quick glance at its contents.
  647. >From the looks of it, you couldn’t understand half of it.
  648. >Looks like you’ll have to study so you can understand this shit.
  649. “Thanks Twilight,” you said gratefully.
  650. >Twilight gave you a smile and said, “No problem, but you should also take this book. Maybe this one as well.”
  651. >She kept on talking while pulling one book after another from the shelves.
  652. >It didn’t take her long to go down the aisle and turn into the next one.
  653. >You chuckle at your predicament, opening the book and looking through it.
  654. >You were able to read the first paragraph before you felt someone tapping your shoulder.
  655. >Looking up, you saw it was Sunset and Rarity.
  656. “Hey girls. What's up?” you asked, slapping the finger away.
  657. >Sunset gave you a playful look as she said, “We decided to look for you and Twilight. Luckily Pinkie called a few minutes ago.”
  658. > “The strangest thing was that she called the moment Sunset asked where you two went,” Rarity said, looking at the books with mild interest.
  659. >You don’t question that.
  660. >It's not worth it.
  661. > “Anyways, you seemed pretty into that, Anon,” Sunset said, pointing at the book in your hands.
  662. >Looking back at the book, you shrug nonchalantly.
  663. “I guess. From what I can tell, most of the stuff is over my head,” you said truthfully, not looking at the girls.
  664. > “Oh? Guess your friend got you interested in this?” Sunset asked, giving you an unreadable look.
  665. “Well it felt good to help her. Also it felt like it was a calling to me,” you said, smiling slightly.
  666. > “I see,” Sunset said, nodding slightly.
  667. >You looked up to see Rarity and Sunset with some strange expressions on their faces.
  668. >It was pretty strange to you, but you just went with the flow so to say.
  669. >Nothing else was said for a minute so you went back to reading.
  670. > “I'm back and i was able to narrow it down to a couple of books,” Twilight said, coming back with a small bundle of books in her hands.
  671. >You slam the book shut, annoyed that you couldn't just read one fucking page.
  674. >After buying the books, the girls asked you to help with a couple of quick things like opinions on jewelry and stuff.
  675. >It was a bit strange that the girls were giving you so kind of stare down the whole time, but whatever.
  676. >Now you're walking home, dead tired, with a bag with a couple of books.
  677. >Just as you were thinking about going to sleep, you heard something break.
  678. >You quickly turned around to see if someone was following you.
  679. >To your relief, you didn’t have anyone stalking you.
  680. “What made that noise though?” you asked, looking around.
  681. >When you looked into an alley, you saw the broken remains of a bottle by a dumpster.
  682. >Against your better judgement, you slowly began walking towards the broken bottle.
  683. “Hello? Anyone there?” you asked, taking your time walking.
  684. >As you get closer to the dumpster, you tried to see what could have broke the bottle.
  685. >From what you could tell, there wasn’t any kind of body or anything to break.
  686. >Before you could question it, you heard something hit the dumpster and screech at you.
  687. >That sound freaked you out and causing you to hit the wall.
  688. “WHAT THE FUCK!” you said, looking at the thing on the dumpster.
  689. >On top of the dumpster was a grey furred cat with light green eyes which was staring at you.
  690. “Seriously? A cat scared me,” you said, taking a moment to calm down.
  691. >The cat just sat there, watching your every movement.
  692. >Pushing yourself off the wall, you slowly yet carefully walk towards the cat so you don't scare it.
  693. >Surprisingly it didn’t move except for its head.
  694. “Hey little guy,” you said, moving your hand towards its head.
  695. >The kitty began to hiss as the hairs on its neck stood up.
  696. “I mean girl,” you said hastily, waiting to see what happens.
  697. >She seemed to calm down as she stopped her hissing and her hair went down.
  698. >You moved your hand just a bit closer to her and started to pet the cat.
  699. >She began nuzzling the hand, indicating she liked it.
  700. >While the cat was busy with your hand, you looked at her neck to see if she had a collar or not.
  701. >It was somewhat of a surprise that you didn’t find a collar on her.
  702. “That’s odd,” you said, scratching the kitty’s ears.
  703. >You pulled back your arm as the kitty looked you as if to say, “Pet me.”
  704. >That look alone made you chuckle.
  705. “You seem to well behaved to be a wild cat and you don’t seem like a stray either,” you said, trying to figure out what to do.
  706. >The little kitty started to paw at your retreating hand, as if to grab it.
  707. “So what does it mean?” you asked, confused as shit by the kitty.
  708. >You stood there when something unexpected happened,  the kitty jumped at you and landed on your shoulders.
  709. “What’re you doing?” you asked, moving your hand to your should to stop the kitty from falling.
  710. >You weren’t able to grab her as she moved to the back of your neck and into your hood.
  711. >The next very next moment you heard her purr and rub herself on you hood.
  712. “You must either like me or the hood,” you said, glancing at the kitty.
  713. >You saw her curled up, looking like a ball of fuzz.
  714. “I'm guessing you're gonna stay there,” you said, not expecting an answer.
  715. >With a sigh, you scratched the top of her head and walked back to the road so you could go home.
  718. >It’s been a few days since you brought the kitty home and she seemed make herself at home.
  719. >After a day of letting the kitty settle, you called Fluttershy and asked her if she could set up an appointment.
  720. >You needed to get the kitty checked and get her shots.
  721. >Luckily it didn’t hurt your wallet, but you owed a favor to Fluttershy for helping you out.
  722. >She just asked you to help around the shelter for a couple of hours.
  723. >It was a bit unusual, but you weren’t gonna look a gift horse in the face.
  724. >You started right after the appointment and you somewhat regret it.
  725. >Fluttershy asked you to help her wash a few dogs, clean the hamster cages and feed the animals.
  726. >The first and last ones were fairly easy to do.
  727. >Cleaning the hamster cages was a little tougher since the animals used you like a jungle gym.
  728. >Luckily Fluttershy helped get them off of you.
  729. >Now you’re home, reading your psychology book with the kitty on your lap.
  730. >As you scratched the kitty’s ears, you put the book down to take a small break.
  731. “You enjoying yourself, kitty?” you asked, watching her try and bat away your hand.
  732. >She played around for a bit before letting you pet her.
  733. “You know I can’t keep calling you that, right? I’m gonna have to give you a name if you’re gonna stay here,” you said somewhat jokingly.
  734. >The kitty put up no fight to that, like she was agreeing with you.
  735. “Let’s see…… How about Whiskers?” you said, laughing at your stupid joke.
  736. >Kitty kicked your hand away as she sat on your lap.
  737. “Don’t like it, huh? How about Silver?” you said, watching for her reaction.
  738. >The kitty just stared when you suggested that name.
  739. “No reaction isn’t good so that’s a no. What should i call you?” you asked, stroking your chin in thought.
  740. >Kitty jumped off your lap and onto the kitchen counter in one move, stopping in front of your fruit bowl.
  741. >You were starting to get the feeling that this was no ordinary cat.
  742. >Either that or these sessions with everyone was starting to put you on edge.
  743. >With that thought in mind, you get up from your chair and walk towards your counter.
  744. >Once you got to the counter, you saw the cat paw at a lime.
  745. “You like limes?” you asked slowly, glancing at the cat for an answer.
  746. >The cat starts to mewed while still pawing at the lime.
  747. “You want to do something with a lime?” you asked, not taking your eyes off the cat.
  748. >She mewed once more.
  749. “You want me to name you Lime?” you asked, looking at the kitty for her answer.
  750. >You watched as the cat jumped onto the floor and began rubbing up against you.
  751. >The next moment, your phone rang causing you to jump.
  752. >The cat ran off as you pulled the phone out of your pocket and answering it.
  753. “Hello?” you asked a bit too quickly.
  754. > “Hello Anonymous. How’re you doing?” a refined voice said from the other line.
  755. >You smiled happily, knowing who's calling you.
  756. “I’m doing fine, Octavia. And you?” you asked, generally curious.
  757. > “I’m doing as well as can be,” Octavia said sin song like.
  758. > “Just ask him already,” a brash yet whispered on the other end.
  759. >You willing to bet it was Vinyl who whispered, but you’re interested in what she meant.
  760. > “Stop it, Vinyl,” Octavia said quietly, the sound of something falling over was heard.
  761. >It makes you wonder what they’re doing on the other end.
  762. > “Get on with it, Tavi. You can’t keep him on the phone forever,” Vinyl said, something being smashed in the background.
  763. > “I will once you stop being a nuisance,” Octavia said, a door being slammed from what you could tell.
  764. >As Octavia was catching her breath from chasing off her partner, you tried not to laugh at her.
  765. >Vinyl was hilarious when she wanted to annoy someone.
  766. > “I apologize for that,” Octavia said tiredly as she lets out a sigh.
  767. “It’s no big deal. So I’m guessing you want to ask something,” you said, taking a seat in your chair.
  768. > “Yes, I wanted to know if you had any plans tomorrow,” Octavia asked, composing herself.
  769. >You looked at your planner, which you kept near your chair, to see if there was anything scheduled.
  770. >There wasn’t anything planned except for a couple of quick chores.
  771. “I’m free, why?” you asked, wondering if she wanted another session.
  772. > “I was wondering if you wanted to accompany Vinyl and myself to one of our favorite cafes,” she said in a slightly hopeful tone.
  773. >You weren’t expecting that if you were being honest.
  774. >There wasn’t anything wrong with going with them, but you were trying to figure out why she would invite you.
  775. >It took you all but two seconds to just say fuck it to thinking and agree.
  776. “Sure. I’m up for it. Where should we meet?” you asked, not giving it a second thought.
  777. > “Just meet us at the city park at eight,” she said happily.
  778. “Got it. I'll see you tomorrow,” you said, getting up from your seat and walking towards your room.
  779. > “Same to you, love,” she said, hanging up on the other end.
  780. >Once you entered your room, you changed clothes and got into bed.
  781. >Before you dozed off, you felt a small weight land on your chest.
  782. >You paid Lime, as you'll call her, no mind as you drifted to sleep.
  784. >Be Sunset Shimmer in your Spider-Woman outfit.
  785. >After you asked around and searched a few apartment windows, you found Anon’s place.
  786. >Wasn’t that bad.
  787. >Nice size and it was modestly furnished.
  788. >Back to the matter at hand, you've been watching Anon every so often from the building across the street.
  789. >Twilight was kind enough to lend you her long ranged listening device.
  790. >You found nothing until just a few moments ago.
  791. >He has a little date with Doc Oct at some cafe tomorrow.
  792. >Not sure if this was a meet up or just a simple breakfast, but you decided to follow him just to be sure.
  793. “I'll find out what you're up to, Anon,” you said, packing the stuff away.
  794. > “KEEP IT DOWN. THERE'S PEOPLE TRYING TO SLEEP,” someone yelled, in the apartment below you.
  795. “Sorry,” you said quickly, swinging away on your webs.
  797. >You have the target in sight.
  798. >He was sitting on a bench in the local park, looking around as if he was bored.
  799. >You made a note on the plain jeans and nice tan button up shirt.
  800. >That'll help if you need to find him.
  801. >Also you're Sunset Shimmer if it wasn’t obvious and you’re hiding behind a bush.
  802. >Once you returned Twilight’s listening device, you decided to shadow Anon for a while to see if he’s up to something.
  803. >Which is why you were wearing regular clothes with people whispering about you.
  804. >Haven’t they seen someone hiding from another person before?
  805. >Luckily they didn’t rat you out.
  806. “Thank Celestia for that,” you quietly said to yourself.
  807. >You continued watching Anon as many different thought ran through your head.
  808. >Like ‘What could cause Anon to be a villain’ to ‘what’s his angle’ were just a few of the thoughts you had.
  809. >The most unusual thought of ‘was he really your friend’ was floating around, but you shook your head at that.
  810. >Even if he was a supervillain, he’s still your friend and you’ll save and or stop him.
  811. “What’s that?” you asked, seeing Anon move.
  812. >You watched as Anon gets up from his spot on the bench and walk towards two very familiar looking girls.
  813. >Better keep an eye on them and your phone ready.
  814. >You might need to call your friends if things get a bit dicey.
  817. >Be Anon and you’re just waiting at the moment.
  818. > “Hello Anon,” a familiar voice said, a little bit aways from you.
  819. >Turning to your right you saw Octavia and Vinyl walking towards you and you were stunned to see them in regular clothes.
  821. >Octavia was sporting a nice pair of blue pants with a black button up blouse and a grey opened coat.
  823. >Vinyl’s ensemble was more relaxed as she was wearing a white long sleeved shirt with a black tank top underneath it, large bracelets and blue ripped jeans.
  825. >They looked stunning, even Vinyl.
  827. “Hey girls,” you said, standing up and walking towards them.
  828. >Once you were close enough, the girls gave you a quick hug before you could even say anything else.
  829. >You returned the hug as you grew accustomed to this, but they released the hug the very next moment.
  830. “How’re you two?” you asked, being polite.
  831. > “I’m doing well, Anon. It feels wonderful to have breakfast with friends,” Octavia said, smiling at the end.
  832. > “You know us, we can take anything that the world can throw,” Vinyl said, crossing her arms under her chest while smirking.
  833. >You roll your eyes at Vinyl’s boast as Octavia sighed.
  834. > “Anyways let’s get going. We’ll want to get there soon if we want to get a table,” Octavia said, getting your attention on her.
  835. “Then lead the way,” you said, following her as Vinyl draped her arm over your shoulder.
  836. >Surprisingly the cafe wasn’t that far.
  837. >Just a five minute walk and it was near the electronic store.
  838. “How come I never noticed this place?” you asked, amazed that you never saw this place.
  839. >You walk this way almost every other day.
  840. > “You could have been distracted or just never play attention,” Vinyl said, shrugging her shoulders while Octavia took a sip of coffee.
  841. >That made sense so you weren’t gonna question it.
  842. >Looking at the menu, it didn’t take you long to order a sampler dish since it was a little of everything.
  843. >Then the waitress came by and she wrote down the orders and left.
  844. “So I have to say, I’m surprised to see you both outside out your outfits,” you said, pointing at their outfits.
  845. > “Well we can’t walk around in them without causing some kind of commotion,” Octavia said, waving her hand slightly.
  846. > “I don’t know, we could get our meals for free if we did,” Vinyl said, lazily stretching.
  847. > “And Spider-Woman on our case,” Octavia said, frowning at the thought.
  848. >That shut Vinyl up as you thought it over and instantly agreed.
  849. >The moment Vinyl and Octavia walked in here with their jumpsuit and villain outfits, there would be screaming civilians everywhere.
  850. >And screaming civilians would attract heroes.
  851. >Heroes like Spider-Woman.
  852. “We don’t want that, though i have to say those outfits suit you two,” you said causing Vinyl to give you a thumbs up while Octavia started to blush.
  853. > “Thanks dude. It just feels nice not to be in that tight suit for once,” Vinyl said, smirking at your slightly blushing face.
  854. >You looked away from her and look at Octavia.
  855. “And your ensemble is very stylish, Octavia,” you said, trying not to think of Vinyl in a skin tight suit.
  856. > “You mean these old things? There just something i had lying around,” Octavia said, acting modest.
  857. > “You mean you tore your closet apart to find the perfect outfit,” Vinyl said, giggling at her embarrassed partner.
  858. >Octavia slapped her hand over Vinyl’s mouth, stopping her from talking.
  859. > “Vinyl, you shouldn’t say silly things like that,” Octavia said, nervously chuckling.
  860. >The blue haired girl glared at Octavia as she glared right back.
  861. >You couldn’t help but laugh at them.
  862. >They may be together, but they were the most amusing people you knew next to Pinkie.
  863. >It didn’t take long for the food to come out and it was delicious
  864. >Once you had your fill, you pulled out your wallet and started to take out some money.
  865. > “I got this, Anon,” Octavia said, reaching into her jacket and pulling out some money.
  866. “You sure?” you asked politely.
  867. > “Just let Octy pay. It might be the only time she’ll do it,” Vinyl said, ignoring the glare that the black haired villain was giving her.
  868. >Octavia didn’t say anything but put the money with the receipt.
  869. >The waitress came back and as Octavia handed her the money, she seemed to trip over something.
  870. >You and the girls got up to try and stop her fall.
  871. >Luckily you and Vinyl were able to catch her.
  872. > “I’m sorry sir. I seem to be tripping all morning,” the waitress said, looking embarrassed as you let her go.
  873. >You were gonna reassure her it was fine, when Vinyl and Octavia looked at a small group of guys who were near your table.
  874. >They were snickering at the waitress as you looked down to see one of their feet sticking out.
  875. >Didn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on.
  876. >It seemed like Vinyl figured it out as well since she began walking towards them.
  877. > “Hey!” Vinyl said, getting everyone’s attention.
  878. >The guys stood up and tried to look menacing.
  879. >Tried being the keyword.
  880. > “What’d you want, girlie?” the leader, you guess, asked, sneering at her.
  881. > “What I want is for a few bozos to stop acting like an eighties gang, but I guess that’ll never happen,” Vinyl said, smirking at them.
  882. >They glared while trying to surround her.
  883. > “I think my boys are gonna have fun teaching you some respect,” the leader said, grabbing her arm.
  884. >Vinyl shot her other arm into the leaders face as her bracelets started to change into metal glowing gloves.
  885. > “Wrong move,” Vinyl said, blasting the leader into the road.
  886. >The others tried to grab her, but a few metal tentacles wrapped them up and threw them away.
  887. >Just as they were about to hit the ground, a bunch of webs stuck to their backs, suspending them in midair.
  888. >Looking up, you saw Spider-woman glaring at you from atop of a light post.
  890. “Just our luck,” you muttered, watching the girls glare at the spider themed hero.
  891. >Vinyl and Octavia were having a stare down with Spider-Woman as you pushed the waitress away.
  892. > “What’re you doing here, Spider-Girl?” Vinyl said, glaring at Spider-Woman.
  893. > She doesn’t say anything while leaping into the air with her hands in front of her.
  894. >The girls saw this and tried to protect themselves.
  895. >Octavia grabbed the nearest car and held it like a makeshift shield.
  896. >Vinyl raised her arms and fire a beam towards the hero.
  897. >Seeing the beam coming her way, Spider-Woman dodged the blast by spinning in mid-air.
  898. >She landed behind the two girls with her hand pointed towards you.
  899. >Taking a step back, you closed your eyes so you couldn’t see what she would do.
  900. >You stayed still for a few moments, but nothing happened so you opened one of your eyes.
  901. >The sight of Vinyl and Octavia trying to tackle Spider-Woman was what greeted you.
  902. >The spider themed hero jumped over them, but a metal tentacle latched onto her ankle.
  903. > “Gotcha,” Octavia said, spinning around slightly as she used the momentum to throw Spider-Woman.
  904. >Vinyl, not wanting to miss out, shot another energy blast at Spider-Woman before she was thrown.
  905. >The combination of momentum and energy blast was able to send Spider-Woman soaring towards a dumpster.
  906. >While watching her get farther away, you felt something grab you as the wind left your lungs.
  907. >Looking down, you saw one of Octavia’s tentacles wrapped around your chest.
  908. > “Sorry love, but we retreat,” Octavia said, scaling a building while fleeing the scene.
  909. > “Faster Octy. Faster,” Vinyl said from her the other side of Octavia.
  910. > “Be quiet,” the tentacled girl said, jumping from rooftop to rooftop.
  911. >You decided to stay quiet and just enjoy the ride while taking in the scenery.
  912. >As much of it you could see with Spider-Woman chasing you.
  913. >.......What?
  914. >Squinting your eyes, you could clearly see Spider-Woman was hot on Octavia’s tail.
  915. “We got company,” you said, pointing behind Octavia.
  916. >She looked behind her and said, “Dammit.”
  917. >Spider-Woman seemed to gain a bit of distance and was closing in on Octavia.
  918. > “Hold it,” Spider-Woman said, jumping towards you.
  919. >Seeing this, Vinyl held up her arm and shot an energy blast at the hero.
  920. >Unfortunately, for you and the girls, Spider-Woman was able to jump away unscratched.
  921. >But that gave Octavia the chance she needed to run into the mall.
  922. >Once inside Octavia set both you and Vinyl down before grabbing yours and her hands.
  923. > “Follow me,” Octavia said, her tentacles slithering into her shirt as she pulled you and Vinyl into the nearest store.
  924. >Which happened to be a clothing store from what you could tell.
  925. >You didn’t have long to look as you were being dragged into a changing room.
  926. >Vinyl came in after you as Octavia entered the room last, closing the door behind her.
  927. “.....So what’s the plan?” you asked, sitting on the bench.
  928. > “We'll wait for a bit and hope that menace leaves,” Octavia grumbled, back against the wall.
  929. > “At least we have each other to entertain ourselves,” Vinyl said, grinning as she sat beside you.
  930. >You’re not sure which was worst.
  931. >Spider-Woman chasing you or Vinyl’s flirting attempts.
  932. “That’s the plan? Just wait?” you asked, sighing as you looked at the black haired girl.
  933. > “We can hide or fight. I'm positive that we can't watch over you and fight at the same time,” Octavia said,  leaning against the wall.
  934. >She started to pull out a few things out of her purse while you rubbed a hand through your hair.
  935. “There has to be a way out of this,” you said, your hand rubbing some warm hairball on your lap.
  936. >When did a hairball get on your lap?
  937. >You were a little curious and scared as you looked down to see Vinyl’s head on your lap.
  938. >She glances at you, smiling, all the while snuggling your lap like a pillow.
  939. “Vinyl,” you said evenly.
  940. > “Yes~,” she said in a sing song kind of way.
  941. “Why’re you on my lap?” you asked trying to sound polite.
  942. >It’s not everyday you’re used as a pillow.
  943. > “I can’t do a lot of stuff since we’re hiding. So I figured I might as well relax until we leave,” she said, closing her eyes while smiling.
  944. “And you couldn’t do it with Octavia?” you asked, looking at the black haired girl but turning away instantly.
  945. >Seeing Octavia glaring was pretty scary.
  946. > “I’m fine right here and the little head massage is nice,” Vinyl said, closing her eyes and relaxing once more.
  947. >You sighed and continued to lightly scratch her head since you couldn’t move.
  948. >It was like Lime was here.
  949. >The only big difference was that Vinyl was a sexy villainess and not a cat.
  950. >You were so absorbed in petting Vinyl’s head and thinking of a way out, you almost freaked out when you felt something lean on you.
  951. >Looking to your side, you saw a familiar mess for black hair on your shoulder.
  952. “Octavia?” you asked, not sure if you should be surprised or not.
  953. > “I’m a bit tired and need a bit of a rest,” she simply said, wrapping her arm around yours.
  954. >You could feel a blush forming on your face as Octavia held your arm in between her chest.
  955. >It was like a weird form of torture for you as they kept on nuzzling you.
  956. >You needed to think of a plan or else you’ll be stuck here for a while.
  957. >Not that it’s a bad thing.
  958. >Guess you might as well get comfortable.
  959. >It’s not like someone’s gonna come by and distract Spider-Woman.
  960. >.....
  961. >.....Wait.
  962. “I think I have an idea,” you said, trying to pull your phone out of your pocket.
  963. >The girls just hummed as you held your phone and started to dial a number.
  964. >You sat there, listening to the phone ring while you silently hope she’ll pick up.
  965. >It stopped ringing as a familiar voice said, “What’s up?”
  966. “Gilda, I need your help. Can you get to the mall or somewhere close and blow up a mailbox or something,” you said quickly.
  967. > “Okay…. I’m gonna need a reason why,” she asked from the other line.
  968. “I got Spider-Woman after my ass so I need a distraction,” you said, hoping it was enough.
  969. >You didn’t want to tell her about your breakfast date just yet.
  970. > “Not a problem. I can be there in a minute or two,” Gilda said, hanging up on the other end.
  972. >You sighed while putting your phone back in your pocket.
  973. “Well, Gilda said she’ll be here in a couple of minutes, so we’ll just wait here for a bit,” you sighed, continuing to be a pillow for the girls.
  974. >They just groaned in disappointment for some reason, but you ignored it.
  975. >You just had to do was wait for a sign.
  976. >Any kind of sign that Gilda was there.
  977. >With no sign whatsoever, you sat there petting Vinyl’s head while Octavia nuzzled you.
  978. >It was relaxing to say the least.
  979. >You just wish you were home and not in a fucking changing room.
  980. “You better get here soon, Gilda,” you stressed, wanting the day to end.
  981. >Even if it was still the morning.
  982. >Suddenly the wall and ground started to shake as the girls jumped to their feet, letting you go.
  983. > “What the fuck?” Vinyl yelled, looking everywhere.
  984. > “I would say that was Gilda,” Octavia commented, grabbing her pocketbook.
  985. >You don’t say anything while walking towards the door.
  986. >Opening the door, you took a glance and saw a bunch of customers running from the front door.
  987. > “What do you see, love?” Octavia inquired,  leaning on top of you to look outside.
  988. >This caused you to blush as you felt her arms wrap around your body and her chest on your back.
  989. >She really needs to respect your personal space.
  990. “Either Gilda’s here or there's some crazy sale going on,” you noted sarcastically, watching a few customer knock stuff over as they ran.
  991. >Vinyl snuck under you to look out the door while pushing her back and ass against you.
  992. >What is with these girl and invading your personal space?
  993. > “Should we go?” Vinyl wondered, leaning into you.
  994. “We might as well,” you answered, thinking this was the best time to move.
  995. >The girls don’t move from their spots.
  996. > Taking your hands off the door, you flick their noses causing them to flinch.
  997. “That means move,” you commanded, trying to glare at Vinyl.
  998. >The blue haired villain just moved her hips against yours before moving away from you.
  999. >Octavia has moved, but she did tighten her grip on you.
  1000. “You too, Octavia,” you commanded, wanting to get out of here.
  1001. >She sighed before letting you go.
  1002. >Vinyl opened her mouth to say something, but you held up your hand.
  1003. “No, now march,” you instructed, stopping her from making a joke.
  1004. >Vinyl just salutes goofily as she walk towards the entrance.
  1005. >Looking at Octavia, you saw that she was blushing with a weird smile on her face.
  1006. “C’mon,” you motioned, grabbing Octavia’s hand and running after Vinyl.
  1007. >Luckily for you, Vinyl didn’t get too far.
  1008. “Slow down, Vinyl. We don’t want to run into..,”
  1009. > “Stop right there,” a familiar voice shouted.
  1010. “Spider-Woman,” you groaned, watching the arachnid superhero hero land in front of you.
  1011. > “I’m gonna put an end to your evil plan,” Spider-Woman threatened, pointing at you.
  1012. >That made you blink a few times.
  1013. >Did Spider-Woman need glasses or something?
  1014. >Maybe this was an imposter and got her info wrong.
  1015. >You were about to correct her when Octavia pulled you back just as a large vine hit the hero.
  1016. >Looking up, you saw Octavia smiling while hugging you to her chest.
  1017. > “Didn’t want you to get hit,” Octavia explained, hugging you a bit tighter.
  1018. > “You two should get a room,” another familiar voice replied, drawing your attention away from your would be savior.
  1019. >Sitting on a vine that was moving towards you was Gaea Everfree.
  1020. “Gaea? What’re you doing here?” you inquired, confused by the situation.
  1021. >The plant themed villain slid off the huge vine and dusted off her skirt and top.
  1022. >Octavia seemed to growl and wrap her arms a little tighter at this.
  1023. > “I’m here to help you three get out of here. Now get going while i have some fun,” Gaea urged, raising her hand and making the vine lunge at Spider-Woman.
  1024. >Vinyl, not wanting to stand around, grabbed you and ran out the front entrance.
  1025. >Just as you pulled out the door, you saw Spider-Woman dodging the vine as she ran towards you.
  1026. “Girls,” you called, seeing the hero jump into the air with her arms raised.
  1027. >Vinyl pushed you and Octavia through the door while pointing her hand at the ceiling.
  1028. >She shot a blast at the ceiling causing Spider-woman to jump out of the way.
  1029. > “Okay. I’ll leave Gaea and Gilda to take care of that,” Vinyl nodded, grabbing your hand once more and pulling you away.
  1031. >A good hour has passed since you got home and there was no sign of Spider-Woman.
  1032. >You even got a text from Gaea and Gilda saying they were fine.
  1033. >That was something you didn’t need to worry about.
  1034. >Putting your phone away you just leaned back into the couch.
  1035. >The girls didn’t leave you once they got to your house.
  1036. >Once your ass touched the couch, the girls took their original spots from the mall.
  1037. >So now you were petting Vinyl’s head while listening to Octavia’s light breathing.
  1038. >Good thing was that you at least comfortable on your couch before they pounced.
  1039. >You were so lost in this weird cuddle pile that you almost didn’t notice Lime near your foot.
  1040. >Your kitty started to rub herself against your leg causing you to smile a bit.
  1041. “You really like being near me, huh,” you remarked, watching Lime climb onto the other side of your lap.
  1042. >She curled up into a ball as you started to pet her.
  1043. “At least I don’t have to worry about you being crazy,” you chuckled, scratching Lime’s ears.
  1044. > “Yeah,” a voice purred.
  1045. >At least someone agrees with you.
  1046. >Wait, that wasn’t Octavia.
  1047. >She was leaning on your shoulder and wasn’t talking to you.
  1048. >You would know if she was talking.
  1049. >It couldn’t have been Vinyl since she was sleeping on your lap.
  1050. >That eliminates two suspects, but the only other ones in your apartment were Lime and yourself.
  1051. >......Right?
  1052. >Looking down at your little kitty, you saw her staring right at you.
  1053. “You can’t talk right?” you mused, thinking this might explain a few things.
  1054. > “Can you hear me?” Lime purred, grinning at you like a cheshire cat.
  1055. “....Yes and I’m not sure how to feel about this,” you admitted, wondering if this was just a crazy dream.
  1056. >Lime jumps off the couch and sat by your feet, her body seemed to stretch and grow.
  1057. >You couldn’t look away as she gained a more feminine shape while losing her fur.
  1058. >Once the transformation was over, a young woman was standing before you wearing skin tight jeans, a loose shirt and a collar around her neck.
  1059. > “How about now?” Lime questioned, tilting her head to the side.
  1060. >You know this is gonna give you a lot more trouble.
  1062. >Unsurprisingly, you were right.
  1063. >Lime or Limestone, her real name, did bring you a bit of trouble.
  1064. >The moment she finished her transformation, Octavia woke up and saw the very last part.
  1065. >What happened next wasn’t a shouting match, like you were expecting, but an unimpressive staring match.
  1066. >Vinyl even woke up to see the two glaring at each other called Gilda and Gaea over for some unknown reason.
  1067. >That was about fifteen minutes ago and the little staring match was getting a little ridiculous.
  1068. “Girls,” you began, the girls instantly turned to you, “Can you tell me why you're trying to glare holes into each other?”
  1069. > “I'm just annoyed that this flea covered animal was staying with you, love,” Octavia huffed, crossing her arms under her chest.
  1070. >Sighing, you saw Vinyl and the other two whispering among themselves while pointing at you.
  1071. >Paying them little mind, you focused your attention on the two girls sitting next to you.
  1072. > “You’re just mad cause I get to stay here while you're stuck at your own place,  tentacle girl,” Limestone insulted, rolling her eyes.
  1073. >You could see Octavia go red as Vinyl and her little posse giggle.
  1074. >It makes sense that Vinyl would find this amusing.
  1075. >Wouldn’t surprise if they made bets or something.
  1076. > “I’m worried what you could do to my love. For all we know, you could be a thief,” Octavia huffed, glaring at slightly shorter girl.
  1077. “Octavia, please calm down,” you interjected, but they paid you no attention as they stood up.
  1078. > “Afraid I’m gonna take all his attention away from you, you living hentai fantasy,” Limestone mocked, her cat ears and tail forming while raking her nails on your table.
  1079. >You could see the scratches she was making as your eye twitched.
  1080. >They better not break your…
  1081. > “That’s rich coming from the walking pussy joke,” Octavia growled, smashing one of her tendrils into your table.
  1082. >...Stuff.
  1083. “Great, now i need a new table,” you muttered, rubbing your temples to stop the oncoming headache, “Can you two not destroy anything else.”
  1084. > “I can see a joke right in front of me and it has the most pathetic love life,” Limestone smirked, crossing her arms under her chest.
  1085. >Octavia just glares at the catgirl, her tendrils waving in the air threateningly.
  1086. > “At least I have a nice and warm home with a loving owner,” Limestone responded, having a look like she caught the canary.
  1087. >Not sure if that’s offensive or not, but you decided to drop it.
  1088. >Gilda and Gaea watched with baited breath while Vinyl pulls out her phone, pointing it in your direction.
  1089. >Most likely filming this for her own sick pleasure.
  1090. > “At least I can get a love life instead of mooching off of someone like a furry parasite,” Octavia countered, slamming her hands on the table.
  1091. >That seemed to get under Limestone’s skin, or fur, as her hair was sticking up a bit.
  1092. > “At least I get some affection from people unlike you,” Limestone hissed, clawing at your table.
  1093. >You sighed as the other girls looked about ready to burst out laughing.
  1094. >Limestone and Octavia were quietly glaring at each other, making your eye twitch.
  1095. >"Give affection?" Octavia laughs, "There's nothing on you a man would like to give affection to, kitty cat."
  1096. >She empathized her words by gesturing to her own much more generous chest.
  1097. >In an instant, Limestone jumped over your table and tried to slash at Octavia with her claws.
  1098. >Tried being the keyword since Octavia used her tendrils to hold Limestone’s limbs.
  1099. >You got up from your spot at the table and pushed the two away from each other.
  1100. >While you were trying to get Limestone’s limbs free, you could hear Vinyl and the girls laughing up a storm.
  1101. “You girls mind helping, if it's not too much trouble,” you screamed, trying to free Limestone
  1102. > “Naw dude. You got this,” Vinyl laughed, still pointing her phone at you.
  1103. > “I don’t want to steal your thunder,” Gilda chuckled, holding her sides.
  1104. > “You're doing fine without us, Anon,” Gaea giggled, covering her mouth in a ladylike fashion.
  1105. >It took a few tries and getting pushed into their chests, but you were able to get them to stop trying to kill each other.
  1106. >For now.
  1107. “Okay, now that's done, both of you stop fighting,” you ordered, standing in between the two girls.
  1108. > “But,” the two began, but you held up your hand.
  1109. “No fighting,” you yelled, ending the argument.
  1110. >The girls looked down as Vinyl and Gilda groaned.
  1111. >Looking up, you saw Gaea holding her hand out to the other two.
  1112. > “Pay up,” Gaea commanded, grinning as Vinyl and Gilda pulled out some money.
  1113. > “Stupid plant bitch,” Gilda mumbled, handing Gaea the money.
  1114. >Vinyl just grumbled something incoherent as she gave her money to Gaea as she started to count the money, mockingly.
  1115. “......Do I want to know? Wait, it was a bet wasn’t it,” you guessed, shaking your head as Gaea grinned some more.
  1116. > “Yup,” Gaea cheered, putting the money into her cleavage.
  1117. >Well that made sense since her dress didn't look like it had any pockets.
  1118. “I don’t want to know what the stakes were,” you sighed, walking towards your room as you felt tired just from their antics
  1119. > “Where you going, Anon?” Gaea inquired from your dinner room.
  1120. “Sleep in my bed and hope the goes back to making sense in the morning. You can stay if you want just don't make a mess,” you answered, entering your room and falling onto your bed.
  1121. >You stayed in there, closing your eyes as sleep slowly came to you.
  1122. >Before you drifted into the void of sleep, you felt something lean into your sides as two pairs of arms wrap around your own arms.
  1123. >A moment later, you felt a weight on your chest while something grabbed your shirt.
  1124. >Opening your eyes slightly, you saw that Limestone was lying on your chest while her cat ears twitched.
  1125. >glancing to your left, you saw Vinyl hugging your arm into her chest while using your shoulder as a pillow.
  1126. >And to your right was Octavia who laced her fingers with her and grasped your hand tightly.
  1127. >Not wanting to fight the warm cuddles, you closed your eyes and let the sandman take you to dream land.
  1128. “Night, girls,” you muttered at the last moment.
  1131. >Still Anon, but you’re on your way home just as class ended
  1132. >Last night, you had some of the best sleep.
  1133. >Too bad you had to wake up once your stomach started to growl.
  1134. >Once you were able to tear yourself away from the cuddle pile and slip away from Limestone, you walked into your kitchen to make some breakfast.
  1135. >While looking through your fridge, you remembered that Gaea and Gilda might still be there.
  1136. >Luckily they left you a note saying they went home and it meant less mouths to feed.
  1137. >Now you’re dragging your sorry ass out of class and back home.
  1138. >Entering the hallway, you saw your friends, Sunset and Twilight, walking towards the library.
  1139. >Sunset looked a bit angry causing you to wonder what's up.
  1140. “Hey Sunset. Hey Twilight. What's up?” you inquired, walking up to them.
  1141. > “Hello, Anon. It's not that bad,” Twilight answered, waving her hand nonchalantly.
  1142. >Sunset seemed to mumble something while looking a bit angrier than she was a moment ago.
  1143. >The next moment she calmed down enough to mumble, “Hey Anon.”
  1144. “Having a bad day, Sunset?” you wondered, hoping she doesn't try to bite your head off.
  1145. >She did that one time when some asshole made a crazy sexist comment about her friends.
  1146. >He still can’t eat solid foods to this day.
  1147. > “I guess you can say that. I'm just having a lot of shit piling on my shoulders,” Sunset sighed, her shoulders sagging.
  1148. >You turned to give Twilight a questioning look.
  1149. > “Sunset just had a bad day yesterday and today isn't that much better,” Twilight explained helpfully as Sunset banged her head on a locker.
  1150. >That sounds horrible.
  1151. >You couldn’t help but wonder what happened to your firey haired friend.
  1152. “Sounds like you got a lot on your mind, Sunset. Maybe I can help you,” you mentioned, scratching your chin in thought.
  1153. >The girls looked at you as if you said that you wanted to Raid Pinkie’s candy stash.
  1154. > “What’re you suggesting, Anon?” Sunset questioned, leaning against the lockers, “I'm pretty sure I can deal with this.”
  1155. “I know you can Sunset, but maybe I can help with a bit of therapy,” you explained, shrugging your shoulders.
  1156. > “What?” Twilight and Sunset exclaimed, tilting their heads slightly.
  1157. “I'm just saying that I'm learning a lot about therapy, the mind and and kinds of things. It can't hurt if we talk about what's troubling you,” you pointed out, “Can’t hurt to try.”
  1158. >It was quiet for a few moments as Sunset thought it over, at least that's what you think she was doing.
  1159. >From your point of view, she seemed to scowl and growl at your idea.
  1160. >At least Twilight looked like she was considering the idea.
  1161. > “Don’t worry about it, Anon. All I need is some good night sleep and to just do nothing for awhile “ Sunset grunted, walking away from you.
  1162. >She rounded the corner as Twilight started to walk towards her retreating friend.
  1163. > “Sorry, Anon. I'll talk to Sunset. Goodbye,” Twilight blurted out, rounding the corner and leaving you in the hall by yourself.
  1164. >Hopefully Sunset can deal with whatever was bothering her.
  1165. >You’ll talk to her once she calms down,  but now you’re gonna….
  1167. >Answer the goddamn phone.
  1168. >Reaching into your pocket, you pulled out
  1169. “Hello,” you greeted while mentally guessing who called you.
  1170. > “Hey, Anon. It's Vinyl,” the caller answered from the other end.
  1171. >Half expected it to be Octavia.
  1172. “What’s up, Vinyl? Need to give me a message or something,” you guessed, trying to figure out what she wanted.
  1173. > “Just want to ask you to help an old friend with some counseling,” she proposed, “Would mean alot to me and Octavia.”
  1174. “Sure. Just give my number and I'll talk to your friend,” you offered, walking out the door and down the road.
  1175. > “Actually she's wondering if you can go to her own house for this,” Vinyl requested.
  1176. >You really just want to go home and relax, but you guess you can take care of a quick session.
  1177. “Fine. Where does she live?” you sighed, walking past Sugarcube Corner.
  1178. > “Sending you the address now. Octavia and I owe you one,” Vinyl cheered, ending the call.
  1179. >A moment later, you got the address and you weren't that far from there.
  1180. >Might as well get this over with.
  1183. >Be Sunset Shimmer and you’re feeling very angry right now.
  1184. >After your little chat with Anon, you ran outside and towards your superhero base.
  1185. >Or as Rarity calls it, The Spider’s Parlor.
  1186. >While the name had a nice ring, your base was anything but snazzy since it was just some discarded train car.
  1187. >You found it in your first couple of months of superheroing and made it your own base of operations.
  1188. >It also served as a decent place to think and talk to your friends when you could.
  1189. >Entering your base, you immediately sat down at your work table while going over every single file you could get your hands on.
  1190. >It didn’t come as a surprise that you didn’t find much.
  1191. >The lack of info made it hard to figure out what was going on.
  1192. >Was he a pawn of Shocker and Doc Oc?
  1193. >Was Anon the mastermind planning these attacks?
  1194. >There were so many questions and no answers for them.
  1195. “What could Anon be doing with them,” you wondered, brushing away some of your hair.
  1196. > “Still stalking Anon,” a scratchy voice mocked, causing you to shake your head and sigh.
  1197. “Hey girls,” you greeted, turning around to see your friends enter the base.
  1198. >They gathered around you, looking at the files on your desk.
  1199. > “Isn’t this a bit much?” Applejack wondered, picking up Anon’s small file, “Couldn’t you ask Anon about why he’s with those two varmints?”
  1200. “Not really and it doesn’t matter. I’m finding nothing interesting about Anon,” you motioned, letting Applejack look through Anon’s file.
  1201. >You knew what was in that file and it didn’t anything out of the ordinary with him.
  1202. >Decent grades, good health and no tragic accidents were just a few things in his file.
  1203. >It was like Anon was just a normal guy from what you could tell and that confused you.
  1204. > “Maybe he’s friends with Shocky and Occy,” Pinkie suggested, shrugging while smiling like a crazy woman, “He could even be friends with other villains as well. Maybe he has parties with them.”
  1205. >Everyone, including yourself, just shook their heads and dismissed that idea.
  1206. > “This is all you could find, darling. Nothing else?” Rarity questioned, passing the file to Twilight as Fluttershy looked over her shoulder.
  1207. “That’s everything. I even tried to see if S.H.I.E.L.D. had anything on him. You can guess what the results were,” you groaned, letting your head drop into your hands.
  1208. >This was driving you so mad, you felt like you were going up a wall.
  1209. > “Maybe you should relax for a bit,” Twilight suggested.
  1210. >Turning around, you looked at Twilight questioningly while wanting her to explain.
  1211. > “Well, you are getting irritated every time you see Anon. I’m just worried you might do something foolish like attack Anon,” Twilight explained, rubbing her arm nervously.
  1212. >Most of your friends seemed to agree with her by nodding.
  1213. >Except for Applejack and Rainbow, since they seem to want to know what going on with Anon as well.
  1214. “Sorry, Twilight. I can’t stop until I know Anon’s plans,” you sighed, cracking your neck.
  1215. > “But,” Twilight began.
  1216. “I’m not gonna stop, Twilight. I let this happen once before and I’m not gonna let it happen again,” you answered, hoping she understands.
  1217. >Twilight was about to say something when the ground shook causing everyone tried to keep their balance.
  1218. >Luckily the earthquake didn’t last long.
  1219. > “What the fuck was that?” Rainbow yelled, grabbing a railing.
  1220. > “Language, Rainbow,” Rarity shouted, grabbing a pole.
  1221. >The others screamed their own worries while holding on to whatever they could.
  1222. >Once it passed, you stood up and saw some smoke coming from the field near your base.
  1223. “I’m gonna check that out,” you notified, walking towards the exit.
  1224. >The moment you stepped outside, you heard your friends scurry after you while shouting, “Wait for us.”
  1225. >You didn’t stop them since they wouldn’t listen even if you threatened them.
  1226. >Reaching the area where the smoke was coming from, you saw a crater the size of a pickup truck.
  1227. > “What's that?” Fluttershy stuttered, pointing at the crater.
  1228. >Specifically the thing in the center of the crater.
  1229. >It seemed to be a strange black meteor  that had a large crack on the side.
  1230. >A dark liquid was pouring out of said crack as it filled the crater.
  1231. >Being the curious person you are, you started to move towards the meteor when someone grabbed your shoulder.
  1232. >Glancing behind you, you saw Twilight giving you a worried look.
  1233. > “What’re you doing?” Twilight questioned.
  1234. “Just gonna check it out,” you assured, shrugging her hand off your shoulder, “I'll be careful.”
  1235. >Twilight nodded reluctantly while you continued to walk towards the odd looking meteor.
  1236. >Taking just four steps, you heard an unusual squishy noise which caused you to look at your feet.
  1237. >From what you could tell,  you just stepped in some of the liquid coming from the meteor.
  1238. “Gross,” you groaned, pulling your foot out of the slime.
  1239. >Seeing some of the stuff drip off of your boot almost made you shudder in disgust.
  1240. >Just as you were about to shake your foot, a bit of the slime started to crawl up your leg.
  1241. “What the fuck is this?” you yelled, stumbling backwards while your friends ran to help you.
  1242. >They tried to pull off the slime, but soon you saw that the slime started to cover them as well.
  1243. >You feel the slime reach your neck and start to cover your face,
  1244. >The last thing you saw was your friends falling to the ground before everything went black.
  1246. >Be Anon and you’re slowly starting to regret doing this favor for Vinyl.
  1247. >After Vinyl sent you the address of your next patient, you hastily made your way there.
  1248. >Luckily it wasn’t that far from where you were, just a five minute walk to reach it.
  1249. >Once you got there, you saw the place was a fairly nice looking two story home.
  1250. >The moment you knocked on the door kickstarted the regret you were feeling.
  1251. >The one who answered the door was your next patient, who introduced herself to be Trixie Lulamoon.
  1252. >You weren’t familiar with that name but you were familiar with her alias.
  1253. >Mysterio, mistress of the magical arts.
  1254. >That was a name you’ve heard plenty of times in the news.
  1255. >Anyways it turns out that Trixie needed to talk to someone about a few problems she was having.
  1256. >Naturally you agreed to helping her and that was one of the worst things you ever agreed to do.
  1257. >The moment you asked about her life and what was bothering her, she started from baby stories and her early childhood.
  1258. >When you heard this, you thought that she had some crazy deep wounds or backstory.
  1259. >You were proven wrong as she continue on with her childhood after thirty minutes.
  1260. >While nodding and prompting her to go every so often, you tried to listen for anything important.
  1261. >There wasn’t anything as she seemed to brag with each and every memory she told you.
  1262. >This was slowly starting to annoy you.
  1263. > “And it was on that day that Trixie started to learn the magical arts,” Trixie bragged, waving her hands majestically while smiling.
  1264. >Correction, this was getting annoying a bit too quickly.
  1265. >You hope she’ll stop soon or else you're gonna lose it.
  1266. >With that thought in mind, you tried to calm down by taking deep yet quiet breathes.
  1267. >Blowing up at your patient won't do you any good.
  1268. >Especially if your patient is a villain and you use the term loosely.
  1269. >Once she started telling you her first time fighting Spider-Woman , you felt that she was labeled the title by default.
  1270. > “Trixie was doing a simple show, trying to wow the audience when an accident happened. Granted Trixie should have checked a few things before Trixie started, but mistakes do happen,” Trixie explained, “And it's not like Trixie meant to burn that man’s jacket, but noooo. Trixie is obviously a villain for that and fighting Spider-Woman.”
  1271. >That made sense somewhat, you guess.
  1272. > “At that point, no one would come to Trixie’s shows and Mysterio took the stage as the greatest magician ever,” Trixie muttered, turning on her side.
  1273. >Well there's one problem you can deal with.
  1274. “And that’s how you became Mysterio?” you wondered, waiting for Trixie to say some kind of plot twist.
  1275. >Surprisingly Trixie nodded her head while sighing.
  1276. > “Yes and that's Trixie’s story,” Trixie proclaimed, striking a dramatic pose.
  1277. >.....You don’t know what to say at this point.
  1278. >This wasn't something you were prepared for, but you're gonna do whatever you can to help.
  1279. “Well after hearing your….. interesting life story, I think I can help you,” you explained, leaning back into your chair.
  1280. >You wished you were in your regular chair since it was more comfortable than the one you were sitting in.
  1281. >Trixie gave you her undivided attention as she sat up and leaned towards you.
  1282. “Well I can see that after your show you seemed to develop a fear of failure,” you began, trying to ease her into your explanation.
  1283. > “What,” Trixie screeched, standing up, “Trixie doesn't  have a fear of failure since that one performance. Trixie will show you.”
  1284. >Blinking a bit confusingly,  you tilted your head while standing up.
  1285. “What’re you,” you began, putting your notepad down.
  1286. > “It's simple. Trixie will put on another show and amaze everyone with Trixie’s magic,” the magician motioned, “Trixie will be the talk of the town once the show ends. The fans will come back and you'll be there to see to happen.”
  1287. “I will?” you wondered, trying to follow the girl’s logic.
  1288. > “Yes you will. It'll show you that Trixie can rise above your silly therapist mumbo-jumbo,” Trixie laughed, holding a hand to her mouth, “Trixie will show you that on stage, Trixie is fearless.”
  1289. >.......You're wondering if you ate something weird earlier.
  1290. “Ok?”
  1291. > “Trixie is happy you agree. Now leave Trixie and we'll talk again next week,” the magician vowed, raising her hand as it glowed.
  1292. >In the blink of an eye, you were now outside the house with all of your belongings.
  1293. >Without thinking, you took out your phone and dialed a number.
  1294. >You started to walk while you waited for the phone to stop ringing.
  1295. > “Hello,” a voice answer from the other end.
  1296. “Vinyl, I’m not sure what just happened, but I think I helped Trixie,” you commented, summing up the whole experience.
  1297. > “We knew you could do it,” Vinyl chuckled, finding some amusement in this whole situation.
  1298. >You continued to talk to your patient/friend unaware that you were being followed by a few shadows.
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