MGE Side III Queen Diana Diva and Song Maidens' Duties

Nov 6th, 2020
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  1. My lord’s role as diva and duties to the city are... what, I wonder?
  2. Indeed... she has none in particular.
  3. To tell the truth, the people of the former Ship Nation Diana are the ones who actually manage the city, and the former Queen, who has transformed herself into a type of water dragon called Bahamut, is the de facto ruler of the city.
  4. My lord, Lady Asura Mythra, cannot be controlled by anyone.
  5. My lord is a monster that dwells within this city, and goes about doing as she pleases as if she owns the place, or so it would seem...
  7. If I had to say, our lord’s role is to expand this city.
  8. “I have to make this the most wonderful city ever for that person, it’ll be our love nest~♥”
  9. Is what she said once... while she was singing the song of serenity to herself.
  11. As for us song maidens... we are all disciples of Lady Asura Mythra as deep-sea witches... apprentice mages.
  12. In exchange for our lord sharing her outstanding magical techniques and powers, we usually complete tasks to serve our lord, but we are also involved in city management and guiding guests like this, under her order of “I want to make this a wonderful city, so please go fill it up with plenty of lovey-dovey lewd couples♥”.
  14. Yes, we also practice singing.
  15. Many magics are used through vocalization, and it is very important to speak with a beautiful and charming voice, and you can also perform more advanced magic by singing the incantations.
  17. The selection of new divas?
  18. With all due respect... This city’s diva has always been and will forever be only Lady Asura Mythra... We do not inherit the title.
  19. Fufufu, we song maidens do not become divas, the most important role given to us as part of our lord’s ideal city is to devote ourselves to eventually finding our companion and joining with them...♥
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