The Unknown Artifact: Part One

Sep 20th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. [center]The Artifact Hunters of The New Dawn[center/]
  3. [center]I don't know what they do, why they exist, and how they survive, but I think, I am the only person knowing of this OUTSIDE, of the... place. There is a GROUP that is called "The Artifact Hunters of The New Dawn" that collects Artifacts from... Somewhere. I will not name the place or planet, but it has amazing artifacts and those artifacts have some powers, no normal person can believe. The Artifact Hunters of The New Dawn have a leader, by the name of, "Sinner". There, they use nicknames, as to not give away information of past lives outside this Place. The Leader, Sinner, started it to get money, and who wouldn't. In this Place they have a economy filled to the brim with guns, food, and just... Artifact items? They have such tools that can fit in a pocket, that see these artifacts, I've been told. A tool, smaller than a PDA, and very new-tech, detecting items, worth a LOT. This is... Amazing. The place had, of course, drawbacks. There is radiation in most artifact beds, also... Animals that have... uh... lets say "Evolved". Bandits, paid hunters and the worst... Some people that believe the Artifacts are going to rise alive, and destroy us if we do not stop, so they kill all people in this place, trying to rain hell. This place is a nightmare. A storm happens every day, that kills people. What are these? The interesting things in here.They is, amazing, but terrible in the same time. We had a interview with "Sinner" and he had many things to say, I believe, but he could not due to one question that made him leave with a sour taste. This is how it went down. I welcomed him, and thanked him for coming to the interview. He was pretty silent, though, I did get answers off him. I asked him how they survive, and he replied, "Dear, there is a full economy here, and it is thriving. Food, guns, bounties. Murder almost every day for just a shiny rock we call Artifacts. If you are a survivalist, you wont last a day. If you are lucky... That's another story." I replied, "Well, tell me somebody who got really lucky." He pointed at himself... I first thought he was cocky, but then he said "I have a scar on my back from a animal, that could've ripped me in half with a flick of its wrist. I was the only survivor of the squad in that Artifact Mission. We were 7 in total. I despise of God for keeping me alive." "Why?" I asked. "If I died, I wouldn't have to deal with the nightmares, and would have been in a better place. Enough questions... for today. Come back later, I'm... Busy." He was clearly lying. I asked him while he left, "What did you call the mission?". He replied, "We don't have names for missions. We aren't a military." Whatever he had seen, he was terrified, from his chills, to that scar, and the words "It could've killed me with a flick of its wrist." really showed, this place is NOT a place of money, but a Place of Nightmares. Whatever is in here, is a whole other story. Night is coming. I must sleep. Tomorrow is a big day. We are gonna go mutant hunting for ourselves...
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