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  1. * Now talking in #invites
  2. * Topic is '[ AlphaOmega ]-[ AlphaOmega Invite Channel - DO NOT BEG FOR INVITES, just ask nice and a user may give you one, DO NOT trade or sell invites.  DO NOT ASK ADMINS FOR INVITES! ]'
  3. * Set by Q on Sun Jan 02 01:47:24
  4. <FluR0> Hey, Anyone online at the moment?
  5. <+Groxxxy> yes
  6. <+Groxxxy> invite right?
  7. <FluR0> Yeah, But i'm not going to beg.
  8. <+Groxxxy> couple questions first
  9. <+Groxxxy> how did you find this irc address?
  10. <FluR0> reddit.com/r/trackers, there is a link to it on the sidebar.
  11. <+Groxxxy> oh okay
  12. <+Groxxxy> are you a member of any private trackers?
  13. <+Groxxxy> yes/no?
  14. <FluR0> Demonoid (not active), But i wouldent call that fully private as its very easy to get an invite. I also have a 100mbit seedbox that I use to seed torrents and linux isos
  15. <+Groxxxy> so are you a member of any private trackers?
  16. <FluR0> yes
  17. <+Groxxxy> what are they?
  18. <FluR0> Demonoid.me.
  19. <+Groxxxy> why do you have a seedbox if the only place you belong to is demonoid?
  20. <FluR0> Because its running on a dedicated server that I have, its not costing more any more a month.
  21. <+Groxxxy> usually people rent seedboxes to increase ratios and upload buffers on well established private trackers
  22. <+Groxxxy> oh it's in your home?
  23. <+Groxxxy> so a home server
  24. <FluR0> Nope, Hosted in a datacentre
  25. <+Groxxxy> very strange
  26. <+Groxxxy> you pay to seed linux isos and nothing else?
  27. <FluR0> No, I do not pay anything more a month as I have this dedicated server for my IRC bouncer and hosting a few websites.
  28. <+Groxxxy> so it hosts some websites, ok
  29. <+Groxxxy> which irc servers do you connect to?
  30. <FluR0> freenode and esper.
  31. <+Groxxxy> do you torrent regularly?
  32. <+Groxxxy> do you use meta search engines if nothing else?
  33. <FluR0> If i can get the album/movie/software from a torrent I will download from torrents. So yes regually
  34. <+Groxxxy> so what do you use since your demonoid is inactive?
  35. <FluR0> Public trackers like tpb.
  36. <+Groxxxy> is your username the same on demonoid?
  37. <FluR0> Yeah
  38. <+Groxxxy> yes i've found you
  39. <+Groxxxy> what were you doing on the tracker sub-reddit?
  40. <FluR0> Oh, I like to have a look around there seeing whats going on. So I spotted AlphaOmega and thought it wouldent hurt to try out.
  41. <+Groxxxy> but why us and not one of the others?
  42. <+Groxxxy> there are people handing out invites in PMs
  43. <+Groxxxy> why touble yourself with coming here?
  44. <+Groxxxy> i understand we're 0day but us as you're first tracker, how come?
  45. <FluR0> Because I've been trying to find unreleaced albums for ages andcan hardly ever find them on public ones. And i saw your general too
  46. * Retrieving #invites modes...
  47. <+Groxxxy> but this is strange since there is a tracker right below us in the listings that specilises in music
  48. <+Groxxxy> we have no comparison
  49. <FluR0> Invites are currently not open for them. I'm also not only wanting a music tracker
  50. <+Groxxxy> can i assume you are very savvy with computers since you host websites?
  51. <+Groxxxy> could i ask to know where your seedbox is located?
  52. <FluR0> In the US, ********.
  53. <+Groxxxy> do you mind going here and doing a speedtest for me from the seedbox?
  54. <+Groxxxy> http://www.speedtest.net/
  55. <FluR0> It has no GUI. So i cannot use speedtest.net
  56. <+Groxxxy> does it run a torrent client?
  57. <FluR0> Yes
  58. <FluR0> rutorrent and rtorrent
  59. <+Groxxxy> can you put your name into a search bar and screenshot for me the whole page?
  60. <FluR0> It only has one torrent on it atm but sure
  61. <FluR0> http://i.imgur.com/*****.png
  62. <+Groxxxy> who is your seedbox provider?
  63. <FluR0> It is my own dedicated server, so its running centos. The server is rented from ********.net
  64. <+Groxxxy> i'm going to tell you that we do not have as much music as you think
  65. <+Groxxxy> little even
  66. <FluR0> That is fine.
  67. <FluR0> As stated before i'm not just in it for the music.
  68. <+Groxxxy> http://www.ip-adress.com/ip_tracer/
  69. <+Groxxxy> do you mind giving me an ip
  70. <FluR0> could I take a screenshot and blank out the IP?
  71. <FluR0> Actually, you could get it from my other IRC networks. http://www.ip-adress.com/ip_tracer/***.****.***
  72. <+Groxxxy> no
  73. <FluR0> http://www.ip-adress.com/ip_tracer/***.*****.***
  74. <FluR0> Not .net
  75. <+Groxxxy> i already have an ip address on you
  76. <+Groxxxy> i need you to confirm what i have
  77. <FluR0> You have my home IP
  78. <+Groxxxy> i don't know what i have, i have something
  79. -
  80. FluR0 is FluR0@AlphaOmega-7DCDEDA.rivrw3.nsw.optusnet.com.au * ...
  81. FluR0 is connecting from *@c******.rivrw3.nsw.optusnet.com.au **.***.***.**
  82. FluR0 on #invites #limbo
  83. FluR0 using UK.alphaomega.me UK Server
  84. FluR0 has been idle 41secs, signed on Tue Nov 01 23:01:33
  85. flur0 End of /WHOIS list.
  86. -
  87. <FluR0> This ip? ***.***.***.***
  88. <FluR0> Oh **** is just a dns to my server
  89. <FluR0> You can see its hosted by *******
  90. <FluR0> If you need me to do something i'll do it. But I need to know what I have to do first
  91. <+Groxxxy> how can i be sure you will seed
  92. <+Groxxxy> what is the size of this server you have?
  93. <FluR0> It has 2gb of ram and a 250gb Hard Drive (will be upgraded in one months time)
  94. <FluR0> It runs on a 100mbit port upstream and downstream with 6tb of data.
  95. <+Groxxxy> all i have determined so far is that you are very tech savvy law enforcement
  96. <FluR0> lol, Really?
  97. <+Groxxxy> i have no reason to think that you are an experienced torrenter
  98. <+Groxxxy> up to you to prove me wrong
  99. <+Groxxxy> i can't give you an invite
  100. <+Groxxxy> you have no credentials
  101. <FluR0> Well, Think of it this way. You have to start somewhere dont you If you think im law enforcement thats your opinion, after all I'm from Australia as you can see from my IP address.
  102. <FluR0> Just because I know what i'm doing with computers does not mean i'm law enforcement.
  103. <+Groxxxy> i've had more than one person show me exactly what you have shown me today
  104. <FluR0> If you dont think I am sencere go ahead and google "FluR0" you will see im quite active on some websites.
  105. <+Groxxxy> the resemblance to the tactic is uncanny
  106. <+Groxxxy> i can't give you an invite
  107. <FluR0> Oh wait until reddit hears about this. Do you want me to block out your name to save you the embaressment?
  108. <+Groxxxy> no please go ahead
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