The Jax Episode

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  1. Narrator: Ahh, the Forest Temple. Through these doors pass all the many kinds of undersea life. [two fish are about to leave]
  2. Marshall: Through the double doors! [bursts through the door, knocking the two fish away] Away!
  3. Narrator: And also these guys. [Opal enters the Forest Temple]
  4. Opal: I told you I'm not hungry, Marshall!
  5. Marshall: N-nonsense, Opal, we've got to keep up our strength for the fight against evil!
  6. Opal: What a dive.
  7. Marshall: To the register! [runs to the register] Away!
  8. Zorana: Can I help you?
  9. Marshall: A double Forest Patty and Coral Bits for me, and a silly meal for the lady.
  10. Opal: It's not for the toy, I just... I've gotta fit in the tights, y'know? [she smiles nervously]
  11. Zorana: Whatever. Five dollars, please.
  12. Marshall: You got it, bucky. [removes his left seashell cup, opens the shell up like a clutch purse and pulls out a metal nut] Will this cover it? [close up of the nut and a timpani noise is heard]
  13. Zorana: No.
  14. Opal: [confronts Zorana] Listen, big nose, [points at Marshall] that guy has been saving your butt since before you were born. Don't you got a living legend discount or something?
  15. Zorana: This is a restaurant, not a lending library. [pokes Opal] And who are you calling big nose, [pokes Opal again] big nose? [both press noses against each other. Opal gets out a $5 bill from his hat and she throws it to Zorana]
  16. Opal: Well, next time danger threatens, don't expect any help from us.
  17. Zorana: [grabs the bill. Sarcastically] I'm shakin'. Heh. Marshall and Opal.
  18. Jax: [slowly breaks through wall] Marshall and Opal? Must... get... autograph! [stretches arm to pull a pen from Riiko's shirt pocket and stretches second arm to grab a paper from the window]
  19. Marshall: If you wanna grow up strong like me,... [shows his fat belly, shocking Opal] you gotta leave room for seconds. Here comes our waiter.
  20. Jax: [runs while making a weird face] Autograph!
  21. Opal: Holy sea cow, it's that Shrek-kid!
  22. Marshall: Quick [pants falls down] to the invisible boat mobile! [runs outside, while holding his pants] Away!
  23. Opal: Where'd we park?
  24. Marshall: Uhh...
  25. Jax: Can I have your autograph, can I have your autograph, can I... they're gone. [gasps] Marshall's belt!
  26. Marshall: Wait! We'll find it with the invisible boat alarm! [he pulls it out, and makes as to press a button. A car flickers in and out of visibility thrice, making beeps as well] There she is! [they run over and jump in the car. Opal hits the seat divider]
  27. Opal: Eee-ow! [rubs her behind] I told you we shoulda got the automatic!
  28. Jax: Hey, guys! Wait up! [pulling out Marshall's belt; slow motion] I've got something for you...
  29. Opal: Floor it! [both speed off in the boat]
  30. Jax: You forgot your belt! You forgot— [Marshall and Opal drive away] Marshall's secret utility belt. The emblem of submersible justice! For 65 years, this belt has helped prevent the fall of nations... and pants. I can't believe I'm actually holding it in my hands. Well, I guess I should return it. [makes one step in the boat's direction... then sprints back to the kitchen with the belt on] Or not. [giggles] I could just hang onto it till after work... all alone with Marshall's belt. I wonder what this button does. [presses the belt, and a pickle barrel shrinks] Whoa. [grabs the shrunken barrel] The small ray. [she giggles and smiles mischievously]
  31. Zorana: Here's your shake, sir. [she starts to hand him the shake, but she is startled by a loud noise from the kitchen and Jax's giggle, causing him to accidentally drop the shake on the guy's head. The guy punches Zorana in the face and storms out. There are more flashes, noises and giggles from the kitchen. Zorana gets up and she holds her head] Grr.
  32. Jax: [Hands a tiny Forest Patty to a cockroach] There you go. Come again, sir. [Zorana barges in]
  33. Zorana: Jax. What's going on in here? Huh? [Jax wears a tiny hat and holds a tiny spatula, and a cockroach is eating a Forest Patty while sitting on a shrunken dining table] Why's everything all tiny?
  34. Jax: [turns the belt around to hide it from Zorana] I don't know.
  35. Zorana: What do you got there?
  36. Jax: Nothing.
  37. Zorana: No, really?
  38. Jax: Nothing.
  39. Zorana: You've got something, alright. Let's see it. [Zorana grabs Jax and sees Marshall's belt]
  40. Jax: No, no!
  41. Zorana: [gasps] Is that Marshall's belt?
  42. Jax: Yes.
  43. Zorana: Wow. I can't believe he'd lend it to you.
  44. Jax: Me, uh... either. [chuckles nervously]
  45. Zorana: [gasps] He didn't lend it to you, did he?
  46. Jax: Please don't tell!
  47. Zorana: [angry] You stole it!
  48. Jax: Please don't tell!
  49. Zorana: Oh, I'm telling.
  50. Jax: Zorana, if Marshall finds out, he'll kick me out of his fan club for sure! Please don't tell!
  51. Zorana: Uh-oh! [points at the phone hanging on the kitchen wall] There's the phone.
  52. Jax: Don't!
  53. Zorana: I'm walking towards the phone! [slowly walks towards phone]
  54. Jax: No!
  55. Zorana: [slowly reaches for the phone] I'm getting closer to the phone.
  56. Jax: [sobbing] Do-o-o-n't!
  57. Zorana: [picks up the phone, ready to call Marshall] And now, for the moment we've all been waiting for.
  58. Jax: [wails and tears herself] I'm begging you!
  59. Zorana: Hello. I'd like to speak to Marsha... [Jax shrinks Zorana. She lands on the table] What the? What? [phones hits Zorana on the head] Ow!
  60. Marshall: [on phone] Hello? Hello?
  61. Zorana: What did you do to me?!
  62. Jax: I'm sorry, Zorana, but you made me do it!
  63. Zorana: Jax, if you don't return me to normal size right now, you are gonna be in really big trouble!
  64. Jax: Uh... uh, okay, uh...
  65. Zorana: I said now!
  66. Jax: Uh... [belt is shown to have several complicated buttons] Uh...
  67. Zorana: Do you hear me?! [Jax zaps Zorana and she appears with multiple eyes with hissing snakes] Holy fish paste! Get it off me! Get it off me! [takes eyes off her and pants in fear] Don't you know how to work that thing?!
  68. Jax: Uhh, I can do it! [Jax changes Zorana into a burning mess, then changes her to have an enormous nose, then to have no skin, then cut in half by scissors, then changed into more things off-screen while Jax looks in fright. Zorana screams whenever Jax changes her]
  69. Zorana: [looks burnt after Jax’s failed attempts to revert her] Stop! I've got an idea. Let's call Marshall and--
  70. Jax: [snatching Zorana] No! I can't let you do that! But there must be someone else who can help! Someone smart and wise, with years of life experience. [she runs to Zed's house, where Zed is sleeping] Zed! Zed! Zed! Zed!
  71. Zed: [wakes up due to surprise] Ehh? Huh? Oh. Hi, Jax.
  72. Jax: Zed, I was at work, and Marshall and Opal came, and I got this belt, and look. [shows Zed the shrunken Zorana]
  73. Zed: A Zorana action figure! [grabs Zorana] Let me play with him!
  74. Jax: No, Zed!
  75. Zed: Fighter pilot! [imitates jet plane diving, machine gunfire and explosion noises] Dive bomb!
  76. Jax: Zed!
  77. Zed: [about to punch Zorana] And then comes thou chokeslam!
  78. Jax: Zed, no! That's not an action figure! That's the real Zorana! I shrunk her by accident.
  79. Zed: Oh... [about to punch Zorana anyway] And then comes a giant -- [Zorana screams]
  80. Jax: [stops Zed] Wait, you don't understand! This is serious! I don't know how to unshrink her! She could be stuck like this for the rest of her life.
  81. Zed: Oh, don't worry about it. She'll find love one day.
  82. Jax: You think so?
  83. Zed: Well, sure. But it'll be with someone her own size. [pulls out a pickle] Like this pickle! See? They like each other!
  84. Zorana: N-n-n-n-no. [Zed bangs them together as if to kiss. Zorana is disgusted]
  85. Jax: Oh, if only I knew how to work this thing!
  86. Zed: Let me take a look at it. Hmmm. You know what the problem is?
  87. Jax: What?
  88. Zed: You got it set to [points to the M] 'M' for Mini when it should be set to [turns M around] 'W' for Wumbo.
  89. Jax: Zed, I don't think Wumbo is a real word.
  90. Zed: Come on! You know... I wumbo, You wumbo, He, she, me... wumbo! Wumbo, wumboing, we'll have the wumbo, Wumborama... Wumbology, the study of wumbo? It's first grade, Jax!
  91. Zorana: [while Zed is saying "we'll have the wumbo"] I wonder if a fall from this height could be enough to kill me.
  92. Jax: Zed, I'm sorry I doubted you.
  93. Zed: Well, all right, then. Let her rip! [Jax uses Marshall's belt and presses something to try and "regrow" Zorana. Only Zed and Zorana are both shrunk now] It worked!
  94. Jax: Oh no!
  95. Zed: Look, Jax's giant! [Jax grabs them] Can I be giant next?
  96. Jax: Zed, I'm not giant, you shrunk too!
  97. Zed: You're kidding! [pulls out his pickle] Good thing I still got this pickle! [kisses the pickle three times. Pan over to Zorana]
  98. Zorana: Hey! Now will you take us to Marshall?!
  99. Jax: [yells in Zorana's face] No! He can never find out! But I'll think of something. I promise. [gets a jar and puts them in] Until then, you'll be safe in this jar.
  100. Zed: You know what's funny? My pickle started out in a jar, and now it's in one again! Heh. It's like a pun or something. Heheh.
  101. Jax: It's only two people no big deal, nobody else saw it. [Rhythm suddenly appears]
  102. Rhythm: Howdy, Jax!
  103. Jax: [screams] Rhythm! [shrinks Rhythm]
  104. Rhythm: [lands on the ground] What did you... For cryin' out... What did y'all do to me?
  105. Jax: I'm sorry, Rhythm! Marshall came in and... [Falar appears]
  106. Falar: Hey, Jax! [shrinks Falar]
  107. Minuki: Hey, Jax, I -- [shrinks Nat]
  108. Jason: Hi, Jax. [shrinks Nancy; Jax screams and makes a run for it]
  109. Valeriya: Hello, Jax. [shrinks Mrs. Puff]
  110. Zora: Jax-dude! [shrinks Scooter, Sandals, and Dennis]
  111. Midnight: Hey, Jax! [shrinks fish]
  112. Chandra: Jax, hi! [shrinks fish]
  113. Unk: Hey, Jax! [shrinks fish]
  114. Cyndra: What's up, Jax? [shrinks fish]
  115. Jax: [tries to fit everyone in the jar] Whoo! I'm gonna have to get a bigger jar.
  116. Zorana: Jax, will you just face facts? You've shrunken everybody in Blahblahland! You've got to go to Marshall!
  117. Jax: Oh, Zorana, he'll be so disappointed.
  118. Rhythm: Well, you can't leave us small forever!
  119. Jax: You don't understand! [Jax's mother is seen in the jar]
  120. Mrs. Lawliet: [gently and soothingly] Jax. You need to admit your mistakes.
  121. Jax: Mom?
  122. Marshall: Your mother's right, son. Marshall will understand.
  123. Opal: You're Marshall, you old coot!
  124. Marshall: Oh, yeah.
  125. Jax: Marshall? I'm so sorry, it's just that I'm such a big fan, and your belt, and...
  126. Marshall: [comforting Jax] Awww, don't worry, son. I understand! [Jax smiles, with tears still pooling in his eyes] Why, I remember back when I first used the belt, the year was nineteen aught eleventeen twelve, why I believe the president.
  127. Everyone: Just tell him how to unshrink us!
  128. Marshall: Oh, yes. The unshrink ray. Let's see, uh, uh— Did you set it to Wumbo?
  129. Everyone: What?! [the jar rumbles from anger and everyone flies out of the jar, spells out and form GET Jax!] Get Jax! [climbs up Jax's body and into the holes in his head]
  130. Zorana: Now I have to drive five miles to go to the bathroom... in my own home! [kicks Jax's stomach]
  131. Rhythm: And I need an elevator to climb one stair! Hi-ya! [punches his brain]
  132. Marshall: We've been shrinking for years!
  133. Opal: But this is ridiculous! [both kick his eyeballs. Dale kicks his pelvis, Nancy chops off one of his lungs while hanging on to his spine, Falar kicks his knee. Jax is shown getting hurt from the outside]
  134. Everyone: Everything's too big!
  135. Jax: I've got it! [Zorana saws a blood vein and Frank tries to break a bone, but stop when Jax shrinks the city] Ta-da! [everyone looks outside through his holes] Since I couldn't make you big, I made the city small! [everybody leaves Jax's body] And now, only one more thing to shrink. Cheese! [turns the shrink ray into W and towards him like a camera and shrinks himself]
  136. Zorana: I guess this is okay.
  137. Falar: Yeah, what's the difference?
  138. Jason: Good idea, Jax. [everyone cheers, balloons and other party items are flying, as a bus comes back and Sunitha gets off of it]
  139. Sunitha: Well, it's great to be back! [notices small Blahblahland] Huh?
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