Breakfast - Just-add-Shimmer

Apr 10th, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >Things have been... interesting.
  3. >More moths look at you as you pass now.
  4. >Hexferry seems to be building an army against you.
  5. >She intends to drown you in a sea of filth, apparently.
  6. >She's attempting to sully the most beautiful thing in existence so everyone else can have a chance.
  7. >Too bad it won't work, no matter how many moths are on her side.
  8. >You are Shimmer Light, the brightest star in the universe. The only reason not everything revolves around you is because they can't comprehend you.
  9. >You wonder if their brains even function correctly.
  10. >You notice the peach one give you a sidelong glance.
  11. >The regal one walks past you with another mare, one with a green mane and tail. She didn't look at you, but the other one did. The green-maned one hid behind the regal one as you went by.
  12. >"Don't worry, Moony."
  13. >Pet names. They're probably lovers.
  14. >Love.
  15. >Only fools love.
  16. >The white one and the bee stare directly at you as they pass.
  17. >"Hey, that's her, right?"
  18. >"Yeah..."
  19. >You keep walking.
  20. >Every day, you keep walking.
  21. >More moths notice you.
  22. >They stare at you.
  23. >They judge you.
  24. >You hate them.
  25. >... But you've yet to interact with anyone besides Hexferry.
  26. >She hasn't spoken to you since you shoved her.
  27. >However, she hasn't stopped giving you ugly glares.
  28. >...
  29. >You're walking back home with a box on your back.
  30. >The box... contains some ingredients you need for a recipe.
  31. >A recipe for just-add-water pancakes.
  32. >It's just a box filled with just-add-water pancake mix.
  33. >You don't eat often enough to care about food or any type of food preparation.
  34. >You notice the fat one walking. This time, the only pony she's with is the orange filly.
  35. >The fat one cowers while the filly looks at you with an inquisitive look.
  36. >"Miss Butterscotch..."
  37. >"Yes?"
  38. >"Why is she always alone?"
  39. >The fat one shakes a bit and tried to hush the filly.
  42. >"It's impolite to talk of others that way..."
  43. >But it's the truth.
  44. >You are always alone.
  45. >...
  46. >However, you're never lonely.
  47. >You're always near the best moth of all time, your favorite being in every possible existence.
  48. >Yourself.
  49. >The filly's face shows a hint of sadness as you pass them.
  50. >"I want to get to know her."
  51. >Just like Hexferry.
  52. >That's a bad idea.
  53. >"M-maybe later..."
  54. >Stop lying to the filly, fatty.
  55. >You hear nothing more from them as you continue home.
  56. >...
  57. >You glance up toward the post he's usually at.
  58. >As per always, the bat-moth abomination is perched upon the top of a house.
  59. >He's looking down at you.
  60. >He has a similar expression you have when you look down on everyone else.
  61. >He turns away and nods as though he said something.
  62. >Your eyes dart to where he is looking.
  63. >A small alley between houses.
  64. >A shadow dashes into the recesses of the alley.
  65. >If anything happens to you, you will be at a severe disadvantage, due to sheer numbers against you.
  66. >You don't care.
  67. >They can't really do anything to you.
  68. >They are merely ants to a tarantula.
  69. >They... are nothing.
  70. >...
  71. >You close in on your home.
  72. >Hexferry still has a chance to exit her house to confront you.
  73. >Your eyes are fixated on her door.
  74. >You continue your advances.
  75. >Closer to your home...
  76. >Closer to getting away from all of these gnats.
  77. >Closer to freedom...
  78. >...
  79. >You pass Hexferry's house.
  80. >She didn't exit.
  81. >You glance around.
  82. >No one is in sight.
  83. >...
  84. >A shadow juts out from the shadow of your home.
  85. >You look toward the top of your house.
  86. >A figure moves from your sight.
  87. >Someone is on your roof.
  88. >You wonder how far they'll go to spy on you.
  89. >...
  90. >You don't care.
  91. >They are nothing.
  92. >You open your door.
  93. >Everything is how you left it, as usual.
  94. >You walk inside, turn around and shut the door.
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