A Dazzling Pack II

Oct 14th, 2016
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  1. >"Come on Nonny, come on! We're gonna be late for lunch!"
  2. >Both you and Sonata ducked and weaved through the crowd of students in the hallway
  3. >The blue girl's hand was tightly fastened to yours
  4. >Tucked under her arm were both of your books from the previous class
  5. >Usually, you'd just put them in your locker before eating
  6. >You had an hour for lunch, so it wasn't like you had to sprint to the fucking thing right?
  7. >Wrong
  8. >That was wrong you fucking dummy
  9. "Will you stop fucking shoving?"
  10. >"We're gonna be late!"
  11. "You can't be late for lunch!"
  12. >"They're serving chicken nuggets today! We need to get there before they sell out."
  13. "Sell out? They're not going to--"
  14. >"Come on, Nonny, hurry up. Hurry, hurry, hurry!"
  15. >It had been about three weeks since you woke up in the arms of this blue putz and her crazy sisters
  16. >In that time quite a few things had happened in rapid succession
  17. >Firstly, nearly all of the jail bait that had been bothering you had backed off
  18. >No groping, no wolf-whistles, no them trying to corner you in some empty hall or bathroom
  19. >None of that shit
  20. >Which was nice; great even
  21. >Now you could walk around the halls without someone underage touching your butt
  22. >The second thing that happened--which a good deal more drastic than the first--was that your siren lady-friends had insisted that you stay with them
  23. >And by insisted, you meant that they had dragged you to their apartment and rubbed themselves against you until you agreed to stay with them
  24. >...
  25. >It wasn't that bad
  26. >You had been sleeping in the janitor's closet up until now, since a certain PURPLE FUCKING PRINCESS HAD JUST FUCKING DUMPED YOU INTO THIS WORLD!
  29. >...
  30. >Puff...
  31. >To tell you the truth, it was a pretty nice place
  33. >You had a proper place to sleep, a refrigerator filled with anything that you could ever want to eat, a washer, a dryer, a shower, and all of those other things that made one feel like a human being
  34. >And, to top it all off, you got to live with three very beautiful women
  35. >Three women-- you found out-- that didn't particularly like to wear clothing when in the safety of their own home
  36. >Especially while they slept
  38. >...
  39. >Whoo boy...
  40. >In exchange for the free house, free food, and all of the tits and ass you could get your hands on, all you had to do was cook breakfast and dinner, do the dishes, and clean the house every once in awhile
  41. >Which sounded like a fucking STEAL to you
  42. >You'd take that deal any day
  43. >So you did
  44. >Without a second thought
  45. >"Come on! We're almost there!"
  46. "Will you stop dragging me? You're gonna pull my shoulder out of its fucking socket!"
  47. >Sonata's ponytail bobbed in the air as she dragged you along with a smile
  48. >Though the blue girl looked as happy as could be, humming a little tune to herself, her eyes were darting this way and that, eyeing every women within the vicinity with suspicion
  49. >This was another thing that you began to notice the moment that you joined the sirens "pack"
  50. >The girls, from Adagio to Aria to little blue here, were EXTREMELY protective of your pale green ass
  51. >From the moment that you woke up to the time that you went to bed, one of them was near you or in the other room
  52. >You'd wake up with the three laying on top of you
  53. >When you ate, one of them would sit in your lap--usually naked, which was fucking GREAT--and feed the two of you
  54. >Even when you were showering one of the girls would be sure to hop in and join you
  55. >Not while you were doing your "business" though
  56. >Pappa might take some shit but you can only push him so far
  57. >One day, you had commented on this, only to be told that this was just how they did things
  59. >"The pack watches and protects the male no matter what," Adagio had told you matter-of-factly. "We wouldn't want someone coming along and snatching you away from us or hurting you when we weren't looking."
  60. >In any other instance, you would have called bullshit
  61. >...But you've seen what happens to guys here
  62. >More than once you've had to pull girls off guys
  63. >And you could see the looks that some of the women-- fucking Lyra especially-- gave you when they thought you weren't looking
  64. >Fucking Lyra...
  65. >Here or horseland, she would always be this crazy, touchy weirdo/rapist
  66. >The two of you were about to turn the finale corner to the lunchroom, where "chicken" nuggets awaited, when a hand shot in between the two of you
  67. >A locker screeched in pain as an overly large fist slammed into it
  68. >You let you a grunt in surprise as you ran into it
  69. "Urgh."
  70. >Sonata, too focused on the prospect of lunch to notice your sudden stop, continued forward
  71. >You let out another, slightly more pained grunt, as she accidently forced you against the arm with a little more force
  72. >It was only when your hands were forced apart, did she stop
  73. >"Hey!"
  74. >From beside you, there was a raspy, slightly lesbian-y chuckle
  75. >"Hang on there, where you going cutie~?"
  76. >...
  77. >You looked down at the arm
  78. >Following it to the source, you quickly came upon the face of one of Canterlot High's premier bullies
  79. >A Mrs. Gilda "I do NOT want to cum in Rainbow Dash" whatever-her-last-name-was
  80. >Blinking, you looked the heavily tattooed and pierced girl up and down
  81. >She was bigger than you
  82. >At least a head bigger
  83. >And you weren't no manlet by any stretch of the imagination
  84. >The bully was wearing her usually leather jacket, tight, ripped pants, army boots, and death metal arm bands
  85. >...The dike
  86. "Holy hell. What do they feed you?" you asked, brow furrowing
  87. >All around the two of you, the school populace stiffened
  88. >Many looked down at their books, refusing to look at you
  89. >Others snuck you sad, pitying looks
  91. >One or two looked like they were going to step forward to help you out, only to be stopped by a friend, who shook their heads
  92. >You frowned as you looked around, judging the atmosphere of the room if you will
  93. >...
  94. >Goddammit...
  95. >You were going to get suspended again, weren't you?
  96. >Gilda--her oddly predatory eyes drinking you in--chuckled
  97. >"My, my just look at you," she purred, leaning forward. "I could just eat you up~"
  98. >Raising an eyebrow, you take a quick step back
  99. "No thank you. I'd very much prefer not to be eaten."
  100. >Gilda chuckled again, stepping toward you
  101. >"Funny and cute. Hey, what about me and you--"
  102. >"Leave Nonny alone!"
  103. >Almost as if she teleported, Sonata appeared by your side, her eyes narrowed and her cheeks puffed out
  104. >Aw...
  105. >Lil' blue's steamed
  106. >"He's MY boyfriend!" she proclaimed, hooking your arm into hers
  107. >Gilda stopped
  108. >The bully looked around the hall in confusion, as if she suspected that someone was playing a prank on her
  109. >"Were you talking to me? she asked incredulously
  110. >Sonata shook her head in confirmation
  111. >"Yeah! Leave Nonny alone!" she repeated with a glare
  112. >Seconds ticked by without anyone saying anything, before Gilda laughed
  113. >"You--you're telling me to?--Hahahahahaha!"
  114. >And laughed and laughed
  115. >There was practically tears in the bitch's eyes as she held onto her stomach
  116. >"Hahahahaha! You--and you--oh Christ is this RICH!"
  117. >Sonata let out a quiet but angry grunt, her arm tightening around yours
  118. >Eventually Gilda calmed down enough to wipe the tears from her eyes
  119. >"Buzz of, pipsqueak," she said with a flick of her hand. "Can't you see that I'm trying to talk to the cutie here?"
  120. "Actually," you said clearing your throat. "I'm a man, not a girl, so..."
  121. >You must have hit a nerve, because the big bully stiffened
  122. >Her eyes widened, and you could see the muscles in both her arms and shoulders ripple
  123. >Ohh...
  124. >Dike's got some thin skin...
  126. >That must be a pain when her and her girlfriend are going at it
  127. >"Hey, you watch your fucking MOUTH, boy," she growled, taking a threatening step toward you, her fist clenched. "Or I'll fucking MAKE you watch--"
  128. >A low growl escaped Sonata's throat
  129. >A very not-human growl
  130. >For a moment, you swore that you saw her eyes light up
  131. >Hello!
  132. >Whatcha doin' over there, lil' blue?
  133. >Gilda wasn't able to take another step before your blue bed-buddy unhooked her arm from yours, took a step forward--with your books still under her arm mind you-- and swung a fist at the bully's face
  134. >This was no haymaker
  135. >It was a short, fast jab shouldn't have had any power behind it
  136. >But what the hell did you know?
  137. >Not a goddamn thing, that's what
  138. >Sonata's fist connected with the bully's jaw, lifting the big bitch into the air and SLAMMING her into one of the lockers side first
  139. CRASH!
  140. >You, along with everyone else in the hall, jumped in surprise
  141. >The door to the locker crumpled like a piece of paper as the sound of Gilda's jaw breaking rung through the air
  142. >The bully's eyes widened in surprise and pain as air was forced her lungs
  143. >Sonata had hit her so hard, in fact, that she bounced off the locker and onto the floor--which made an very interesting sound-- where she laid unmoving except for a slight twitch in her left foot
  144. >...
  145. >Radical
  146. >With another huff, lil' blue turned toward the now wide-eyed crowd
  147. >"This is MY mate!" she roared, puffing her chest out. "MINE! DOES ANYBODY GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!"
  148. >The kids all looked at each other before rapidly shaking their heads
  149. >A second later, they were once again making their way through the halls as if nothing had happened
  150. >Though you could tel they were trying VERY hard not to look in your direction
  151. >With another huff, Sonata turned toward you, the smiling, happy, and cheerful girl that you had come to know
  152. >You looked down at Gilda, nudging her with your foot
  153. >She groaned, in pain but--thankfully--still very much alive
  154. >...Somehow
  155. "Wow, you really mashed her potatoes, Sonata..."
  156. >The blue girl let out a giggle, hopping over and pulling you into a hug
  158. >"Sorry if I scared you, Nonny," she said, nuzzling your neck. "I just wanted to protect my pack-male."
  159. >You chuckled, wrapping your arms around her shoulders
  160. "It's fine, Sonata," you said, kissing the girl's cheek sweetly. "Now, how about the two of us go and get something to eat?"
  161. >Sonata quickly let out a gasp
  162. >"Ohmygosh! I forgot!"
  163. >Quickly grabbing your hand, she began once again dragging you toward the lunchroom
  164. >Both of you stepped on Gilda, who groaned in pain, but you ignored her
  165. >"We're going to be late! Come on, Nonny! We gotta go!"
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