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  1. Game 1
  2. In-Game
  3. ProJared: :/
  4. ProJared: we saw him
  5. ProJared: bro take your red
  6. ProJared: no lol
  7. ProJared: zzz
  8. ProJared: ???
  9. ProJared: shut up
  10. ProJared: just play
  11. ProJared: lol
  12. ProJared: no reaction
  13. ProJared: love it
  14. ProJared: ur zyra you out range and outpoke him
  15. ProJared: all you had to do was camp range
  16. ProJared: lol
  17. ProJared: yeahg
  18. ProJared: you are aiming for xayagh
  20. ProJared: STOP TYPING
  21. ProJared: AND PLAY
  22. ProJared: M O R O N
  23. ProJared: Y O U
  24. ProJared: ARE
  25. ProJared: HARd
  26. ProJared: INTING
  28. ProJared: : )
  29. ProJared: n-naut so hard!!!!
  30. ProJared: i cant stand behind minions in laning!!!
  31. ProJared: UWU
  32. ProJared: literally you
  33. ProJared: braindead
  34. ProJared: just ff
  35. ProJared: bot threw
  36. ProJared: a free lane
  37. ProJared: zyra
  38. ProJared: just use some vines to hang yourself from the ceiling
  39. ProJared: ur garbo
  40. ProJared: :D
  41. ProJared: low elo clowns
  42. ProJared: first this monkey doesnt help me early kill the nasus
  43. ProJared: because haha i didnt see him hes not there
  44. ProJared: zzzz
  45. ProJared: i give up
  46. ProJared: jungler didnt gank nasus pre6
  47. ProJared: for whatever reason
  48. ProJared: game is gone
  49. ProJared: why do i try and play on these accounts
  50. ProJared: there is no point
  51. ProJared: silvers just dont want to be carried
  52. ProJared: its a joke
  53. ProJared: hmMMMmm
  54. ProJared: ???
  55. ProJared: im against nasus
  56. ProJared: an infinitely scaling carry
  57. ProJared: as sion
  58. ProJared: the jungler completely fucked my jungle cheese
  59. ProJared: you are not supposed to have a top leash with a sion
  60. ProJared: im supposed to put lee sin behind early
  61. ProJared: doesnt matter though
  62. ProJared: you are all fucking autofilled
  63. ProJared: lol
  64. ProJared: actually a lol xd go next game
  65. ProJared: ?
  66. ProJared: im plat 4 and im used to some teamplay
  67. ProJared: wdym
  68. ProJared: there is no synergy or even a glimpse of it here
  69. ProJared: my botlane didnt play safe into an agro lane
  70. ProJared: what the fuck can i do lol
  71. ProJared: my mid thinks they are hot shit because they are playing an LCS pick
  72. ProJared: wow you got fed on a broke champ! good job!
  73. ProJared: :DDDD
  74. ProJared: ???
  75. ProJared: he is broken
  76. ProJared: you just didnt play safe into him
  77. ProJared: its so easy to just farm and ignore him
  78. ProJared: because you were low
  79. ProJared: and playing overly up
  80. ProJared: you should have had it froze under tower
  81. ProJared: w/e its over now
  82. ProJared: im just splitpushing
  83. ProJared: nah
  84. ProJared: fuck that lol
  85. ProJared: you dont deserve it
  86. ProJared: go for it
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