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  1. root@monitoring ~ # sudo -u zabbix /usr/lib/zabbix/alertscripts/ --group "ZLib - Alerts" "test" "test" --debug
  2. {u'ok': True, u'result': {u'username': u'ZLib_Zabbix_bot', u'first_name': u'ZLib_zabbix_bot', u'is_bot': True, u'id': 694923902}}
  3. Cache file with uids: /var/tmp/zbxtg/uids.txt
  4. Trying to read cached uid for --group, group, from /var/tmp/zbxtg/uids.txt
  5. Getting uid from /getUpdates...
  7. Content of /getUpdates:
  8. {"ok": true, "result": [{"message": {"from": {"username": "eermolaeva", "first_name": "Evgenia", "last_name": "Ermolaeva", "is_bot": false, "language_code": "de", "id": 272856513}, "text": "/start@ZLib_Zabbix_bot", "entities": [{"length": 22, "type": "bot_command", "offset": 0}], "chat": {"all_members_are_administrators": true, "type": "group", "id": -120138659, "title": "ZLib - Alerts"}, "date": 1560336896, "message_id": 612}, "update_id": 442767884}, {"message": {"from": {"username": "eermolaeva", "first_name": "Evgenia", "last_name": "Ermolaeva", "is_bot": false, "language_code": "de", "id": 272856513}, "text": "/start@ZLib_Zabbix_bot", "entities": [{"length": 22, "type": "bot_command", "offset": 0}], "chat": {"all_members_are_administrators": true, "type": "group", "id": -120138659, "title": "ZLib - Alerts"}, "date": 1560349074, "message_id": 616}, "update_id": 442767885}]}
  9. You need start a conversation with your bot first in '--group' group chat, type '/start@ZLib_Zabbix_bot'
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