Walnut-Amata's Christmas Special Eve Story w/Anon Thing

Dec 25th, 2013
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  1. So I decided to use a random name puller for one the moth ponies, and it pulled Amata. And then I use a random ero generator that pulled out rape, and decided to created a short dumb story from it until I finish a story involving Hexferry becoming yandere :'D.
  3. * * *
  5. >You are Anon.
  6. >And currently you are being served dinner by two of your closest friend a moth pony named Amata. A pony you could trust with anything.
  7. >Leaning back in your chair at Amata's dinner table you smelt a strong aroma come from within the kitchen as she finished up the dinner she cooked for you.
  8. >Waiting for a few second Amata then came outside the kitchen carrying a small plate in her mouth with grilled chicken, wine, a small glass cup, and her inside her adorable french maid uniform.
  9. >Stopping in front of you Amata gently set the food in front of you with a smile on her face. Looking at the grilled chicken your stomach rumbled with hunger, but before you could dig into it Amata grabbed the bottle of wine, and opened it & begun pouring it inside the glass.
  10. >Saying "Thank You." Amata simply replied "No problem Anon.", and you began to eat with Amata watching you for some eerie reason.
  11. >Minutes soon passed before you finished your food with Amata still staring at you, and you drinking the first glass of wine that Amata poured for you. Pondering why Amata didn't go back into the kitchen and making herself something.
  12. >Smiling Amata simply replied "Because my dinner is already packed in front of me, Master." which made you uncomfortable for the way she said it. Then trying to sit up your body froze no longer responding to anything you wanted it do.
  13. >Staring at Amata who was giggling at you asked her "What the hell." she did to you, but she told you just to relax."
  14. "My my I can't believe my master the one I love looks so weak, and helpless." Amata said before tipping the open bottle of wine on the table over, and it spilling on top your pants, and Amata giggling some more.
  15. >Immediately coming to the realization that what was about to happen to you, you started begging to Amata to stop as she pushed your chair away from your table & said to you in a mocking voice "Wow master look at the mess you made. I'm just going to clean this up for you.".
  16. >Repeatedly saying no, and trying to get your body to respond Amata started to unzip your pants, and pull them down revealing your penis. Slowly Amata then started to lick it claiming that she loved her master before placing her chest fluff against it that was soft as cotton, and started rubbing it against your suite.
  17. >You couldn't believe what Amata was doing to you as she continued to fluff fuck you with her warm mouth touching the very top of your penis. It wasn't soon from your disbelief that you started to succumb to Amata's lust that you came, and she started to swallow down all your nectar that you shot into her mouth.
  18. >Then letting out large pants of pleasure Amata then pulled out of no where a small blue condom saying "We're not done."
  19. >Glaring Amata you knew that...Nips was here.....
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