The Misadventures of Sarah and Jasper

Nov 11th, 2015
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  1. The Misadventures of Sarah and Jasper. Small, alternating perspective story.
  3. A follow-on from The Adventures of Bob and Gerald -
  5. ---
  7. (Sarah's POV)
  9. >You can't get over how giddy you are feeling
  10. >If anything you should be pissed off, not absolutely thrilled
  11. >I mean, demanding such a huge favor with just a few days notice?
  12. >If it had been for ANY other purpose, you would have declined
  13. >Even though he's your colleague
  14. >However... an offer like this one? You simply couldn't pass up the opportunity
  15. >Pulling up outside of the familiar dreary apartment block, you cut the car engine
  16. >You'd only been here once
  17. >And, truth be told, didn't really want to come back
  18. >The place reeked of single bachelor
  19. >Untidy, unclean, and just generally... unpleasant
  20. >However there'd been that one little ray of sunshine that'd blessed your visit
  21. >Hell, she was more than sunshine
  22. >She was practically gold
  23. >Pushing the apartment block's door open, your footsteps scratch on the concrete floor
  24. >Bob lived up the first set of stairs, right?
  25. >You try retrace the steps of your first visit
  26. >Sure enough, upon scaling the stairs you recognized the slightly peeling door opposite
  27. >Whipping out your phone you quickly dig up the email Bob had sent you with instructions
  28. "Key under the doormat"? you mouth to yourself
  29. >How careless. And totally unhygienic
  30. >Kneeling down and gripping the edge of the doormat, you pray for no nasty surprises
  31. >Please let the key be there
  32. >Please let there be no bugs
  33. >Flipping the mat over, you flinch
  34. >Okay... thankfully, no bugs
  35. >They key was still there too
  36. >Grabbing it before anything else could happen, you fumble with the lock
  37. >With a satisfying 'click', the door squeaks open
  38. >There's a sudden waft of stale sweat and... was that horse?
  39. >Not to be unexpected, you suppose
  40. >Closing the door behind you, you call out
  41. "...Hello?"
  42. >No response
  43. >At least it confirmed that Bob actually HAD gone out, and this wasn't some kind of trap
  44. >Taking a few timid steps forward, you call out again
  45. "...Jasper?"
  46. >No response
  47. >Huh, was she even here?
  48. >You walk into the living room
  49. >Well, at least it gave you an excuse to snoop around Bob's place
  51. -
  53. (Jasper's POV)
  55. >The all-too-familiar squeak of the apartment door makes you snuffle yourself awake
  56. >Man, the dust under your bed was really becoming a problem
  57. >Gently rubbing your eyes, you try evaluate what you'd been doing
  58. >Must have fallen asleep again while watching cartoons on your tablet
  59. >At least it dulled the boredom
  60. >Suddenly your ear twitches - radar mode activating
  61. >You go silent, listening intently
  62. >Was that Bob back already?
  63. >You pause again
  64. >Someone was definitely bumbling about the apartment
  65. >Or perhaps it was those inconsiderate assholes upstairs banging around?
  66. >It was hard to focus on sounds when your head was pounding
  67. >You feel pretty damn groggy; hell, what time was it?
  68. >Putting a sloppy hoof to the tablet, your eyes are briefly dazzled by the light emitted
  69. >6:14pm
  70. >Shit, it's pretty late already
  71. >Being woken up at 5am by Bob fussing around really had messed up your sleep
  72. >Standing up, you stretch your forelegs forward while arching your back
  73. >Mmm... Jasper is a sleepy pony
  74. >Also hungry
  75. >Yawning, you wiggle yourself out from under the bed and trot lazily in to the kitchen
  76. >To your surprise, the light was on
  77. >That's odd...
  78. >To make matters stranger, there was someone standing in front of the fridge
  79. >A woman
  80. >A big woman
  81. >Oh Christ, Sarah's here
  82. >Was she sizing up the fridge?
  83. >Was she thinking about opening it?
  84. >Or was she examining the picture you'd drawn of Bob and you doing... stuff
  85. >You decide to sit where you were, silently observing the scene before you
  86. >Sarah seemed to be examining the crayon drawing with interest
  87. >Hopefully she didn't think that Bob drew it, that'd be weird
  88. >After a few moments she seems to shrug off the picture and proceeds to open the fridge
  89. >Nosy bitch!
  90. >Raising your forelegs you clop your hooves loudly on the floor to get her attention
  91. >Startled, she spins in your direction
  92. >Her expression rearranges itself from one of guilt to one of joy
  93. "Jasper, honey! It's me!" she squeals, kneeling down and presenting her fingers
  94. >Eww, not again
  96. -
  98. (Sarah's POV)
  100. >As you kneel down, you let out a tiny sigh of relief
  101. >Thankfully it was only Jasper who'd seen you open the fridge
  102. >She wouldn't care
  103. >Rubbing your forefinger and thumb together, you try and persuade the pony to come over to you
  104. >To your disappointment she just sits there
  105. >Giving you a blank look
  106. "Aww 'hon, don't you remember me?"
  107. >You shift over and attempt to pet her
  108. "Bob's going to be away for a few days, so you're coming to live with me!"
  109. >Jasper lets out a little snort, avoiding your hand
  110. >You frown as you withdraw it
  111. >This behavior was a complete contrast to last time you'd seen her
  112. >Jasper was putty in your lap then, but now she seemed... grumpy?
  113. "Oh, of course" you mutter to yourself, digging out your phone
  114. >Bob had left feeding instructions, right?
  115. >Jasper sprawls out in the kitchen doorway
  116. >Aha, there it was
  117. >'Pour some shredded wheat into a bowl and place it on the table'...?
  118. >You didn't approve of the food nor the location of it
  119. >Why the table? Don't ponies eat from low troughs?
  120. >Feeling dismissive, you try locate a clean bowl and the packet of shredded wheat
  121. >While it seems Bob had stocked up on food since your last visit, he hadn't bothered with the dishes
  122. >The "cleanest" bowl looked like it had been used earlier this morning
  123. >It's a little dirty, but eh, nothing an animal would care about
  124. >Tipping up the cereal box you fill the bowl up
  125. "Here you go sweetie" you coo at the little pony, placing the bowl on the floor next to her
  126. >You take a handful of shredded wheats for your efforts
  127. >Jasper glances at the bowl, then to you
  128. >She lets out another snort
  129. "It's, uhm, what you normally eat, right?" you question, glancing at Bob's email again
  130. >Something was certainly different with Jasper this time
  131. >Maybe she was nervous when Bob wasn't about?
  132. >You don't really have a grasp on pony psychology, especially for green-tinted pygmy ponies
  133. >However, you weren't beaten yet as you rummage in your bag
  134. "Brushies?" you say sweetly as you withdraw your pink hairbrush
  136. -
  138. (Jasper's POV)
  140. >Did Sarah really have to serve your dinner in the same cereal bowl Bob had used this morning?
  141. >You didn't mind eating from the floor, hell it made life easier, but could she have at least rinsed away the encrusted milk?
  142. >You grumble internally, mourning the few flakes Sarah had sneakily snarfed
  143. "Brushies?" comes a voice from behind you
  144. >Brushies? Now? But you're trying to eat!
  145. >You give her an indignant look
  146. "Thatta girl! C'mere..."
  147. >Her silhouette ominously occludes the kitchen's light
  148. >N-no, wait!
  149. >Before you could steel yourself the plastic brush bristles penetrate your tail
  150. >U-unf
  151. >A long, drawn-out shiver snakes your spine
  152. >No, you won't fall victim to her seductive ways!
  153. >Inhaling sharply, you slam your face into your cereal
  154. >Completely oblivious, Sarah simpers as she works the brush
  155. "You wikey?"
  156. >Jesus, she's not going to make that voice ALL the time is she?
  157. >Crunching hard on your mouthful of cereal, you slowly turn round to face your assailant
  158. "Yay for Jasper munchies! Good girl!" she chirps brightly, stopping her brushing
  159. >You simply roll your eyes, swallowing hard
  160. "Aww don't pout, I'll give you more brushies later, promise! First though, we need to get ready to depart"
  161. >Depart? Oh, you were going to be staying at hers, right?
  162. >How did she plan to accomplish that?
  163. >You hadn't left this apartment in almost a month, and you weren't about to change that
  164. "Eat up sweetie, I'll be back in a second" Sarah announces, stepping over you
  165. >Where's she sneaking off to?
  166. >Ditching your food you follow her, immediately setting eyes on a transport cage
  167. >No way, was she planning on stuffing you in there? What were you, some kind of animal?
  168. >What had Bob gotten you in to?
  169. >In the other room you could hear pacing footsteps
  170. >What the hell was Sarah doing?
  171. >Trotting cautiously, you peek round the living room door
  172. >Sarah appeared to be pretty animated
  173. >As if she was searching for something
  174. >What she taking this opportunity to rob you...?
  175. >Anger floods your face
  176. >Not on my watch
  178. -
  180. (Sarah's POV)
  182. >Where the hell was Jasper's litterbox?
  183. >Surely she must have SOMETHING to do her business in?
  184. >Confused, you pull out your phone and triple-check Bob's email
  185. >...There's absolutely no mention of a litterbox
  186. >But then... where does she poop?
  187. >Maybe Bob takes her round the back?
  188. >...But then they're in an apartment block, there's not many places that she could go
  189. >Unless she uses lampposts like a dog? But surely there'd be a leash?
  190. >Lost in your revere you almost stand on the poor pygmy pony
  191. "Oh Jasper hon I'm sorry! I didn't see you!"
  192. >Jasper lets out another little snort, sitting before you
  193. >This really was odd behavior
  194. >Was she being territorial? Was that even possible?
  195. >You kneel down, placing your hand between her gorgeous ears
  196. "Aww sorry hon, I'm not trying to steal your home from you! I'm just looking for where you do go poopy"
  197. >Jasper's ears suddenly fold, her expression changing almost as if she was... horrified?
  198. >Oh! Maybe she recognized certain words, like a dog understanding 'walkies'?
  199. "Poopies?" you repeat unconvinced
  200. >She responds with a blank stare
  201. >Well, was worth a shot
  202. >Standing up you mentally check off everything you needed
  203. >Feed Jasper? Check
  204. >Check for any pony care utensils? Check
  205. >Prepare Jasper for the journey back? Ah
  206. >Alright, where'd you put that transport cage?
  207. >As you shuffle between rooms, Jasper follows in your wake
  208. >She's so goddamned cute you're sure your ovaries just exploded
  209. >Too bad she wasn't going to like being stuffed in this cage
  210. "Jasper~" you call sweetly
  211. >You open the cage door with a flourish
  212. "In?" you ask
  213. >No response
  214. >Well, you'd be amazed if it was that easy
  215. >You needed bait
  216. >Glancing around, you spot the unfinished bowl of cereal in the kitchen doorway
  217. >Perfect
  218. >With one swift movement you place the bait inside the cage
  219. "Jasp- huh?"
  220. >She'd gone!
  221. >Suddenly frantic you look around
  222. >The door opposite was now ajar
  223. >Was that the room of 'Gerald'?
  224. >...You PROBABLY shouldn't go in there
  225. >And yet, the urge to snoop rises
  226. >Fine
  228. -
  230. (Jasper's POV)
  232. >Holy balls this was terrible
  233. >How could you ever speak to Bob again after he's put you through this?
  234. >"Poopies"? Seriously?
  235. >If you still had toes they'd be practically snapping from how hard you were cringing
  236. >And now Sarah wanted to stuff you in a carry cage like a cat off to the vet?
  237. >Yeah, nah
  238. >Only hiding under your bed could save you now
  239. >Escaping into your old room, you wriggle your butt through the narrow gap under the bed
  240. >You lay cowering, hooves over your head as you hear Sarah follow behind you
  241. "Jasper?" she calls out, a hint of uncertainty in her voice
  242. >Damn, she must have seen you enter
  243. >...Maybe if you're quiet she won't notice
  244. >You wait patiently, staying as still as a statue
  245. >No way she'd be smart enough to find you
  246. >Disturbed particles of fluff, dust and pubes were started to irritate your nose and eyes
  247. >Argh, how'd you managed to kick up so much dust by wiggling yourself in here?
  248. >Oh God
  249. >You practically feel your butt clench as a gigantic sneeze starts to build in your nasal passages
  250. >Desperate, you frantically rub your nose on your fetlock
  251. >That was a huge mistake
  252. >"Asnhuuuuuuffooo!" you sneeze pathetically
  253. "OH MY GOD WAS THAT A SNEEZE?! How ADORABLE!" Sarah simpers from beyond
  254. >Her footsteps thud closer
  255. >Whelp, the jig was up
  256. "How'd you get under the bed, silly?"
  257. >A large, grabbing hand appears
  258. >Before you can react it grasps your back leg
  259. "C'mon, we've got to go!" Sarah instructs
  260. >She tugs hard, pulling you out
  261. >You try digging your hooves into the carpet but there's no grip
  262. >What if she was about to eat you like a large chicken tender!?
  263. >In a last resort, you try biting on to something solid to try winch yourself
  264. >'Something' ends up being your Tablet, which now comes along for the ride
  265. >Well, Netflix in the cage wouldn't be so bad...
  266. "Ahh, there she is!" Sarah smiles, continuing to drag you out of your den
  267. >She immediately spots the Tablet secured in your vice-like jaw
  268. "Oh hon don't bite that, it's probably Gerald's!"
  269. >But YOU were Gerald!
  271. -
  273. (Sarah's POV)
  275. >This was becoming a bit much
  276. >It seems that when Bob isn't about Jasper wasn't interested in behaving
  277. >You can't blame her for being frightened, but still
  278. >It was killing your whole drive to do this favor for Bob
  279. >You'd had mental images of snuggling the cutest little pony
  280. >Now you were dealing with a moody little rascal
  281. >With a sharp yank, you pull the Tablet from Jasper's clenched teeth
  282. "Okay, Jasper. You're really cute but Bob was right when he called you a brat. Can you just behave?" you berate
  283. >The pony, who'd been struggling to get free from your grip, gives in
  284. >Taking advantage, you scoop her into your arms and cradle her like a baby
  285. "Aww I can't be mad at you, you're just too sweet" you coo, hugging the pony to your chest
  286. >To your surprise, she nuzzles her head into your breasts tenderly
  287. "Now THAT'S the Jasper I know! Affectionate little Miss!"
  288. >The resistance was suddenly gone, it was incredible
  289. >Pleased with yourself, you enter the hallway and slowly deposit Jasper in front of the cage
  290. >Hopefully she'd see the food and go inside
  291. >...Hopefully
  292. >There's a pause, in which Jasper looks at you, then to the cereal, then back again
  293. "It's all yours!" you say encouragingly, prodding her butt slightly with your toe
  294. >Taken by surprise, she leaps into the cage
  295. >With a swift squat you shut the door sealing in the little pony
  296. >She gives you a reproachful look through the grill
  297. "This is only temporary I promise"
  298. >You already felt awful for dragging her out from under a bed
  299. >And for not finding her litterbox
  300. >Still, SOMEONE had to look after her since her real owner was too irresponsible to give a damn
  301. >With one final check to make sure you'd got everything required, you heave up the heavy cage
  302. "Say bye bye to the smelly place, Jasper!" you joke as you close the apartment door
  303. >You weren't coming back here in a hurry, that's for sure
  304. >Heading down to your car you exercise extreme caution not to bash the transport cage
  305. >You didn't want to upset your first car passenger
  307. -
  309. (Jasper's POV)
  311. >Accepting defeat, you take some solace in your portable prison
  312. >"This arrangement is only temporary. Bob did it for you. Suck it up and deal with it." you tell yourself
  313. >It was hard to think straight with each thought was interrupted by the sudden gleeful sensation of soaring in the air, only then to be replaced immediately by the fear of falling
  314. >Who knew levitating through the air in a little box would be so distracting
  315. >Was this what flying feels like?
  316. >It was exhilarating; you're both totally vulnerable and yet free
  317. >The constant rocking and swaying on this ghost roller-coaster was probably most excitement you'd had in weeks
  318. >Fresh air slowly washes over you, clearing out your tiny lungs
  319. >Wow, outside!
  320. >Peeking through the cage's grill, you clasp eyes on a place you'd sworn to never see again
  321. >It's... beautiful
  322. >Okay, it's dark, windy and rainy, but damn you missed stepping out the apartment
  323. >Why did you ever void yourself the privilege of going outside? Especially with a moon so pretty, stars so bright...
  324. >Oh yeah... to be a little mare
  325. >Not many people would take kindly to seeing that on the streets
  326. >Though if Sarah's reaction was anything to go by...
  327. >The thought immediately evaporates are you're chucked into a car seat
  328. "Here sweetie, let me strap your cage in... don't want any accidents for my widdle passenger!"
  329. >You watch helplessly as Sarah buckles your cage up
  330. >Something strikes you as odd - If she could drive, why did she rush for the the bus last visit?
  331. >Unless... she's recently passed her test? Or was driving illegally?
  332. >The driver-side door closes with an ominous finality
  333. >You watch in horror as Sarah readjusts her mirrors
  334. "Mirror, signal... maneuver" she mumbles under her breath
  335. >Oh God
  336. >You spend the next 20 minutes trying to grab on to anything for support as you're tossed around with each abrupt stop and sharp turn
  337. >Up until this moment you'd not realized how much you miss having hands to grip things
  339. -
  341. (Sarah's POV)
  343. "We're here!" you announce happily to empty apartment
  344. >Shoving the door open with your butt you carefully carry your little visitor inside
  345. >With a flick of the lights the familiar decor comes into view
  346. >Ooh this was exciting! You were about to have a little furry roommate
  347. >You decide it'd be best to introduce Jasper to one room at a time, starting with the biggest
  348. >Lugging the cage into the living room, you gently place is on the carpet and kneel down to peek inside
  349. >Large, round eyes meet your own
  350. >So cute...
  351. "Don't be frightened 'hon, I'm just about to open the cage then you'll be free" you reassure her
  352. >You fingers fumble on the clasp to release the cage door
  353. >Jasper, looking a little apprehensive, walks out
  354. >There's little jolts of excitement in your stomach as her dainty little hooves christen your carpet
  355. >She's sooo fuckin' cute
  356. >Before you made it a conscious thought you already had your phone in hand
  357. >You only had a few days with this gorgeous creature, so you might as well make the most of it with Instagram
  358. >Your thumb pauses over the app icon as something nags at your brain
  359. >Oh right, Jasper doesn't have a litterbox. You needed to text Bob about and ask about that
  360. >...And might as well check what your friends are up to on Facebook
  361. >...And check the latest news and your emails
  362. >Lifting your eyes up from your screen you see Jasper tentatively investigate the TV and satellite box
  363. "Silly pony, those are human things!" you tease in a smoochy voice
  364. >She turns her head around and gives you a look
  365. "Now what kind of attitude is that?" you giggle
  366. >It was almost as if she heard you
  367. >Tossing your phone aside you stretch out
  368. >Social media can wait, you're starving
  369. >You glance back at the pony who was now investigating the shelf of DVDs
  370. "Jaspy, wanna come to the kitchen with me?" you say in an enthusiastic voice
  371. >There's no response, though you didn't expect one
  372. >It should be safe to leave her alone for 5 minutes while you prepare some food
  374. -
  376. (Jasper's POV)
  378. >Just how much disposable income did Sarah have?!
  379. >You sit in the middle of her living room utterly stunned by the quality of the furniture, the lush decor and cleanliness of it every surface
  380. >Not a single pizza box in sight
  381. >Didn't she have the same job as Bob? How the hell were their apartments so drastically different?
  382. >With this new perspective you couldn't even begin to image how disappointed Sarah must have been when she visited the other night
  383. >Hell, you'd be pretty embarrassed to admit you lived there after comparing it to this palace
  384. >You trot around, taking in more detail with awe
  385. >Top of the range 4k TV, plentiful bluray DVD collection, amazing collection of games...
  386. >She even has plants! Live ones!
  387. >Your initial doubts of being cast into a scary new environment immediately faded away
  388. >This place was awesome!
  389. >And it was now totally yours to lounge around in
  390. >Yes... you'd show Sarah who's in charge
  391. >And to think, you're here just because you were a big wimp who didn't want to sleep alone
  392. > sleep alone...
  393. >...You weren't planning on sleeping with Sarah, were you?
  394. >You pause, trying to come to terms with your own motives
  395. >Behind you there's the an audible 'oft' as Sarah collapses on the couch, not dissimilar to Bob
  396. >Distracted, you turn round and look at her
  397. >She lay there, one hand on phone, the other digging in a fork in a bowl of... something
  398. >Curious, you approach and look up at her
  399. >You watch as the fork emerges, tangled in green
  400. >Was that salad? Well, at least she was making SOME effort to lose weight
  401. >She catches you watching and smiles
  402. "Here, you want some?" she asks sweetly
  403. >Chewing like a cow on cud Sarah grabs a leaf of lettuce from her bowl and presents it to you
  404. >A single leaf? That's a bit stingy
  405. >Then again you don't even like lettuce so why does it matter?
  406. >You decide to humor the offer by taking a modest bite
  407. >From the first cool crunch you felt hydrated; the water from the leaf soaking in your tongue
  408. >Your eyes light up - holy shit
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