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  1. Introduction to Computer Systems Course Project – Test paper
  2. Warioware style game
  3. Compilation of mini games, try and get a high score!
  4. Has a timer where if the minigame is not done fast enough or done correctly you lose, displaying how much games you won.
  5. Shake away the monster – Shake Micro-bit to shake away the monster
  6. Light the candle – press the ‘a’ button to make the light level go up
  7. Point the micro-bit in a cardinal direction – North
  8. Light the whole screen – tilt the micro-bit
  9. Ice cream – press a and b to shuffle through music, pick the right one to win
  10. Fill the cup – shake the micro-bit to fill the cup
  11. Opposite – move to the opposite side of the screen as fast as you can
  12. Coin – press a to get coins, press it fast to get the right amount before time runs out
  13. Finish the picture – spam a until the hangman is done and press b to complete – fail if press a too much or b too early
  14. Follow the pattern – Shows a series of buttons and you must repeat them! Musical pattern as well! Use as a boss level???
  16. Attempt 1: Code too large, removed follow the pattern, ice cream and light the whole screen
  17. Attempt 2: Python coding on grok simulator is different to actual micro-bit, fixed
  18. Attempt 3: Code did not compile – moved variables into the functions that use them, fixed
  19. Attempt 4: Text not scrolling – Move to outside loop, fixed
  20. Attempt 5: Code did not compile, fixed
  21. Attempt 6: Skips the first minigame “monster”, attempt to add more of the methods to see problem
  22. Attempt 7: Still skipping “monster”, then crashes when loading the “light” minigame, count not defining properly, NOT FIXED MONSTER, fixed count
  23. Attempt 8: Pixel light not increasing on “a” press, fixed
  24. Attempt 9: Failure not working – Didn’t call method correctly, fixed
  25. Attempt 10: Success method not working, not defining “wins” correctly, attempt to define it earlier
  26. Attempt 11: Win not identifying the global variable? – change wins += 1 to wins = wins + 1
  27. Attempt 12: Still not working, changing name of ‘wins” to “wcount”
  28. Attempt 13: Still not working, attempt to define the variable during the text scroll
  29. Attempt 14: Still not working, deleting win counter, moved the win
  30. Attempt 15: Calibrates the compass in the middle of minigame, Calibration is like tilt minigame that was removed, leaving it in while adding more time to complete the minigame, making the win screen shorter, changing “monster” name to “ghost” to see if it works
  31. Attempt 16: Ghost not working still, hangman needs a wait = false statement
  32. Attempt 17: When shaking it instantly wins after one shake, put if statement to check count of i
  33. Attempt 18: Now just skips the minigame? - define i?
  34. Attempt 19: Still not working, deleting win requirement and adding scroll to test
  35. Attempt 20: Add sleep statement, still skips?
  36. Attempt 21: Change indent of code, moved if statement for winning to the same as the for statement
  37. Attempt 22: Now wins instantly? Adding a while loop
  38. Attempt 24: Stop after winning, forgot to add “break” to leave while loop
  39. Attempt 25: Works, adding while loop to ghost minigame
  40. Attempt 26: Coin needs a wait = false statement, otherwise too slow
  41. Attempt 27: Changing the order of minigames
  42. FINISHED – 7 hours of testing c:
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