MGE Side III Potato

Jun 19th, 2021
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  1. Mirado Potato Salad
  2. “Hello, oh? It seems you’ve brought along a boyfriend today♥”
  3. Ufufu♥ Indeed♪ Spring has finally come to me...♥ When I first laid eyes on him, I felt my whole body shiver...♥ We were fated to meet♪
  5. “My, how wonderful... Congrats♥ We harvested some very good looking Mirado Potatoes today, so I made a salad like last time, try it if you want♥ Well then, you two please enjoy yourselves...♪”
  7. Thank you♪ Ufu, ufufu♥ Now then, I’ll feed you, open your mouth♥
  8. Well? It has a very gentle taste, doesn’t it?♪ This salad is made of “Montatoes”, which are a kind of Intimacy Vegetable (WG2-p.47), and uses a variety cultivated in Mira known as “Mirado Potato”♪
  9. Mirado potatoes feel sticky in your mouth, and have a very strong sweetness♪ They’re a common ingredient on this island, and although this is a salad, it’s often served as a garnish at taverns in Mira.
  10. Actually, this Mirado Potato Salad doesn’t use any spices♪ The taste changes slightly depending on the type harvested from each field, but they all share the same exquisite sweetness, especially if they are freshly harvested ones like the ones used in this salad, and by simply peeling and washing them as is, you can make a dish whose ingredients are enjoyed just as they are♪
  11. Montatoes are rare among the crops harvested in the monster realm, because effects such as lust or excitement... Ufufu, there’s almost nothing in them to make you feel such lewd effects, they’re something couples grow to enjoy purely for their taste and shape. Of course, these Mirado Potatoes are the same, if you eat one, it won’t make you feel lewd or anything.
  13. That makes me a little disappointed, because I want you to feel like that all the time, but still, these Mirado Potatoes represent Mira’s “Lunch Dishes”, and are a pure symbol of “enjoying food in Mira”♪
  14. You see, Mira has many delicious restaurants, right? However, if you eat and drink way too much at noon, all you’ll eat afterwards is your beloved partner♥ And after that’s happened, you’ll just head off to bed right? Ufufu, that would be very welcome too, but that would also mean you wouldn’t be able to go around and around enjoying Mira’s food...♪
  16. Eating dishes made with these Mirado Potatoes at lunchtime is quite popular♪
  17. Every restaurant grows and serves their Mirado Potatoes differently, so you can enjoy yourself seeing what kind of dishes they come up with♪ Not to mention, even this salad tastes different depending on the restaurant, so you can order different restaurants’ Mirado Potato Salads and enjoy their differences♪
  18. Many of the food stalls along Mira’s main street also use Mirado Potatoes in their dishes.
  19. As for me, I love “Mira Sweet Boil”, which is Mirado Potatoes steamed to lock in their sweetness, added to “Sweet Squid”, a type of squid caught in the waters near Mira that has a suuuper concentrated sweetness, and I also love “Fried Mirado”, which are baked crispy on the outside by an Ignis’s flame, and is so thick that it spills outside... I always end up eating too much♪ Ufufu, as I thought, would you like to try some? Ufufu, well, don’t be shy and say “aaah~”♥ If you do, I’ll take you to a place I recommend♪
  21. TL Note:
  22. In the Japanese text, a fusion of the words for "Monster Realm" (Makai) and "Potato" (Imo) is used (Makaimo), in the Intimacy Vegetable article, Brolen translated this as "Mamono Realm Taters", but I've gone with "Montato" (MONster realm + poTATO), as I believe it more accurately expresses the original word combo.
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