Anon - Anon Is Adopted

Sep 8th, 2015
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  1. >Be kid Anon and today is your favorite holiday
  2. >Halloween
  3. >You get all the candy you want and you get to be your favorite superhero: Skeleton Man
  4. >[YouTube] Skeleton Man
  5. >"Anon are you ready?"
  6. "Yes Mommy Sunny"
  7. >As you dart down the stairs ready to fight crime with your calcium strength you hear Mommy Twi question Skeleton Man's power.
  8. >"Sunset I still don't get the premise of the costume Anon is wearing doesn't everyone have a skeleton?"
  9. >"Don't ruin it for him Twilight he is fun."
  10. >"I know sweetie, but it doesn't make sense just because someone has a skeleton makes them a superhero what's next 'Skin Man'?"
  11. "But Mommy Twi Skin Man is Skeleton Man's arch nemesis"
  12. >"What?!"
  13. "Yeah but he wears disguises and Skeleton Man is the only one that can see through it using his special skeleton eyes."
  14. >"I don- it just doesn- why would anyone?
  15. >Then Mommy Twi hair becomes crazy with her mouth and follow suit.
  16. >"Oh no she's doing it again."Sunset muttered.
  17. >You look at Mommy Twi then look back at Mommy Sunny.
  18. "Uh is Mommy Twi broken?"
  19. >"No honey she is just.. Tired. I'll bring her to bed then we'll go trick-or-treating."
  20. "Yay!"
  21. As Sunset escorts Twilight to their room she twitches and yells "It does not make any sense!"
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