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  1. 1. Dads who wear flat-brim hats with the Captain America logo on it
  2. 2. People who post memes of NBA players who react to whatever happens inĀ Game of Thrones
  3. 3. Korean Pop Music Fans
  4. 4. Twitch Streamers before they say a racial slur on air
  5. 5. Twitch Streamers who eat food as their whole stream
  6. 6. People Still upset that the new Star Wars movies are as mediocre as the originals
  7. 7. Bloggers who own a site named after themselves
  8. 8. People still mad about the 2016 Ghostbusters movie
  9. 9. QAnon People
  10. 10. Russiagate People
  11. 11. Normal Jocks
  12. 12. Dudes who wear sunglasses in their Tinder bios and make angry posts whenever a baseball player smiles
  13. 13. MLS fans
  14. 14. Louisville City FC fans
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