Anon-Unnamed (WIP?)

Jan 10th, 2014
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  1. >Tap, tap. tap.
  2. >Tap, tap, tap.
  3. >Oh great, now you're awake.
  4. >Tap, tap, tap.
  5. "Yeah, I'm coming."
  6. Oh Luna, it has to be the middle of the night. You also hear rain on the roof of your house.
  7. >Tap, tap, tap.
  8. >You're too tired to be annoyed. You slowly make your way to the hall, switch the light on and open the door.
  9. >You get hit by the cold wind, and it also carries some of the water droplets inside, wetting your clothes.
  10. >Great. Fucking amazing.
  11. >The second thing you notice is that there's nobody there.
  12. "Damnit."
  13. >Muttering to yourself, you start to shut the door, but you're stopped by a tiny whimper.
  14. >"Down here..."
  15. >You lower your gaze to the ground.
  16. >There's a small purple filly trying to find shelter from the rain under the bit of roof available.
  17. >Unsuccessfully. She looks completely soaked.
  18. >For a split second, you consider the option of slamming the door shut, going back to bed making no more trouble for yourself.
  19. >Another thought flashes through your mind.
  20. "I bet that's what /mlp/ would do."
  21. >Fuck, you miss the internet. You have been living here for a couple of months now, but you still miss some things from your world.
  22. >Your train of thought is interrupted by the shivering filly in front of you.
  23. >"Can Dandelion come inside... please?"
  24. >Oh god, those eyes.
  25. >You can't say no to those eyes.
  26. >You step aside.
  27. "Come in. Let's get you dried up."
  28. >Once she steps inside, you notice that she looks different from a regular pony.
  29. >Are those... antennae?
  30. >She also has a bit of fluff around her neck you haven't seen on any other pony.
  31. >You'll ask later. Now you need to get her dried up - hopefully she won't get sick. Luna knows how long she was in that downpour.
  32. >You lead her to the fireplace you have in your living room, tell her to wait there and you make your way to the bathroom.
  33. >Once you come back, you throw one of the towels you brought her way.
  34. "I'll be right with you, I'll just get some fire going on. It's way too cold in here."
  35. >You can't help but smile at the sight of her clumsily trying to dry herself off.
  36. >The room is soon filled with the smell of burning wood, and warmth follows shortly after.
  37. >Once you step away from the fire you hear a little "oooooh".
  38. >You turn around.
  39. >The filly seems to have completely forgotten about the towel - or her still dripping water on the floor.
  40. >Her eyes are fixated on the fire, and there is an expression of awe on her face.
  41. >You approach her with a towel of your own, seeing as the one you gave her was already completely wet - and she didn't look any dryer.
  42. "Here, let me help."
  43. >You kneel down, and start drying her off.
  44. >She doesn't respond - neither to your words nor to your actions, lost in watching the fireplace.
  45. "So, what's your name? Dandelion, was it?
  46. >Quiet.
  47. "How did you get here?"
  48. >No response.
  49. "Equestria to - uh - Dandelion, do you copy?"
  50. >...
  51. >You wawe your hand in front of her face.
  52. >No reaction.
  53. >You step in front of her - blocking the view of the fireplace.
  54. >She seems to come to in an instant.
  55. >"W-what happened?"
  56. "Well, you got kinda distracted by the fire. I was talking to you all the time."
  57. >"O-oh. D-dandelion is s-s-sorry."
  58. >Her teeth are chattering from the cold.
  59. >So her name is Dandelion, huh. Why does she refer to herself in third person - ah, screw it.
  60. >You decide not to question it. There seems to be more ponies with this habit. A certain blue unicorn comes to mind.
  61. "Come here, into the armchair. My knees hurt."
  62. >You stand up and move to your armchair to drag it closer to the fire - the one you just restored her view of.
  63. >"oooooh..."
  64. >You can't help but smile.
  65. >Once again, she stops responding.
  66. >Oh Luna, where is the real life task manager when you need it?
  67. >You pick her up like a puppy and sit in the armchair, setting her down on the towel you have in your lap.
  68. >With a lot of effort, you manage to turn the armchair around as to break her line of sight again without accidentally dropping her from your lap.
  69. >Much like before, she instantly comes to.
  70. >You make a mental note. This might come in handy in case you need to distract her some time in the future.
  71. >You mentally slap yourself. What future are you thinking about? She isn't going to be here tomorrow. Someone's definitely coming for her... right?
  72. "So... how did you get here?"
  73. >You hear a sob.
  74. "D-Dandelion got lost... she was on the way to the Dust Valley with her parents..."
  75. >Dust Valley? You never heard of such place.
  76. >Wait, did she say parents? You breathe a sigh of relief. So there should be someone coming for her.
  77. >The sobs evolve into a full-on crying. You can feel her trembling through the towel you're drying her with.
  78. "... b-but as we went through the f-forest, some creatures j-jumped us... M-M-Mommy yelled at Dandelion to r-run, so she did..."
  79. >Oh fuck.
  80. >You feel like someone dumped a bucket of ice in your stomach. There's only one forest in front of your house... the Everfree forest.
  81. >You learned not to fuck with the things that live there. The hard way.
  82. >In other words, you almost died there. And those were just "timber wolves", as you later found out.
  83. >You throw the - now wet - towel away and hug the - now dry - filly tight.
  84. ---
  85. >You don't know how much time passed until she stopped crying.
  86. >Thoughts are going through your head at extreme speeds.
  87. >The Everfree Forest is huge. You can't just comb the whole thing for two ponies.
  88. >Not to mention dangerous. Nobody would even want to step in there anyway.
  89. >Talk about searching for a needle in a haystack.
  90. >Your thoughts are interrupted by snoring.
  91. >Dandelion seems to have fallen asleep on your lap.
  92. >Looks like you aren't going anywhere. The warmth radiating from her tiny body, coupled with the dim light of the fireplace going out is slowly putting you to sleep, too.
  93. >The last thought that goes through your head before you fall asleep is...
  94. >There are wet towels on the ground. The carpet is going to be fucking ruinzzzzzzzz
  95. >You are awoken by something stirring in your lap.
  96. >Damnit, that was a weird dream. There's no way you'd have a tiny, purple, possibly orphaned filly in your hous-
  97. >Why are you in an armchair?
  98. >Why are there wet towels on the carpet?
  99. >Your face when.
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