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Sep 11th, 2016
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  1. Greetings. My name is Patrick Bateman™, and I have contacted you for important matters.
  3. I have taken notice to your post. It is of high quality™, but it's not the contents of the post that I'm interested by, it's the post-number.
  5. Your post-number is unlike any other that I've ever seen. It is unique, as no other will ever obtain your distinct strand of numbers, but that is not the only unique thing about it.
  7. Look at the numbers at the very end. Take a close look at them, and you might even realize it, too. Your post-number has ended in repeating digits, that is why I am contacting you.
  9. I don't want to seem like a bother, as I understand that you're very busy crafting hundreds of quality™ posts such as the one I am replying to, but this is a matter more important than posts. It's a matter of life and death.
  11. Here on [b], it is the most important rule of all that repeating digits much be checked and kek'd, that is why I am contacting you. I am here to check and kek your repeating digits, for it is a matter of religious importance.
  13. So, after all this patience and discussion, I will now check your repeating digits. Here I go: #Checked
  15. Now that your repeating digits have been checked by me, it is now time for me to leave. I cannot spend all day checking your repeating digits, no matter how much I love them. The reason? More digits must be checked.
  17. Regards, Patrick Bateman™.
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