Everywhere you can possibly find me.:-)

May 3rd, 2018 (edited)
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  1. Everywhere Possible you can Find Me:
  4. YouTube - (This is where you found this right? Of course I use it a lot just don't upload actively but comment)
  5. Facebook - Yes I have it but it's only for a select few who I have known for a while and can trust
  6. Twitter - (I use it rarely but yes from time to time I go on it because not all have FB)
  7. Instagram - (I use it regularly and nowadays for chatting just as much)
  8. Reddit - (I use it more and more, wish someone would message me there)
  9. Google Plus - (Discontinued by them but it's a good memory)
  12. Discord - Markhoss #1498 (I definitely use it)
  13. Skype - mariomario2256 is my username also you can find me under Markhoss (Use it for those more oldschool people but barely)
  14. ICQ - Id:718123987 (Wish I would have used this back when it was a thing)
  15. Hexchat - Markhoss (An oldschool IRC program but don't use it)
  17. *GAMES:
  18. GOG - (Out of anything else I use this the most and actively everyday because people there are extremely friendly, the developers listen to the users by giving out a wishlist button for everyone and people can request games and features,
  19. it has the greatest support and respect for GOG or Good Old Games that work even on new systems, you truly own the games you buy as it's DRM-free and it's only ever getting better!)
  20. PSN - (I don't have a PS4 but I check on it from time to time and eventually I will buy PSNow to able to play titles on PC)
  23. VidLii - (2009 youtube theme website, I use it all the time)
  24. BitView - (2006 youtube theme, this I use too)
  25. UploadStars (Formerly UploadSociety) - (Sadly this was the first 2010 old YT design website I ever found but unfortunately I sort of stopped using it)
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