Coming Out of Your Cocoon

Dec 24th, 2015
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  1. >be Anon
  2. >See what looks like a SWAT van painted totally brown back up into your driveway and up to your garage
  3. >Ohshitgotpartyv&
  4. >remeber you bought bugpone a few weeks ago
  5. >remeber that they said this one needed 'special measure' to be saftly transported
  6. >guy steps out of van, not a SWAT meneber or MIB
  7. >Must be the Pone
  8. >crisis averted
  9. >go out to meet the guy.
  10. >It is indeed your bugpone
  11. >open garage door
  12. >back doors of van open, revealing your bugpone.
  13. >its currently muzzled
  14. >And blindfoled for some reason
  15. >it turns its head to face you anyways
  16. >It growls at you
  17. >You get asked to sign a liability waiver
  18. >Cant pussy out now.
  19. >sign it
  20. >bugpone get
  21. >Get giving the leash and a small remote (among other things), presumably meaning that the collar on that thing is a shock collar
  22. >Try to lead it inside
  23. >its stronger then you
  24. >only option it to shock it until it stops resisting
  25. >it eventually lets you lead it inside, still somehow looking right at you despite the blindfold
  26. >once inside the garage shut the door behind you
  27. >never really had use for the garage outside of winter, so there next to nothing in there.
  28. >it begins trying to pull away again.
  29. >you sigh and shock it again
  30. "don't make this harder then it has to be."
  31. >you eventually tie the leash to a ring you had driven into the concrete a week before.
  32. >It keeps facing you somehow even as you circle around to check its condition, its insectoid wings buzzing angrily.
  33. >you angrily grab it by the stump of its horn, causing it to go stock still.
  34. >apparently whats left of its horn is still sensitive, judging by how it froze up.
  35. >You continue to hold on.
  36. >the bugpone begins to wimpier
  37. >You actually see a few tears leaking from the blindfold
  38. >you feel likea horrible person
  39. >resigning yourself, you reach over with the other hand to untie and slip the blindfold off
  40. >It has its eyes clenched shit like it was anticipating immense pain.
  41. >you let go of its horn, and watch in fascination as emerald feline iris's focus on you, and from the way it tilts its head, it was confused, too.
  42. "Now look. You're going to be staying in this garage until I can trust you enough to not try and break out of my house if I leave you unattended. Understood?"
  43. >it nods.
  44. "Now. If you'll excuse me, I'll go bring the stuff I had preapared for you beforehand."
  45. >be Chrysalis
  46. >When yo felt his hand grip what was left of your horn, you thought for sure he would be no different then the last human.
  47. >Only this time a lack of knowlage about you wouldent save what little magical capbility you had left between losing most of your horn and the drugs in your system
  48. >you where quite surprised when he let go, and even more when he felt sympathy for you.
  49. >another improvement from you previous owner.
  50. >You decided that you would at least wait until you had a batter idea of how you where going to be treated before deciding if escape was worth it.
  51. >as much as you wanted to hate him, you hadn't felt any ill will coming from him.
  52. >You hear footsteps.
  53. >the human is back.
  54. >Still Chrysalis
  55. >Human has several things with him.
  56. >You feel rather offended to see what looks like a dog food bowl, but it was better then eating off the floor.
  57. >First thing turned out to be a carpet, which you walk over to a lay down on, finally able to rest on something that wast either the ceiling, or colder then you.
  58. >second thing was indeed a dog food bowl.
  59. >How degrading.
  60. >at least it looks new.
  61. >A... bucket.
  62. >You mentally sigh.
  63. >once more, its better then the floor
  64. >human leaves again
  65. >He has more?!
  66. >compared to you last owner, this already feels like luxury
  67. >When he returns, you have to fight down the urge to real with shock as you feel real love for the first time in quite whle
  68. >and not normal love either, it felt like the kind of innocent love only a child could have.
  69. >First thing he set down on the carpet is a pillow
  70. >a real pillow
  71. >followed by a blanket.
  72. >the last thing he has is what you realize the love is coming from
  73. >But that should not be possible without magic, unless it was exposed to directed love almost every day over several years!
  74. >you get a good look at what it is
  75. >A yellow stuffed rodent with red cheeks and a lighting bolt tail
  76. "Now you treat this with respect, okay? I took the time to dig it out of the attic, fix it up, and clean it so it doesn't stink."
  77. >You nod furiously
  78. >be Anon.
  79. >You noticed the bugpones eyes widen slightly when it saw your old Pikachu plushie.
  80. >When you set it down in front of it, the bugepone gingerly picked it up, and held it like it would disappear if it let go.
  81. >You smile.
  82. >Its ears fold down when you approach, but it otherwise remains docile.
  83. >You decide to remove the muzzle now, and the bugpone watches your hands intently, but otherwise does not react.
  84. >Once the muzzle is removed The bugpone yawns, letting you get a good look at its fangs.
  85. >Cool, a snake tongue.
  86. >It spends a minute working its jaw muscles, before speaking a feminine, trembling, 'voice of legion'-esque tone.
  87. "T-thank..."
  88. >She seems to be struggling to get the words out.
  89. >You save her the trouble.
  90. "It's okay." >You reach over and pat her on the head before running you fingers through her mane.
  91. >Her hair feels.... Ew.
  92. >You pull your hand back, and see some white, and blue, dried up liquid stuck under your fingernails.
  93. "Did I just find what I think I found in your mane?"
  94. >Be Chrysalis.
  95. You flinch back expecting some form of punishment, despite feeling no ill will towards you.
  96. >You do, however, feel a slight bit of mirth, and when you open your eyes, you realize you were holding onto the stuffed rodent even tighter than before.
  97. >You sigh.
  98. "It's exactly what you think it is..."
  99. >You don't like remembering how often your previous owner 'used' you, nor how harshly you were disciplined for even the slightest transgression.
  100. >The human tenses slightly, and you feel anger coming from him.
  101. >you quickly realizes you are also feeling the undertone of sympathy directed at you, and the anger was thankfully also not directed at you.
  102. >he promptly straightens, before walking over and unclipping your leash from the anchor.
  103. >You grip the rodent tighter, not sure what was going to happen.
  104. >he begins leading you inside.
  105. >Yet another surprise, the inside was actually kept clean.
  106. >You are lead down a hallway and eventually into a room
  107. >it's a bathroom.
  108. >the human wraps the end of the leash he was holding around a towel rack, before clipping it to itself.
  109. >it's long enough for you to stand anywhere in the bathroom with pulling it taunt.
  110. >he looks at you and blinks
  111. "Already attached to Pikachu, huh?"
  112. >You blink.
  113. >You had carried it with you without realizing it.
  114. >He coaxes it from you grasp and places it on the sink countertop, and then has you stand in the bathtub.
  115. >you were not prepared for the water to come from above you, instead of from a faucet.
  116. >Be Anon
  117. >You chuckle when she yelps at the shower head spraying her.
  118. >She looks curious when you remove it from its holder, before a look of realization sinks in as she stares at the hose connecting it to the wall.
  119. >You grab the shampoo, a brush, and a cloth.
  120. >She lets you begin washing her without putting up a fuss. You decide to initiate conversation
  121. "I uh... Never got your name... and I never gave you mine either for that matter. Name's Anon
  122. >she looks hesitant, bet eventually answered.
  123. "Chrysalis."
  124. >You hum in approval.
  125. >After shampooing her mane, you began working on washing out those... stains in her hair.
  126. >She makes this odd, buzzing hum/purring noise as you do so.
  127. >Its actually kinda cute.
  128. "So uh, about your horn..."
  129. >Brain, y u do dis!?
  130. >Because it amuses me.
  131. "It's not as bad as it looks, compared to a unicorn at least. It was actually going to happen sooner or later with how big it was getting."
  132. >Bullshit.
  133. "The way you reacted when I grabbed the stump says otherwise."
  134. >She makes a frustrated grunt.
  135. "Past a certain length, its basically just dead chiten, its only real purpose is to amplify magic and serve as a weapon..."
  136. >She shudders
  137. "The break was past the dead part, thankfully not far enough down to do permanent damage..."
  138. >Her whole body sags in defeat.
  139. >You think you know what broke it, but bringing that up might not be a good idea.
  140. >You confirm her mane is now clean.
  141. >You begin using the brush to clean the dirt and grime off her shell.
  142. >That shade of black hides it really well, you didn't even notice it until it started coming off in the water.
  143. >Still Anon
  144. >Washing the dirt off Chrysalis’s shell.
  145. >She’s been making that purr/hum/buzz noise the whole time.
  146. >You finished her neck, face and back, and you were now working on her barrel.
  147. >You try to scrub the dirt off the green band in the middle of it.
  148. >She flinches and tenses.
  149. >you immediately stop.
  150. “Something wrong?”
  151. >“Cou- could you be gentle there?”
  152. >You switch to the washcloth.
  153. “Better.”
  154. >You really hope that you didn’t touch an egregious zone.
  155. >The washcloth elects not further reaction.
  156. >You eventually finish her barrel and legs too.
  157. >Turns out those holes dampen the sound of her hoofsteps.
  158. >There was just…
  159. >”Is something troubling you?”
  160. >She said that, and she hadn't even been looking in my direction.
  161. >2spooky.
  162. “As a matter of fact, there is. Judging by what I found in your mane, I have a feeling you’re going to want to, uh… clean up down there.”
  163. >You blush and hand her the washcloth.
  164. >She doesn't seem the least bit fazed by it.
  165. >Dat poker face.
  166. “Just uh… let me know when you're finished.”
  167. >You turn around to give her some privacy.
  168. >Be Chrysalis.
  169. >Never in your life where you more grateful for having blue blood.
  170. >Or clear sometimes.
  171. >All you remember is some mumbo jumbo about it changeling from colorless to blue when oxygenated.
  172. >But either way, your blush was already muted by the thin chitin of you facia plates, the color only made it even harder to notice.
  173. >You tried not to think about the feeling of that brush on the exposed part of your barrel.
  174. >It was like talons on a chalkboard, even thinking about it made you tense up and shiver a little.
  175. >You were also shocked when he admitted he was reluctant to wash your privates.
  176. >Your last owner had tied you tail up so that they were exposed all the time.
  177. >You honestly had no idea how to properly respond to this.
  178. >Even before equestria was invaded, every race hated your kind.
  179. >This was the first time a non-changeling had genuinely cared for you.
  180. >You felt relieved at finally feeling clean down there.
  181. “Anon? I’m finished now.”
  182. >Anon turned around, and shut of the bathtub, before drying you off with a towel.
  183. > “I’m just going to give you a few minutes to use the toilet.”
  184. >He then walked out and shut the door behind you.
  185. >You sit on the toilet and contemplate your predicament.
  186. >If you wanted to, you could probably break that towel rack and escape out the window.
  187. >Your eyes turn to the ‘Pikachu’ plushie her gave you.
  188. >You remember Anon so far has not caused you any harm beyond shocking you when you refused to cooperate, and even then you could sense his reluctance.
  189. >He kept you fed and safe, and all he really asked for was you obedience.
  190. >Not unlike the relationship between you and your drones before the humans invaded.
  191. >You think you could live with this.
  192. >Still Chrysalis.
  193. >Still sittin on the toilet.
  194. >you got no no.2 in you, considering you haven't eaten solid food in several months, just…
  195. >you prefer not to think about what's been in your mouth and stomach.
  196. >thankfully you only really need to ingest liquids, and only then to keep hydrated, you get everything else from the emotions you absorb.
  197. >Solid foods really only serve the purpose of becoming biological construction material.
  198. >inorganic solids just sit there until you vomit them up. Handy for stealing important things, as short of an x-ray or scanning spell, there's no way to know it's there while you disguised as someone else.
  199. >You look down at the band around you barrel.
  200. >It's actually clean enough for you to see the contents of your stomach through the transparent green tissue.
  201. >Nothing’s in there, anything actually digestible would be moved to separate chamber.
  202. >And that's empty too.
  203. >You finish your business and flush it
  204. >You grab the plushie and hold it against your chest.
  205. >still radiating love.
  206. >Anon knocks on the door.
  207. >You open it.
  208. > “I moved your stuff into the house.”
  209. > He retrieves the leash and leads you to another room.
  210. >Your blanket and pillow have been moved into a bedroom, and have been set down at the foot of large bed.
  211. >The dog bowl is there too, filled with water.
  212. >You realize just how thirsty you feel now.
  213. >You begin lapping it up thirstily to Anons amusement. While you were doing that, Anon had tied off the end of your leash to the bed frame
  214. >He eventually had to go refill it.
  215. >You realize it was starting to get dark out.
  216. >You decide to get comfortable.
  217. >Be Anon.
  218. >Walk back into bedroom with more water.
  219. >Chrysalis had already gotten cozy.
  220. >She was already curled up beneath her blanket.
  221. >While on your bed.
  222. >Thank god you had a queen sized bed.
  223. >You decide to let it slide this time.
  224. >You remember the date.
  225. >The things you need for setting up a wireless fence should be here either tomorrow or the day after.
  226. >You think she would appreciate not having to be tied to something.
  227. >You go over a list of things you need to get done in your head.
  228. >Use your awesome google-fu to see if you can't figure out more about her kind.
  229. >Delete your browser history. (You can never be sure they don't know how to use the internet.)
  230. >Buy more Nutella.
  231. >Be Chrysalis.
  232. >Wake up.
  233. >Feel something wrapped around your barrel
  234. >the band to be precise.
  235. > Oh [spoiler] [REDACTED] [/spoiler]! Whatever's holding you knows your weak point!
  236. >brace for the inevitable.
  237. >Nothing's happening.
  238. >Open your eyes.
  239. >remember where you are.
  240. >You have an idea of who's holding you.
  241. >You feel uncomfortably warm.
  242. >Not sure if because blushing profusely or because this is the first time you've been spooned without a disguise.
  243. >Or held in a non hostile manner.
  244. >It feels surprisingly calming.
  245. >You panic a little bit when you feel something missing from your grasp.
  246. >Your rear leg bumps something soft.
  247. >You grip it between your hind hooves and transfer it to your forehooves, careful to not wake Anon.
  248. >You look at what your holding.
  249. >How did that plushie even get over there?
  250. >Your half asleep brain finally realizes it's not even light out.
  251. >You realize this is the first time you’ve truly slept in a while, instead of a light hibernation like state you could wake from quickly to respond to danger.
  252. >You decide to stop thinking and go back to sleep, a almost unnoticeable smile on your face.
  253. >Still Chrysalis.
  254. >Wake up again, feeling refreshed.
  255. >Anons no longer holding you.
  256. >Or in bed.
  257. >For some reason this disappoints you.
  258. >You hear the sound of something cooking.
  259. >Sounds like eggs being cooked, but the smell is all wrong.
  260. >You give you magic a try to see how much of the drug has left your system by now.
  261. >Barely enough to manage basic telekinesis on a light object.
  262. >You try to pick up the pushie and instead fling it into the ceiling,.
  263. >Great, your control has gone to Tartarus too. You never had time to adjust to your broken horn, considering you were kept on whatever drug it was that they used to inhibit your magic.
  264. >You decide it's best to stop before you break something and upset Anon.
  265. >Speaking of which, he just walked into the bedroom.
  266. >”Breakfast’s ready.” Anon, to your surprise, unclips you from the leash.
  267. >Your collar makes a beeping sound as he does so.
  268. >”Still, to believe you slept like a brick for a whole day.”
  269. >You what.
  271. >Be Anon.
  272. >Chrysalis looks like her brain just ground to a halt.
  273. >You weren't kidding when you said she slept like a brick.
  274. >Hell, she was so still you thought she died in her sleep till you heard the faint sound of her breathing.
  275. “You still with me here?”
  276. >She blinks a few times and nods.
  277. “I tried to wake you up yesterday for breakfast, but you where dad to the world.”
  278. >You motion for her to follow you.
  279. >She trots behind you and follows you to the kitchen.
  280. >You notice she is drooling little bit.
  281. >Your blueberry pancakes with a side of bacon must smell pretty good to her.
  282. >She notices the fact that there are two plates on the table.
  283. “Yup, I made enough for the both of us.”
  284. >You grin.
  285. >You wait for Chrysalis to take a seat before sitting down yoursel-
  286. >L-lewd.
  287. >And freaky.
  288. >She literally rolled up a pancake with her tongue and swallowed it like snake.
  289. >Fucking prehensile tongue.
  290. >How the fuck is she not choking on that!?
  291. >after the first half a dozen she slows down and actually chews.
  292. >She’s still grabbing the pancakes with her tongue though.
  293. >The oral must be-
  294. >Brain. no.
  295. >bugpone is not for sexua- whhhhhy is she staring at me like that?
  297. >be Chrysalis.
  298. >You were busy scarfing down these delectable fluffy delicacies, using the only other option you had besides magic that didn't involve shoving your face in your food.
  299. >You suddenly sense a bit of lust.
  300. >You look at Anon.
  301. >He makes eye contact, and his eyes go wide, before you pick up a large amount of anxiety.
  302. >You keep staring.
  303. >he starts sweating.
  304. >The lust is already long gone.
  305. >You have a hunch as to what happened.
  306. >Humans call it a ‘whyboner.’
  307. “So, judging by your look, ‘Little Anon’ is excited?”
  308. >He nearly chokes on his food.
  309. >You cackle madly.
  310. >”You do realize there will be consequences for that.” He says flatly.
  311. >You can tell he wouldn't be able to find it in himself to be as cruel as your last owner.
  312. >So it was totally worth it.
  313. >He calmly waits for you to finish before dragging you out into the living room.
  314. >He begins scratching you behind the ear.
  315. >Your entire body relaxes as you lean into him.
  316. >This is demeaning.
  317. >You're being treated like a common house pet, and your LIKEING it.
  318. “C-curse you and your fingers!”
  320. >be Anon.
  321. >Chrysalis is desperately trying to show that she doesn't enjoy being scratched behind the ear.
  322. >She's failing miserably.
  323. >Not even a second in and she's already leaning into your side.
  324. >You chuckle.
  325. >It's fucking adorable.
  326. >You eventually let up.
  327. >At first she glares at you.
  328. >Then she makes some kind of clicking noise before turning away and walking towards the couch.
  329. >You have the feeling you were just sworn at in a foreign language.
  330. >Fuck it, you foods getting cold.
  331. >Baconstrips and baconstrips and baconstrips.
  332. >You finish all the bacon you had cooked.
  333. >You walk back into the living room
  334. >Holy fuck shes asleep already?
  335. >Either way, you’ve got shopping to do.
  337. >Be Chrysalis.
  338. >DING DONG
  339. >Wut.
  340. >DING DONG.
  341. >What the heck?
  342. >DING DONG.
  343. >it's the fucking door.
  344. >You get off the couch.
  345. >How do you open this piece of shi-
  346. >oh good, it's one of those handle designs that were already rather pony usable.
  347. >You open it.
  348. >Itss not anon.
  349. “And who, pray tell, are you?”
  350. >Umm… Is you owner home by an-
  351. “no.”
  352. >You shut the door in his face.
  353. >Fuck too late you’re wide awake.
  354. >You head into the kitchen.
  355. >the freezer door was ajar.
  356. >you decide to peek in.
  357. >Popsicles?
  358. >You tried to get a bag out of the freezer.
  359. >SUCCESS.
  360. >You rip the beg open with your fangs.
  362. >You entire body shudders as you teeth dig into something icy cold.
  363. >so thats why its called a freezer.
  364. >you thought it was some kind of stasis enchantment.
  365. >You lick it.
  366. >It's… deliciously sweet, and strawberry flavored.
  367. >you cause you eyes and run your tongue along it, savoring the flavor and sweetness.
  368. >The door opens.
  369. >”I'm hoo… wowzers.”
  370. >You sense arousal.
  371. >You start blushing as you open your eyes.
  372. >the popsicle was halfway in your mouth with your tongue coiled around it.
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