Crude Language

Oct 24th, 2014
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  1. >You had your alicorn girlfriend right where you wanted her.
  2. >Tied up, horn capped off, on her back, and horny.
  3. >"A-Anonymous~!"
  4. >She was in the middle of her season, and your plans were to fuck her out of it.
  5. >You gave her a lusty grin as she struggled against her bindings, and she returned it with one of her own.
  6. >You laid down next to her, fingers running along her purple belly.
  7. >She shivered delightfully, giggling.
  8. >"Anon, if you're playing with me, you better follow through~!" Twilight sung with a wide, loving smile.
  9. >You didn't respond, instead tweaking her tiny teats between your forefinger and thumb.
  10. >"Ahhnn..." She squeaked, head pressed back into the mattress.
  11. >You continued your gentle teasing, hands going lower and lower.
  12. >Then, suddenly, you stopped just above her sex, much to her disappointment.
  13. >"H-hey..." She groaned weakly, struggling against the ropes.
  14. "Hay is for horses, Twi." You replied, moving your fingers back up to her belly.
  15. >"I-I'm a pony, though, and I eat hay!"
  16. >You chuckled as the joke you made soared right over her little purple head.
  17. >"Anon, c'mon...stop teasing, please?" Twilight asked, giving you her best bedroom eyes.
  18. >You replied with a single finger stroke of her slit, before giving her other areas more attention.
  19. >"M-more..."
  20. "More what, Twi?"
  21. >She blushed and clammed up, a low groan escaping her when you put your mouth to one of her tiny nipples.
  22. >You delicately suckled on her, fingers occupied with dancing along her inner thighs.
  23. >They came oh so close to brushing her swollen and ready lips, but you weren't giving it to her just yet.
  24. >You wanted to hear her beg for it.
  25. >Removing your mouth, you began to taunt her.
  26. "Poor little alicorn...what does she want...?"
  27. >"F-f-fingers..."
  28. "Mmhm...and where does she want them?"
  29. >"I-in here..."
  30. >You grinned.
  31. "What is it, Twi?"
  32. >"My v-vagi-"
  33. "Nope." You replied, giving the bad pony a slap on the flank.
  34. >She yelped, biting her lower lip.
  35. >It was a damn good thing this pony was practically a walking fetish.
  36. >You might have turned her off otherwise.
  37. >"In my..."
  38. >The next word was inaudible.
  39. >You gave her another spank.
  40. >"AH! I-in my...pussy..." She whispered.
  41. "Good girl..."
  42. >One finger began sliding along, teasing the mare. You pressed in, meeting resistance for only a nanosecond before Twi's head threw back again.
  43. >Probing her depths with one suddenly became two, then three, the purple mare dripping fluids all over your hand.
  44. >"More, more, Anon please, more!" Twilight cried, struggling in her bonds.
  45. >You stopped, completely withdrawing with an evil chuckle.
  46. >"No, Anon, WHY?!" The mare cried out, giving you look of sheer desperation.
  47. "Beg for it."
  48. >"Beg for WHAT?!" She snapped.
  49. >You pulled off your undergarments, and her eyes snapped to you and Anon Junior.
  50. "This, silly."
  51. >Her expression was nearly feral.
  52. >"Please give it to me! I've been a good filly, I've done everything you asked!"
  53. "And see, that's the problem." You playfully growled in her ear. "I don't want a good filly. I want a *bad* one."
  54. >Your fingers dived back in, and she yelped.
  55. >"Ah, ah, I need more, give me it, please!"
  56. >Her walls began tensing up, and you withdrew once more.
  57. >"Anon!" Twilight snarled. "Maybe you don't understand! I NEED YOU. IN. NOW."
  58. "Beg. For. It." You replied simply, rubbing the head of your cock along Twilight's stomach. "Or I'll leave you here, tied up on the bed, with no outlet."
  59. >She shuddered in equal parts pleasure and anticipation.
  60. >"I have..."
  61. "Not how I want to hear it."
  62. >Her eyes widened when she realized what you meant.
  63. >"No, I can't...that's no way for a pony to speak..."
  64. "Twilight..." You teased playfully, putting the head to her tight purple slit. "You already have once, what's one or two more times...?"
  65. >Her eyes shrunk to the size of pinheads, knowing you were so close.
  66. >She began muttering something under her breath, quietly.
  67. >You could read her lips. She was saying what you wanted, but not out loud.
  68. "If you don't, I put him away~"
  69. >Pure, unadulterated torture for the alicorn.
  70. >"F-f-fuck me..." She finally muttered.
  71. "Yes...?" You encouraged, giving her an encouraging poke in her nethers.
  72. >"Fuck me...with your c-co..." Twilight mumbled, stumbling over words she had almost never used.
  73. >Only once in anger, never in the bedroom.
  74. >It was amusing to you, in some small way, to hear her beg like this.
  75. >Your teeth graced her neck, and applied some mostly-harmless pressure.
  76. >From there, you hummed a questioning tone into her.
  77. >Her hips bucked despite the restraints, the mare visibly dripping.
  78. >She gasped, looking at your length in agony.
  79. >"Fuck me, please...put your cock in my p-pussy..."
  80. "Louder." You demanded, a finger lowering to tweak her clit.
  81. >She lasted ten seconds.
  82. >"Fuck my pussy raw, Anon! Put your dick in my cunt, fill me, please!" She moaned, just loud enough for the rest of the castle to hear.
  83. >The blush was horrid, but you got what you wanted.
  84. >Time to follow up on your end of the deal.
  85. >You bit down on her neck again as you plunged in, and the reaction was instant.
  86. >She came, as if you had been taunting her for the past hour.
  87. >That merely made her tunnel slicker.
  88. >Despite her walls putting a serious squeeze on your member, you were able to fuck your little purple alicorn into a sweet, blissful oblivion.
  89. >"He's in, he's in, his cock is finally in..." She squeaked to herself as you ruined her.
  90. >You grinned, knowing you've practically ensured her foul mouth would endure.
  91. >While still fucking her, you untied her restraints, her wings springing out so suddenly they almost took your head off.
  92. >Her forehooves wrapped around your neck, and she pulled herself closer to you.
  93. >Missionary may have been standard for you, but it was an exotic position for her.
  94. >And that was good enough for you.
  95. "Let me hear it, Twi."
  96. >"Fuck me more, my pussy needs more~!" The alicorn cried, burying her head into your shoulder.
  97. >She came again, cunt clamping down uselessly on your member as her fluids ran down your lap and thighs and onto the bed.
  98. >You easily slid out of her, bringing her mouth down to your cock.
  99. >It fell onto her muzzle before she reacted by drawing it into her mouth, tongue wrapping around it and essentially jerking you off in her maw.
  100. >Your end was near, but you wanted to savor it for a few moments more.
  101. >Through some feat of fortitude, you did, pulling out of her mouth.
  102. "Twi, I'm ready~" You teased, plunging back into her tight fuckhole.
  103. >"C-cum in me...please?" The mare whined quietly, almost as if that weren't already your plan.
  104. "How many foals do you want, Twi?" You asked, *almost* innocently.
  105. >"Dozens! I want dozens!" She replied instantly. "I want my human to make me pregnant, I'm ready!"
  106. "One preggo Twilight, coming right up..."
  107. >A handful of thrusts, and you released inside of her, clutching the mare tightly against your chest.
  108. >Her head threw back each time a spurt of cum hit her insides.
  109. >"There's another foal...AHN! And another..." She said mindlessly, still on her multiple-orgasm high.
  110. >Eventually, her cries of ecstasy died out, as did your own quieter ones.
  111. >You pulled out after a few moments of motionlessness, finally, the mare dripping onto your thighs and the bed.
  112. >Neither of you were done just yet.
  113. >Fifteen minutes of rest, and both of you would be ready for another round.
  114. >A few minutes later, Twilight came back to the land of the conscious.
  115. >"I...hate you so much." She said, head hitting her pillow.
  116. >Her nethers were still dripping, and she put a hoof to them to stop the flow for a bit.
  117. "No you don't." You said, lying next to her.
  118. >"Do too." Twilight said, giving you a kiss on the nose.
  119. "Hate-fucking, then? I can deal with that." You replied with a grin, and the mare flushed.
  120. >"Can't believe you made me say that..."
  121. "Say what?"
  122. >"C-cock...and...pussy..."
  123. >Your grin was nearly face-splitting at this point, hearing her delicate voice repeat it now that she wasn't on a sex high.
  124. "Next target is Fluttershy. I'll have her saying "Fuck" by the end of the week." You joked.
  125. >The mare actually growled at you.
  126. >"It better not be in bed."
  127. >You arched an eyebrow, hand diving down to tease the mare's still hot pussy.
  128. "Come now. I'm crude, not unfaithful." You teased, gearing Twilight up for round two.
  129. >"Sorry, hormones..." She replied tersely, trying not to moan mid-sentence.
  130. "I know, my little Twilight."
  131. >You went knuckle deep, and her back arched with wings flaring out.
  132. >And so, round two began.
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