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  1. Cremation of Viktor Borisavljevic
  3. ★ Timothy Moreno reaches down towards the stretcher handlebar, pulling it along as he walks to -
  4. ★ - the freezers.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  5. ★ Timothy Moreno positions it infront of the freezer, removing the mechanism lock as he lowers it down -
  6. ★ - to the ground, grasps towards the freezer door as he unlocks and opens it.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  7. ★ Timothy Moreno reaches inside as he then takes ahold of the backboard where the deceased -
  8. ★ - is located on, rolling it out over the rollers ontop of the stretcher.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  9. ★ Timothy Moreno releases his grip on the mechanism as then the stretcher lifts up, shutting the freezer -
  10. ★ - door afterwards.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  11. ★ Timothy Moreno takes ahold on the stretcher, escorting it along.
  12. ★ Timothy Moreno turns the stretcher around, positions it next to the counter.
  13. You dropped a Corpse - Viktor Borisavljevic.
  14. ★ Timothy Moreno reaches down towards the backboard, unsecures the straps as he then swings them -
  15. ★ - over to the other side.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  16. ★ Timothy Moreno would motions his hands towards the deceased, begins with a progress to remove all jewerly -
  17. ★ - and metal off the corpse, along with clothes.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  18. ★ Timothy Moreno would folds up the clothing of deceased, places it down on the counter as he re-locates -
  19. ★ - the jewerly on the left if any was found.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  20.  [English] Timothy Moreno says: Okay, hold on my slavic friend.
  21. ★ Timothy Moreno approaches the storage room, reaches towards a cremation container as he then -
  22. ★ - lifts it up over towards the other room, placing it down on the ground next to deceased.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  23. ★ Timothy Moreno straightens his back as he then takes ahold of deceased his feet, raising it up as he -
  24. ★ - tucks his hand underneath, proceeds to continue with his bag when he lifts him from -      ((Timothy Moreno))
  25. ★ - the stretcher into the cremation container.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  26. ★ Timothy Moreno looks around, releasing the deceased when he reaches towards the counter as he -
  27. ★ - picks up a nail gun, closing the cremation container as he positions the nail gun -      ((Timothy Moreno))
  28. ★ - on the ledge, begins to secure it by shooting nails all around in the wood.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  29. ★ Timothy Moreno raises his right hand, positions the nail gun back on the counter.
  30. ★ Timothy Moreno reaches down towards the handlebars of the cremation container, picking it up as he hauls -
  31. ★ - it over towards the chamber, lowering it slightly as he'd let it rest on his knee -      ((Timothy Moreno))
  32. ★ - when he reaches backwards to the chamber, opening it up after removing the lock.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  33. ★ Timothy Moreno scoops a bit backwards, places the container on the ledge, releasing it as he walks -
  34. ★ - over towards the other end, raises it up as he slides it down in the chamber.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  35. ★ Timothy Moreno grasps towards the chamber door, shutting it closed as he then secures it.
  36. ★ Timothy Moreno motions his right hand thereafter towards the console, filling in the 1600 oven degrees as -
  37. ★ - he starts it up.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  39. 2 hours and 30 minutes passed.
  41. ★ Timothy Moreno elevates his hand towards the panel, turning the chamber off.
  42. * The chamber would paces down with heat from 1900 degrees to 0.
  43. ★ Timothy Moreno collects the scrap tool as he then collects the ashes from the chamber upon one -
  44. ★ - pile, takes ahold of a urn, positions it as he then scoops the ashes inside.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  48. Cremation of Sven Trust
  50. ★ Timothy Moreno reaches towards the freezer door, pulling it open before unlocking as he then -
  51. ★ - reaches towards the backboard handle, rolling it out.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  52. ★ the wheels would extend down, as it rolls along.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  53. ★ Timothy Moreno reaches over towards the straps on the backboard, unsecures them as he then removes -
  54. ★ - them individually.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  55. ★ Timothy Moreno reaches  towards the deceased clothing, proceeds to undress him as he then -
  56. ★ - folds up the clothing on the counter.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  57. ★ Timothy Moreno examines the deceased for any jewerly as he then takes it off the corpse.
  58. ★ Timothy Moreno grasps onto the stretcher, pulls it along towards the chamber.
  59. ★ Timothy Moreno positions it infront, grasps onto the backboard as he scoops it forward, then lifting -
  60. ★ - it up in order to have the deceased slide in the chamber.      ((Timothy Moreno))
  61. ★ Timothy Moreno places the backboard down, puts the stretcher aside.
  62. ★ Timothy Moreno elevates his hand towards the chamber panel, flicking it on.
  63. ★ it'd pace up to 1900degrees as the corpse turn into ashes after 2 hours.      ((Timothy Moreno))
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