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raw changelog for RC21

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Dec 29th, 2020
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  1. GAME
  2. - Game no longer removes actor bleeding and radiation if you take damage right after loading a save (RC20 hotfix)
  3. - Fixed overheat particles playing when you swing with an axe
  4. - Fixed and improved aim and GL offsets
  5. - Fixed wrong radiation values for IAM with Stone Flower and Crystal
  6. - Fixed outfits with broken weight upgrades
  7. - "Adjustable Zoom" feature for SIG550 Sniper is only acquired by upgrades
  8. - Fixed SVU Alt having very low accuracy
  9. - Fixed Clear Sky guide guiding player above a chemical anomaly
  10. - Fixed an exploit that grants player with free XP using artefact containers
  11. - Improved the way corpses are cleared from the alife, to avoid cases of broken quests
  12. - Improved the way stashes are picked for related quests, to avoid cases of picking unique stashes for common quests
  13. - Fixed log error spam caused by killing stalkers at night
  14. - Fixed a crash when using the workshop to craft items_container_iam
  15. - Fixed workshop repair tab preventing the player from replacing helmets for some outfits
  16. - Fixed normal mapping on trees
  17. - Changed bumpmap intensity
  18. - Fixed sun size for PCSS
  19. - Fixed log spam during Barrier Defense quest on Monolith RPG wave
  20. - Fixed body_release_manager removing corpses with quest items
  21. - Added SMAA shaders
  22. - Removed FXAA shaders
  23. - Added SMAA textures
  24. - Fixed motion blur brightness problem
  25. - Reduced volume of rain audio
  26. - Fixed anomalies retriggering constantly by corpses
  27. - Cleaned up some shader code for improved G-Buffer layouts
  28. - Some weather fixes
  30. ENGINE
  31. - Fixed particles in hud_mode playing at the wrong position
  32. - Changed shader compile crash message to something more informative
  33. - Permanently disabled exclusive input mode since it only causes problems with overlays
  34. - Quickload keybind is now working the same way as the "Last Save" main menu button
  35. - Removed FXAA and added SMAA
  36. - Fixed half pixel offsets
  37. - Check for device state in R3 and R4
  38. - Properly clear geometry shader state
  39. - Removed some PIX events from renderers
  40. - Fixed actor bullet hit power modifier only applying to stalkers
  41. - Added missing rsSMAA flag for the console command
  42. - Fix for depth stencil buffer being recreated all the time
  43. - Fixed problem with fonts offset
  44. - Added position buffer samplers to blur blenders
  45. - The R2 shader compiler is no longer using the legacy flag
  46. - New command to toggle terrain z prepass (r2_terrain_z_prepass) - requires a restart
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