Why kikes are worse than muslims (but both are bad)

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  1. Muslims let you know who they are. They let you know their intentions. This is why kikes have and always will be more dangerous. They lie more than they tell the truth. They feed off of subversion. People think that Muslims are worse because they show you what they do. They tell you they hate you and that they want you dead. Kike media makes sure to plaster their terrorist attacks all over your tv screen and newspaper so that the public won't forget who their "real" enemy is. On the other hand kikes will pretend to be your best friend while slowly and methodically destroying your nation. They brainwash our children in public schools to feel sorry for them and hate anyone who doesn't love kikes/israel. I remember for multiple years in high school all we learned about in history class is how persecuted the kikes were and how we should never let such a tragedy ever happen again. Elie Wiesel even came and spoke to our entire school multiple days about the holohoax. Turns out ol Elie is a pathological liar who has been photographed without the supposed ID # all kikes were given in concentration camps. They don't mention how they were kicked out of hundreds of different nations over the centuries because they are incompatible with human life. They don't mention how Israeli Mossad agents were found with explosives near the George Washington bridge on the day of 9/11/2001. They don't mention how there were multiple Israeli Mossad agents video taped recording, dancing, and celebrating the attacks on that day just miles away from the towers. They don't mention how Larry Silverstein and his children just happened to not show up for work on the day of the attacks when they never miss work and had scheduled meetings that day. They don't mention how the federal reserve is a private corporation run by an incredibly powerful kike family. They don't mention how even though kikes are ~2% of the population they are over represented in major companies all around our country by 300% on average. They don't mention how Israel controls and stores information on every single phone call sent and received in the united states. (source is a FOX news segment that was aired around the attacks in 2001) They don't mention how in 1967 the USS Liberty was relentlessly attacked by Israeli fighter pilots who KNEW FOR A FACT they were attacking an American spy ship. They don't mention the fact that president Richard Nixon and Billy Graham sat together discussing how the "[jewish] stranglehold on our country must be stopped or it is going to go down the drain." - actual quote from Graham to Nixon. They don't mention the fact that they influence our movies, shows, music, magazines, books, new media, major corporations, government (dual citizens), literally everything they can wrap their fingers around. They push multiculturalism and race mixing every opportunity they get. They even go so far as to manufacture false flag events (mass shootings etc) to guide public opinion where they want it to go. They flood majority white countries with refugees who can't even tie a shoe let lone hold a real job that would help the city they live in in any real tangible way. They change the laws of those countries to allow pedophilia, forced transgenderism, gay propaganda, etc. They promote and even CELEBRATE abortion and promote it any chance they possibly can. They are literally holding abortion parades and shit in the worst places. There are children who can barely speak that are having sex changes and taking hormone blockers in order to not go through puberty. This is happening in America and around the entire world. "Desmond is amazing" is a child cross dresser. The parents allow him to dance for money at gay clubs in new york and "Child Protective Services" rule that it is perfectly fine and violates no child labor laws or any other laws. New York promotes the kid on a billboard in Times Squre. The kikes LOVE to shove shit like that in your face. Kikes own the porn industry and have been quoted saying the only reason they push porn is because they "hate christ." They get off on destroying young white womens lives. Nothing makes a kike happier than completely destroying a beautiful young white woman. Then when someone tries to call them out or say that it's wrong they're labeled a sex-phobe, homophobe, transphobe, hater, etc and their life is destroyed. Kikes have successfully subverted the west beyond repair. Half of our country is okay with all of this and wants to do nothing about it. The other half has been castrated by way of entertainment & religion. Decades of pro-kike anti-white propaganda has brainwashed the American public into wanting to help a foreign invader more than our own people and country. Most Christians would sacrifice their family to help a kike stranger out who wants nothing more than to see them and their race/culture eradicated from this planet. We send literal billions of dollars to Israel every single year while people in our own country can't even afford clean water to keep themselves alive. We elect politicans that claim "dual citizenship" with Israel and vote any time they can on anything they can to send money to Israel and help them in any possible way imaginable. We send our strongest and brightest young men to die for them constantly in manufactured wars to help them keep their control and gain even more over the sand niggers they use against us in the middle east. The only reason a kike would say anything bad about the NZ shooter is because he eradicated 50 of their prized posessions. 50 of the pawns they have been flooding into white countries to rape white women and decrease our birth rates even more substantially than they already have for decades now. There are countries in Europe allowing refugees to rape women and children because it is part of their culture. And if you speak out about it on twitter or facebook the UK thought police will literally come to your home and put you behind bars for disparaging a protected class. What Brenton did in New Zealand was heroic. A man saw what he needed to do to help his people and instead of sitting around posting online like an impotent faggot he did something about it. He erradicated 50 would be terrorists and/or accomplices from the earth. And not only that he gave the white race hope. He showed us that it isn't over, that we can still make change if we really want to. Those 50 terrorists he killed may just be a drop in the bucket, but I believe it was a drop of rain in the massive storm that has yet to come. Brenton showed white men that it isn't impossible to do something significant, no matter who you are or where you live. There are literally thousands, maybe even millions of white men like Brenton all across the world. Men who are sick and tired of being mocked and treated as second class citizens in the countries OUR ANCESTORS BUILT. Sick of being held to a higher standard without any of the benefits that accompany it. Sick of watching our people be slowly genocided over decades. Sick of being told we are too radical and that we need to focus on other things. Sick of watching the children in our country be physically and mentally destroyed with the help of our government, police, CPS, and doctors. Sick of our government officials caring more about a parisitic country whose only goal is to destroy everything that is good than the one they were elected to serve. Sick of the lies.
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