Normal Norman - Day one

Jun 5th, 2013
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  1. >Be Norman
  2. >I'm new in this town and on my first day of school
  3. >My parent's didn't let me skip school even though we arrived today
  4. >So here I am. Just a Sleep deprived normal guy on his first day of school. On top of that I'm late for class
  5. >I'm really off to a good start
  6. >At the school's main gate, there was a janitor or a gardener or something
  7. >He's an old man with dark skin, gray hair, a goatee and a very mismatching outfit.
  8. >Maybe he escaped from an asylum or something. Though he has an air that reminds me of my dad
  9. >"I havent seen you here before" -the man says- "are you perhaps a new student here?"
  10. >"Yes" -I answered
  11. >"Don't you now that you can't be late on your first day? Everyone will laugh at you"
  12. >"uh, yes I know, it's just that I got into this town today, so I kinda got lost on my way here" -I replied again
  13. >The tall man showed worry in his his face
  14. >"You know what? I was once like you. Just a little boy who couldn't distinguish left and right"
  15. >A smile appears on his face
  16. >"I gess I'll show you arround school, so you don't get lost again" -he said while showing me a very wide grin
  17. >It seems that despite his appearance he's a very kind person
  18. >"okay! I'll take on your offer" -I smile at him as I speak.
  19. >By the way young lad, what's your name?
  20. >My name is Norman. And yours mister janitor?
  22. >"Oh, Norman! how corteous" -he chuckled- "there's no need for you to know the name of a humble janitor. But if you must refer to me by a name, you can call me Mr.D" he seemed flattered as we spoke.
  23. >I wonder how people here treat this janitor for him to be this happy just because I asked his name.
  24. >But Mr. D? you must be some kind of pretentious faggot if you make people call you that. I can understand if they mistreat you after you present yourself
  25. >"so lets go on a tour all arround the school" -Mr. D said this in a way reminiscent of some musical; I almost expected him to start singing
  26. >And so we went arround the whole school. Mr. D let me look through the windows of many rooms while explaining me what each room was for.
  27. >"This is the library, here, our colorful student body can read books of almost any topic, we even have some banned books."
  28. >What? does this library has porn or something like that? -I thought
  29. >"Of course not, if we had that the government would close the school. Also, please leave your questions for the end of the tour"
  30. >Wait, what? I'm pretty sure I didn't say that, did he read my mind, or he just expected I would think something like that? I guess I'll stay with my second guess in this
  31. >We just kept walking and I see the first student since I got here, a rainbow haired girl with blueish skin, just you normal everyday girl.
  32. >What the hell?
  33. >"Questions at the end of the tour please"
  34. >Mr. D you are freaking me out. I haven't spoken a word since we were at the library
  35. >"This is the dining room, where you and your future iridiscent friends will hace lunch and strengthen your bonds"
  36. >seeing some of the people here I can guess why he uses synonyms of the word color to refer to them
  37. >"Don't ask questions yet Norman, just enjoy the tour" -he spoke before I could even move my mouth
  39. >Mr. D kept showing me many different rooms while emphasizing the varying hues of this school's students. He didn't let me speak during the whole trip. Damn it I need to know
  40. >"Okay then, here we finish our little tour" -he spoke- "this is the principal's office, I hope you never end up here"
  41. >Mr. D proceeded to take a microphone from the principal's desk
  42. >"Hello everyone, welcome to a new episode of Mr. D's interviews. Our special guest today is also our newest student Mr. Norman. A round of applause please"
  43. >this guy is kinda funny, he acted as if he was hosting a tv show I just played along, maybe no one pays attention to this poor guy, but don't worry Mr. D I wont be a faggot like the people here
  44. >"So Mr. Norman, have you got any question about our cherished school?" -he asked as a professional announcer.
  45. >"Yes I have a question" -I replied- "What's wrong with all the colored people?"
  46. >"And that my friend's was today's show thanks for tuning in" -he then left the room without even answering my question
  47. >That was so weird and random, whatever
  48. >Classes were already over so I started walking home
  49. >"OMG SO RACIST" -The student's start yelling
  50. >"Yeah, check your privilege, white scum." -I wonder what happened, I guess it's some kind of protest
  51. >"Fuck you Norman"
  52. >Oh shit
  53. >People start calling me a skin head.
  54. >It's going to be a long year
  55. >At the gate was Mr.D
  56. >"Did you enjoy your welcome party?" -he said as he smirked
  57. >"By the way, I'm no janitor, I'm Hester Descartes, the main funder of this school"
  58. >"Have a nice year"
  59. >This is definitely going to be a long year
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