Injectable Blend Steroids Oil Fmj 300mg/Ml for Bodybuilding

Jasonsteroids Feb 14th, 2019 14 Never
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  7. Product Name:Fmj 300
  8. FMJ300 Mg/Ml Recipe:
  9. 100mg Testo cyp 
  10. 100mg Tr/enbo e
  11. 100mg Mast e
  12. Pharma Grade BA 20ML
  13. PHarma grade BB 200ML
  14. Pharma Grade EO/Grape seed oils 300ML
  15. How to make Oil? 
  16. Step 1.
  17. Weight out the raw powder
  19. Step 2
  20. Mesasure Out the BB, BA and oil, and then put into the breaker
  22. Step 3
  23. Transfer the powder into the breaker with solution already in it. Next move the breaker with solvents and powder to a pan with water in it. The water level should be just above the level of the oil inside the breaker to ensure even heating of the oil
  25. Step 4
  26. Slowly warm the water\oil until the powder is completely dissolved in the oil. Don't let the oil boiling. Stir it while heating until you see nothing but oil.
  28. Step 5
  29. Have a look to make sure the powder is dissolved completely, nothing floating in the oil.  
  31. Step 6 
  32. Getting ready to start filtering. Let the oil cool a little, wait until it is hot to touch. Warm is goo enough
  34. Step 7 Filter the oil.
  36. Step 8 disinfection
  37. After filtering, leave the pin in the sterile vial, remove the filter. Place the vial in a small pan, and place on eye of the stove or oven Cut on heat, heat solution for about 15 to 20 minutes. Turn off heat, and let it cool down 
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