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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2.                                                   How to set up ACRE
  3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. 1)Download ACRE - (includes ShackTac's ACRE Volume Adjustment mod)
  6. 2)Place the folders from the .rar to your ArmA 3 folder (Recommending using both CBA's at the same time, since not doing it apperantly causes problems for some people.)
  8. 3)Install Teamspeak -
  10. 4)Open your Teamspeak 3 folder (Program Files/Teamspeak 3 Client/Plugins) and your ACRE folder(@ACRE/plugins) and
  11.   either drag and drop either acre_win64.dll or acre_win32.dll to the Teamspeak's plugins folder.
  13. 5)Open Teamspeak and do the following:
  14.      1)If you haven't used Teamspeak before: (Skip this if you have your settings already set up properly)
  15.        Settings -> Setup Wizard (make sure to use push to talk instead of Voice detection)
  16.      2)If you have:
  17.        Settings -> Plugins -> Tick ACRE Plugin
  18.      3)Add our current Teamspeak server to your Bookmarks
  19.        Bookmarks -> Add Bookmark -> Label it as you see fit -> Address: -> Nickname: Your    
  20.        ingame name -> Connect on startup (instantly connects you
  21.        to the marked server and channel when you start up Teamspeak, optional)
  23.      4)Disable Teamspeak 3 announcer sounds (optional)
  24.        Settings -> Options -> Notifications -> Sound Pack -> Sounds deactivated -> Apply
  25.        If you only want to remove certain sounds: Settings -> Options -> Notifications -> Untick what you don't  
  26.        want -> Apply
  27.      5)Make sure Teamspeak runs as Administarator
  28.        Right click on Teamspeak -> Properties -> Compatibility > Tick 'Run this program as administator' -> Apply
  30. 6)Open the userconfig folder(if you don't have it, just create it) in your ArmA 3 directory and create a folder
  31.   called 'acre' without the 's inside it. Drag and drop files acre_clientside_config.hpp & acre_keys.hpp from your
  32.   @ACRE folder(ArmA 3/@ACRE/userconfig) into it.
  34. 7)Default broadcasting hotkey for ACRE is Caps lock, if you want to rebind it do the following:
  35.      Open acre_keys.hpp with Notepad -> Edit -> Find -> 'class PTTradio' without the 's -> Change the 'key = 58'
  36.      to something else (for the list of keys and numbers, scroll all the way down) -> Save
  38. 8)Make sure ArmA3 runs as Administarator
  39.      Right click on arma3.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility > Tick 'Run this program as administator' -> Apply
  41. 9)Open your Steam launch options for ArmA 3 and add the following line:
  42.           -mod=@ACRE;@UOCBA_A3;@JayArmA3Lib (If you already have used -mod=@ for something else, just add 'em to
  43.           the end of your current line -mod=@mod1;@mod2;@ACRE;JayArmA3Lib;@UOCBA_A3) Do not add these mods through
  44.           Expansions ingame since it breaks them.
  46. 10)Open ArmA3 and Options -> Sound -> TUrn the VON slider all the way down (Only do that if you don't want  
  47.    to hear VON chat. Not recommended if you want to play in servers without ACRE aswell)
  49. 11)Go to your Control settings (Options -> Controls -> Multiplayer) and change or unbind following keys:
  50.           *Voice Over Network: 2x Caps lock
  51.           *Push TO Talk: Caps lock
  53. 12)Bind a key to 'Talk on Direct Chat'. This is used to open the menu for ACRE's volume adjustment mod. You can adjust your voice's volume with the scrollwheel.
  55. 13)You're basically set for now. If you want to test the plugin join the Teamspeak server (even a random one
  56.    works) and host a local server, once your ingame press Caps lock and if you hear a beep with a sign
  57.    BROADCASTING in the bottom right corner it means ACRE is working.
  58. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  59.                                                   Further tips
  60. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  61. 1)If you use your ACRE hotkey you broadcast in a radio channel you're currently on. If you use your Teamspeak  
  62.   hotkey, it works as direct chat.
  64. 2)Keep your radio messages clear and short.
  66. 3)While holding down the broadcast button you cannot hear the other end, that's why you should follow tip nr. 2
  68. 3)Yes, you can actually click on the radio controls to interact with them (switching channels, boosting signal,
  69.  etc.)
  71. 4)If you have multiple radios, you can assign keys to each one instead of having to cycle between them all the
  72.   time, might be a glitch but PTT-radio alternate 1 doesn't work. To use your 2nd radio bind key to 'PTT_radio
  73.   alternate 2'.
  75. 5)Be patient.
  77. 6)CTRL + F the thread before asking questions, they've probably been asked before.
  79. 7)If game freezes up during loading screens, wait a few minutes before killing the process.
  81. 8)Useful links (IN WORKS)
  82.  - Explains how ACRE works,
  83.           differences of radio types and other basic stuff.
  84.  - BroMA's image guide, features some other useful
  85.           stuff aswell.
  86.  - Troubleshooting, longer explanation of different radio
  87.           types, their usages, controls, radio frequency basics etc.
  88.  - Troubleshooting,
  89.           installation guide etc.
  91. 9)ACRE controls (DEFAULT)
  92.           CTRL + SHIFT + S or A - Cycle between radios (switch between 343, 148, 119, 117F)
  93.           CTRL + SHIFT + X - Open selected radio interface
  94.           CTRL + SHIFT + LEFT ARROW - Set current radio into your left ear only
  95.           CTRL + SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW - Set current radio into your right ear only
  96.           ALT + SHIFT + 1 - Preset: Talk on 343 (Squad Radio)
  97.           ALT + SHIFT + 2 - Preset: Talk on 148 (Command Radio)
  98.           ALT + SHIFT + E - Lower/Raise Headset (see below)
  99.           ALT + SHIFT + Q - Use vehicle radio (only inside vehicles)
  101.           MOUSE-SCROLL-MENU
  102.           "Raise Headset" - simulates the headset away from your characters ears and mouthpiece. (50%)
  103.           "Lower Headset" - opposite of Raise Headset
  105.           VEHICLE AND RADIOS
  106.           Vehicles have own radio. Use Alt + Shift + Q to take it in use.
  108. 10)ACRE takes its radio frequency simulation from real world cues. As of v1.0 radio signals are affected by
  109.    distance, terrain, object clutter (buildings, trees, etc), and the statistics of the radio sets themselves.
  110.    This means that you have to take these factors into account when you are planning and using your radio sets.
  112. 11)Everyone starts with a 343, that is perfectly fine for squad chatter. Squad leaders have to grab a 119 from VAB
  113.    (under the weapons TAB). It has a much better range (up to about 40 Km). It should be used to talk with other
  114.    squads and with pilots.
  115.    The power modes are:
  116.    - LO will pick up signals approximately 500-800 meters away
  117.    - M will do 3-5km
  118.    - HI will do approximately 8-10km depending on line of site. This will change with elevation
  119.    - PA will go 35-40km.
  121.    Pilots can use the 117 from the helicopters. Just press alt+shift+q when in a helicopter.
  122.    148 is used by squadleaders to communicate with eachother.
  123.    119 is for RTOS (Radio Telephone Operators)
  125.    Just an observation: the 117, 119, 148 and 152 all use the same bandwidth, so they can talk to each other. The  
  126.    only difference basically is range. 343 is the only radio which can't communicate with radiotypes other than    
  127.    it's own.
  129. 12)Feel free to suggest links and tips for this guide in the thread.
  130. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  131.                                                   Props
  132. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  133. Von_Lipwig (TNF forums)
  134. Anon
  135. Soppa (Olutta forums)
  136. LastStandGamers(YouTube)
  137. Paliasso
  138. BroMA
  139. ACRE Team
  140. NASA (for putting this shit together)
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