18/02/2016 - KTOS Patch Preview

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  1. 18/02/2016 (Patch Preview)
  2. TN: I've included links to the images since we can't put actual pictures in a paste bin, just as a visual aide. These appear at full size as opposed to them being shrunken on the KR Site, enjoy!
  4. Hello Saviors, the information below will discuss content that is intended to be implemented on the 18th of February. The contents inside this preview is currently being prepared by the Development team and will be available soon.
  7. 1) Sallus Abbey - [ ]
  8. - Sallus Abbey is where characters over level 240 can obtain daily missions.
  9. - Missions will be given randomly, However you can obtain certain items that appear exclusively in this area.
  12. 2) Guild Event - [ ]
  14. - A guild that is at least Level 4 and possesses a guild tower (The points that can run a guild event) are used & You can run a guild event.
  15. - Guild events are events that take place in a designated area that you can start as a team,
  16.   Features such as 'Boss Hunting' and 'Raids' become available.
  17. - For the Guild Master & Currently Online players, these events are started through a pop-up message asking if you want to participate in a guild event.
  18. - Various items are obtainable through Guild Events,
  19.   For example, you can obtain Crop seeds and Companion Eggs.
  21. Raising Companions - [ ]
  22. - It will be possible to obtain Companions through Guild Events, These companions can be raised in the Guild hangout area.
  25. Raid Picture - [ ]
  26. - Guild Raid : [In The Forgotten Place] will become available.
  27. - This raid is set in Tiltas Valley.
  29. 3) The Earth Tower - [ ]
  30. The Earth Tower is a challenging place for 5 player parties that are level 280.
  32. Earth Tower Doors - [ ]
  33. - At the start of the Earth Tower, climb the stairs until you are met with a gateway to begin the challenge.
  34. - Each floor must be completed within 4 minutes, and there is a total of 20 floors that the team must clear to complete the challenge.
  36. 5th Floor Boss - [ ]
  37. - Every 5th floor a boss will appear to fight the party, After beating the boss you can receive rewards after leaving the tower, Or alternatively the party can challenge the next floor and advance in the tower.
  40. This concludes the  February 18 Preview.
  41. Other changes such as improving class balance and fixing bugs is also going underway on the 18th.
  42. Hopefully you all anticipate the things to come on the 18th as it will be an interesting update.
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  46. Translation by Gwenyth @ TOS Fourms.
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