Sep 2nd, 2017
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  1. >be betanon in horspeopleland
  2. >A lot has happened these last few years
  3. >Being turned into a zombie and forced to obey her was scary
  4. >At first
  5. >But you soon found out the idea was really, really hot
  6. >Not being turned into a zombie
  7. >But obeying her
  8. >Serving her
  9. >Being hers
  10. >The idea alone makes you feel weak in the knees
  12. >Then the Siren incident
  13. >Another 'zombification'
  14. >It wasn't her on stage, and it wasn't her voice resonating in between your ears
  15. >But she was still on your mind the whole time
  16. >How you wish she was the one on stage instead of these three
  17. >The one singing for you
  18. >The one asking you to submit to her voice
  20. >Then the Friendship games
  21. >No zombification, but there was something alright
  22. >She was beautiful
  23. >It didn't last long, but you can still vividly remember it and you know you'll never forget it
  24. >Her beautiful wings flaring out
  25. >The horn that appeared from thin air
  26. >The waves of magic escaping her, their warmth spreading through you
  27. >It felt like warm silk passing through your entire being
  28. >It was surreal
  29. >After everything that had already happened to you, this felt like a dream
  30. >One you didn't want to wake up from
  31. >But it did have to end at some point
  33. >Then the camp everfree
  34. >Still no zombification, but you got to experience the joys of tentacles tying you up and hoisting you in the air and in a compromising position
  35. >Thankfully, you were isolated from the camp when it happened, so your pride didn't suffer from it
  36. >But somehow, even though you were fearing for your life, she was there
  37. >In your mind
  38. >You just couldn't get her out of your head
  39. >Your she-demon prom-queen
  40. >Your angel
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