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Dec 22nd, 2012
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  1. Some more information to play with..
  2. The Car?
  3. So we have Adam Lanza driving to the scene in a Honda Civic that can be seen in the video clip of police removing an AR from the trunk [link to[1] (secure)]
  4. and can also be seen leaving on a trailer here: [link to]
  5. The car was originally reported to be his mother's, and still is by the mass media. But in the police scanner recordings you can clearly hear the car being matched to a Christopher Rodia. So now we know it was not the mother's car Lanza drove to the school before this massacre.. But it was Chris Rodia's Civic. So who is Chris Rodia?
  6. Chris Rodia 19 Volmmer Ave. Norwalk, CT [link to[2] ] Christopher A. Rodia is a 42 year old from Norwalk CT currently living in Miami, FL. He has quite a list of previous drug and burglary charges.. seems to be big on stealing leaf blowers since he is currently awaiting trial for atleast his 5th count of stealing a leaf blower. He had an active arrest warrant on October 8th. One of the more recent times he has been in the news was for stealing copper wire from a construction site with his 19 year old niece, Cassandra Scire. The 2 lived together on Volmmer with a large group of extended family.
  7. [link to[3] ]
  8. Cassandra Scire 19 Volmmer Ave. Norwalk, CT Cassandra Scire, 19 from Norwalk CT is the niece of Chris Rodia. She was charged as accomplice in the copper wire theft. Family members confirmed the relationship in comments on the above news article. There was much talk of her being a "crack babie" and being mentally handicapped. A family members comment claims "Rodia 'tricked' her into being part of the theft" and "had told her they were just going to walgreens". Another family member claimed Rodia to be a "manipulator" and called him a "bum".
  9. I started with Cassandra's facebook and started trying to find connections through her family and friends. The Scire and Rodia families appear to be close with eachother, but I also found another family they are close with.. the Lanza's. There are many ties between family members facebook accounts.
  10. A couple thoughts this far.. So Chris Rodia, career petty thief who can't seem to stay out of jail and is stealing copper wire to support a drug habbit (oxycodone), currently living in florida on the run from CT warrants, has a brand new looking Honda Civic registered to him in Connecticut that is being used by Nancy Lanza?Let me note that he, himself does not have any direct association with the Lanza's on facebook.
  11. Another thought is that this guy has a history of taking advantage of mentally challenged children. "Manipulating them to do crimes". See where I am going with this?
  12. Now at this point I ran into a couple other interesting characters. The Uzar's..
  13. George Uzar, Jr. 19 Volmmer Ave. Norwalk, CT & 24 Granite Dr. Norwalk, CT Phone: 203-981-3931 [link to[4] ] [link to]
  14. I ran into a very interesting find here with George.. I first found a news article relating to him as living at the same 19 Volmmer address at the same time as Chris & Cassandra. He seems to be a complete nut case (read his twitter lol) and is constantly in and out of jail. He has a website that sells Nazi Flags and Weapon accessories called CrazyWhiteBoyStuff: [link to[5] ] He also owns 2 porn sites linked to the Volmmer website according to whois results.
  15. He was referred to as Cassandra's brother in comments on the news site. The first article I read was about him getting robbed and chasing the robbers down in his car and ramming them. The police investigated him and found him to be in possession of marijuana and mushrooms. Article below.
  16. [link to[6] ]
  17. Another article about him reckless driving and being arrested after ramming another car.
  18. [link to[7] ]
  19. The most shocking find about him was the link to his parents Allison and George Sr. who shared the same 24 Granite Dr. address.
  20. [link to]
  21. Allison Uzar 24 Granite Dr. Norwalk, CT
  22. Allison seems to be doing well as Pharmaceutical Analyst for the company Perdue Pharma. She seems very upper class with a Masters degree from Boston College. She DOES NOT fit into the picture especially with her husband George Sr. The last article I can find about Allison is her purchasing a house this year at 465 Newtown Ave, Connecticut earlier this year. [link to[8] ]
  23. George Uzar, Sr. 24 Granite Dr. Norwalk, CT
  24. George Uzar, Sr.. Somehow extended family of Christopher Rodia who, as we go full circle, owned the car Adam Lanza reportedly took from his mother to travel to the massacre. George is currently serving a long prison term for manufacturing automatic assault rifles. The mayor quoted "'Scary' Amount of Firearms Found in Raid on Norwalker's House". He was manufacturing fully automatic rifles and selling them to members of the Latin Kings. Apparently he snitched because he was arrested then a few days later the whole rest of the organization went down. Articles to his weapon manufacturing below. His son George Jr. was also arrested when the house was raided because of marijuana and a stashed .38 pistol.
  25. [link to]
  26. [link to]
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