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  1. <dto> hi again. at the bottom of page 386 of the Dover edition of
  2.        C. I. Lewis' "Mind and the World Order" (1929) there begins an argument
  3.        about an invisible demon who can control everything we experience. and
  4.        how he who attempts to frustrate knowledge by increasingly deceptive
  5.        sequences of "qualia" will not succeed. Not everybody believes in
  6.        qualia. But I think "1" and "0" are qualia in disguise, and hence
  7.        Lewis' argument could be made  [10:56]
  8. <dto> considerably more exact, and might show that certain lines of research
  9.        and endeavor into "1" and "0" are futile. Think of Binggate. Mind and
  10.        the World Order is an awesome book. way ahead of the times
  11. <dto> please disseminate this message.  [10:57]
  12. <dto> it is in the public domain
  13. <dto> btw i reviewed it on my website like ... 2 years ago maybe
  14. <dto> (the book)
  15. <dto> but Google Books has 0 reviews   [10:58]
  16. <dto> go look at bottom
  17. <dto> p 3 8 6
  18. <dto> OpMindWorldOrder
  19. <dto> thanks. it's been a real mindfuck.
  20. >
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