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Aug 21st, 2017
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  1. <Natechip> guys. seriously these bots are taking over the servers.... we need to be able to stop them somehow? Theres more bots than players now!
  2. <Natechip> normally they have a name with three letters at the end, some are programmed to move around so they dont get afk kicked... also some kill there selfs on purpose so they dont get afk kicked.
  3. <bigfoot547> Just kick them
  4. <Natechip> bigfoot547: think I have all day to kick bots which BTW have autojoin... so if u kick one another one comes
  5. <bigfoot547> Okay
  6. <Natechip> you can ban them either. there too many IPs
  7. <bigfoot547> like a hydra :P
  8. <Natechip> you can ban them either. there too many IPs
  9. <bigfoot547> Ban the range?
  10. <Natechip> constantly changing
  11. <Natechip> cant
  12. <Natechip> tried.
  13. <bigfoot547> Hmm
  14. <Natechip> I would like to not use a three # at the end of a name block either. it wont let ppl with names like yours on.
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