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  1. Zhenlin turned his attention towards the door as his fingers kept moving in the same pattern over and over again. It was a way to focus on the prayer his father bless his soul folded the will of the emperor in all things but he still made time to thank the dragons and the dragon of thunder was one that was the key in their family. After all it was he how gave them the power to call down the lightning into their bodies and it was he who gave them the ability to take the power and pull it into their muscles into order to serve. So he had to finish the prayer not matter how thankful that he was he still had to finish the prayer. He had done this every hour for the last few hours ever since he heard that she had been in danger in Dawn and he had not rushed to her side to make a difference. It was the only thing that was eased the shame that was weighting down his honor.
  3. He watched the child past as he kept his prayer, it was not something for him to break it must be kept until the actions where forgiven. but he turned his attention towards kyrstina as he pointed to the left of him. Taking a pause in the middle of his mantra to speak. "She ran to the left, tear streaming down her eyes upset with the world."
  4. (Yawen-An Zhenlin)
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