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Bring Me To Ed Act 2

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  1. [Act 2, scene 1]
  2. [SFX: crickets, Ed snoring, ghostly shimmering]
  3. [snoring stops]
  4. [SFX: blinking noises, jittering noises]
  5. Ed: Who- Who are you?
  6. Spell: Ed, it's me... Spell. Do you... Remember me?
  7. [SFX: whooshing transition noise, echoing chicken clucks, whooshing transition noise]
  8. [Ed gasps]
  9. Spell: It is you. [pause] I had a feeling you would be the one to stay close.
  10. Ed: Aww... I didn't want to leave. Rolf was going to put you in the river so you could float away, but everyone wanted to visit. So, he buried you.
  11. Spell: I see. Rolf would have wanted to visit me, also. That might have been his reason for the normal burial. The last positive memory I remember from before was when you pecked my forehead. That was a first.
  12. Ed: You're still the most prettiest and sweetest chicken-spirit I've ever seen, Spell.
  13. Spell: Hmm...
  14. [SFX: conspiratorial Brass Jazz music, bushes rustling]
  15. Spell: And you are a very unique and likable individual, Ed. I enjoy seeing you smile.
  16. Ed: You sound like my friend Double D. He'd say something like that, but you say it better. I missed you.
  17. [SFX: squeaky toy noises, wet sloshing, horse whinnying, kissing]
  18. [Act 2, scene 2]
  19. Double D: ED? [pause] Ed, are you alright? You fell asleep by Spell's gravesite!
  20. [SFX: Ed snoring, waking up]
  21. Ed: Hi, guys! I saw spell! She is so beautiful, and glowy-like, and quiet, just like her chicken self! We hung out all night in the forest and I hugged her more than once! [chuckles] I feel so fuzzy, guys...
  22. Eddy: Did you kiss her, Ed?
  23. [Double D retches]
  24. [SFX: wind blowing]
  25. Eddy: Uh.. ED?
  26. [SFX: wind blowing, dog howling in distance]
  27. Eddy: Double D... D-D-Do something. I don't like that face...
  28. [SFX: trembling xylophone]
  29. Double D: Ed, now that you're back...
  30. [SFX: slow waltz, cuckoo clock]
  31. Double D: Maybe last night's expedition might have been what you call a hallucination. You may have seen a human version of Spell, but she wasn't really there.
  32. [SFX: slamming piano notes]
  34. Alexandra: Why did Ed wander off after making that glare at you?
  35. [Double D gulps]
  36. Double D: Ed said he saw Spell in human form and I told him my theory of his 'seeing' her
  37. [SFX: wildcat roar, smacking sound, woozy sound, throbbing noise]
  38. Alexandra: Shame on you, Eddward. That comment was absurd, and someone like him should never have his dreams crushed! YOU need to apologize!
  39. [SFX: whimpering dog]
  40. Eddy: [to himself] Dames... Neither of them can figure them out. [pause] But what can I say? Even Ed has one...
  41. [Act 2, scene 3]
  42. Ed: She's REAL, Double D! I saw her! Honest and for truly...
  43. [SFX: ghost noises]
  44. Ed: Spell! Double D told me you weren't real! I'm so confused!
  45. Spell: You see me, don't you Ed? Look.... It shouldn't matter if they believe you, because you know who you're speaking to... and romancing with
  46. [SFX: thumping heart beat]
  47. Ed: I feel all warm and fuzzy when you speak to my utter, Spell.
  48. Spell: Your heart's very large. I'm sure many know that.
  49. [SFX: sneaky piano chords]
  50. Spell: Unfortunately, some people- humans- sometimes lack emotions as strong as yours.
  51. [SFX: growling]
  52. Spell: The guy who sliced my neck, apparently, can't feel a shred.
  53. [SFX: dramatic chord, pew]
  54. Spell: You saw that? Those wild eyes frighten me... To a point. I could use some of my magic, but I'd be away.
  55. Ed: You're magical?
  56. Spell: Of course. If you want I can show you what powers I have.
  57. [SFX: twinkling and whooshing]
  58. Ed: I get to see magic from the most beautiful chicken spirit!
  59. Spirit: A spirit is something humans and animals both have, Ed. I don't want you to think differently from me, My death has already traumatized too many.
  60. [SFX: electrical droning, explosion]
  61. Spell: Ed, some of my power.
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