Anon - [Nameless] [Actias/Pepper Dust/silly/short/puns/moss]

Mar 24th, 2018
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  1. Full tags: Actias, Pepper Dust, silly, moss, braile moss, short, puns
  3. You are Pepper Dust.
  4. >And you're diligently sorting your spices before opening shop.
  5. >Actias is helping.
  6. >Or, at least trying.
  7. >"Oops."
  8. >A glass vial shatters on the floor.
  9. >At least it was just a really cheap peppermint.
  10. >You turn and stare at her.
  11. >She stares at the floor, at the broken vial.
  12. >"Sorry."
  13. >You just sigh and shake your head.
  14. "Go get a broom and sweep it up, alright? And do me a favor, sweep in front of the counter too."
  15. >"Alright!"
  16. >She darts off.
  17. >A moment later, Actias returns with a broom and dust pan.
  18. >She sings while she sweeps.
  19. >She doesn't sweep very well, given that she has no magic, and only four hooves.
  20. >But, she tries, and that's all that matters.
  21. >"Hey, Peppy."
  22. "Yes?"
  23. >"What do you do with all of those empty barrels outside?"
  24. "What empty barrels?"
  25. >"The ones you keep all of that moss in."
  26. "Oh, those. They help with my allergies."
  27. >She leans on the counter as you turn your back to her and continue sorting your spices.
  28. >"You have allergies?"
  29. "I'm allergic to dust."
  30. >"Like, the kind of dust on our wings?"
  31. "Yeah."
  32. >"Hm. So do you eat the moss, or what?"
  33. "Actually, I fill one of the bigger barrels up and roll around in it."
  34. >She snickers as you set another vial on your display shelf.
  35. >"Peppy."
  36. "What?"
  37. >"Do a barrel roll."
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