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  1. [13:36] <Rainbow_Dash> btw ive thought of something else as well
  2. [13:36] <Rainbow_Dash> that will prob take some effort
  3. [13:36] <Rainbow_Dash> but people (me included obv) would love stuff like
  4. [13:37] <Rainbow_Dash> top5's at the end of each season
  5. [13:37] <Rainbow_Dash> so top5 most efficiency in one game
  6. [13:37] <Rainbow_Dash> top5 most interceptions in one game
  7. [13:37] <Rainbow_Dash> etc
  8. [13:37] <Rainbow_Dash> single*
  9. [13:37] <surreal> calm
  10. [13:37] <surreal> there's a lot of stuff to be added
  11. [13:37] <surreal> it takes time m8
  12. [13:37] <Rainbow_Dash> just saying ;}
  13. [13:37] <surreal> i'd rather add lots of features then improve them all over time
  14. [13:38] <surreal> keeps people interested that way
  15. [13:38] <Rainbow_Dash> its better to add stats like these in the first seasons :P
  16. [13:38] <Rainbow_Dash> ppl love stats tho
  17. [13:38] <Rainbow_Dash> and the league is begging for the records section
  18. [13:38] <Rainbow_Dash> it was there in uhl as well but we had just goals assists and best streaks there
  19. [13:39] <surreal> haven't been tracking records at all
  20. [13:39] <Rainbow_Dash> thats what i mean
  21. [13:39] <Rainbow_Dash> prob would take some effort
  22. [13:39] <surreal> well nah, would be easy
  23. [13:39] <surreal> maybe 30 mins work
  24. [13:39] <surreal> just working on more important things that's all
  25. [13:40] <Rainbow_Dash> yea itd be pointless to add mid season anyway
  26. [13:40] <Rainbow_Dash> just wish it'll be there next season ;}
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