Glimesh test run

Apr 19th, 2021
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  1. Compiling 201 files (.ex)
  2. [profile] lib/glimesh/graphql/resolvers/account_resolver.ex compiled in 550ms
  3. [profile] lib/glimesh/subcategories/rawg_source.ex compiled in 516ms
  4. [profile] lib/glimesh/payment_providers/stripe/transfers.ex compiled in 1480ms
  5. [profile] lib/glimesh/accounts/user_access.ex compiled in 531ms
  6. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/plugs/ban_plug.ex compiled in 767ms
  7. [profile] lib/glimesh/oauth/oauth_handler.ex compiled in 844ms
  8. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/plugs/cf_country_plug.ex compiled in 426ms
  9. [profile] lib/glimesh/charts/platform_user_growth.ex compiled in 1138ms
  10. [profile] lib/glimesh/charts/recurring_subscriptions.ex compiled in 1560ms
  11. [profile] lib/glimesh/janus/edge_route.ex compiled in 1160ms
  12. [profile] lib/glimesh/janus.ex compiled in 981ms (plus 6747ms waiting)
  13. [profile] lib/glimesh/blog.ex compiled in 695ms
  14. [profile] lib/glimesh.ex compiled in 619ms
  15. [profile] lib/glimesh/charts/charts.ex compiled in 1575ms
  16. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/plugs/unique_user_plug.ex compiled in 325ms
  17. [profile] lib/glimesh/application.ex compiled in 705ms
  18. [profile] lib/glimesh/workers/stream_pruner.ex compiled in 906ms
  19. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/live_helpers.ex compiled in 251ms
  20. [profile] lib/glimesh/streams/subcategory.ex compiled in 1546ms
  21. [profile] lib/glimesh/events.ex compiled in 473ms
  22. [profile] lib/glimesh/oauth/token_utils.ex compiled in 629ms
  23. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/plugs/stripe_webhook_plug.ex compiled in 485ms
  24. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/plugs/taxidpro_webhook_plug.ex compiled in 482ms
  25. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/telemetry.ex compiled in 1322ms
  26. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/user_auth.ex compiled in 1067ms
  27. [profile] lib/glimesh/formatters.ex compiled in 754ms
  28. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/emails/mailer.ex compiled in 603ms
  29. [profile] lib/glimesh_web.ex compiled in 310ms
  30. [profile] lib/glimesh/repo.ex compiled in 1376ms
  31. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/uploaders/stream_thumbnail.ex compiled in 1982ms (plus 7196ms waiting)
  32. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/uploaders/file_validation.ex compiled in 653ms
  33. [profile] lib/glimesh/graphql/schema/data_types.ex compiled in 1024ms
  34. [profile] lib/glimesh/graphql/schema/channel_types.ex compiled in 1802ms
  35. [profile] lib/glimesh/chat/token.ex compiled in 914ms
  36. [profile] lib/glimesh/chat/parser.ex compiled in 1899ms (plus 22377ms waiting)
  37. [profile] lib/glimesh/oauth/oauth_errors.ex compiled in 314ms
  38. [profile] lib/glimesh/oauth/oauth_token_handler.ex compiled in 335ms
  39. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/router.ex compiled in 5150ms (plus 17448ms waiting)
  40. [profile] lib/glimesh/chat/renderer.ex compiled in 660ms
  41. [profile] lib/glimesh/graphql/schema/chat_types.ex compiled in 811ms
  42. [profile] lib/glimesh/query_cache.ex compiled in 363ms
  43. [profile] lib/glimesh/payment_providers/stripe/webhooks.ex compiled in 1150ms
  44. [profile] lib/glimesh/streams/organizer.ex compiled in 1709ms
  45. [profile] lib/glimesh/release.ex compiled in 891ms
  46. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/uploaders/app_logo.ex compiled in 2243ms
  47. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/uploaders/category_avatar.ex compiled in 2480ms
  48. [profile] lib/glimesh/workers/stream_metrics.ex compiled in 739ms
  49. [profile] lib/glimesh/configurations/configuration.ex compiled in 685ms
  50. [profile] lib/glimesh/tfa.ex compiled in 357ms
  51. [profile] lib/glimesh/configurations.ex compiled in 1902ms (plus 31432ms waiting)
  52. [profile] lib/glimesh/credits.ex compiled in 686ms
  53. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/api_logger.ex compiled in 584ms
  54. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/error_helpers.ex compiled in 514ms
  55. [profile] lib/glimesh/graphql/resolvers/chat_resolver.ex compiled in 794ms
  56. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/plugs/redirect_plug.ex compiled in 713ms
  57. [profile] lib/glimesh/presence.ex compiled in 2457ms
  58. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/uploaders/avatar.ex compiled in 2542ms
  59. [profile] lib/glimesh/graphql/schema/account_types.ex compiled in 802ms
  61. 15:34:21.696 [debug] AppSignal.Plug attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.Endpoint
  62. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/uploaders/channel_poster.ex compiled in 1560ms (plus 16145ms waiting)
  63. [profile] lib/glimesh/homepage.ex compiled in 909ms (plus 19150ms waiting)
  64. [profile] lib/glimesh/channel_lookups.ex compiled in 959ms (plus 29015ms waiting)
  65. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/endpoint.ex compiled in 2307ms
  66. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/uploaders/chat_background.ex compiled in 4468ms (plus 41322ms waiting)
  67. [profile] lib/glimesh/graphql/resolvers/scopes.ex compiled in 792ms
  68. [profile] lib/glimesh/emote.ex compiled in 788ms
  69. [profile] lib/glimesh/charts/live_streams.ex compiled in 1479ms
  70. [profile] lib/glimesh/graphql/schema.ex compiled in 7665ms (plus 7893ms waiting)
  71. [profile] lib/glimesh/blog_migration.ex compiled in 869ms
  72. [profile] lib/glimesh/workers/homepage_generator.ex compiled in 149ms
  73. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/channels/api_socket.ex compiled in 155ms
  74. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/gettext.ex compiled in 5229ms
  76. 15:34:29.392 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.Oauth2Provider.AuthorizationView
  77. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/gct_controller.ex compiled in 523ms (plus 1399ms waiting)
  78. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/oauth2_provider/authorization_view.ex compiled in 1166ms (plus 2581ms waiting)
  79. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/admin/category_live/form_component.ex compiled in 1165ms (plus 2144ms waiting)
  80. [profile] lib/glimesh/channel_categories.ex compiled in 1032ms (plus 3585ms waiting)
  81. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/admin/tag_live/form_component.ex compiled in 623ms (plus 5273ms waiting)
  83. 15:34:30.363 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.UserConfirmationView
  84. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/oauth2_controllers/authorization_controller.ex compiled in 686ms (plus 5938ms waiting)
  85. [profile] lib/glimesh/accounts/user.ex compiled in 1430ms (plus 1775ms waiting)
  86. [profile] lib/glimesh/oauth/oauth_access_token.ex compiled in 546ms (plus 1995ms waiting)
  87. [profile] lib/glimesh/account_follows/followers.ex compiled in 1600ms (plus 4076ms waiting)
  88. [profile] lib/glimesh/streams/channel.ex compiled in 2735ms (plus 8037ms waiting)
  89. [profile] lib/glimesh/streams/channel_moderation_log.ex compiled in 1699ms (plus 12090ms waiting)
  90. [profile] lib/glimesh/streams/tag.ex compiled in 1451ms (plus 21474ms waiting)
  91. [profile] lib/glimesh/streams/category.ex compiled in 1612ms (plus 42012ms waiting)
  92. [profile] lib/glimesh/streams/stream.ex compiled in 1544ms (plus 30357ms waiting)
  93. [profile] lib/glimesh/streams/stream_metadata.ex compiled in 1382ms (plus 41106ms waiting)
  94. [profile] lib/glimesh/streams/channel_moderator.ex compiled in 1876ms (plus 35402ms waiting)
  95. [profile] lib/glimesh/streams/homepage_channel.ex compiled in 955ms (plus 39055ms waiting)
  96. [profile] lib/glimesh/chat/chat_message.ex compiled in 1773ms (plus 45214ms waiting)
  97. [profile] lib/glimesh/streams/channel_ban.ex compiled in 4917ms (plus 48542ms waiting)
  98. [profile] lib/glimesh/payments/subscription.ex compiled in 3740ms (plus 8429ms waiting)
  99. [profile] lib/glimesh/oauth/oauth_access_grant.ex compiled in 1700ms (plus 12170ms waiting)
  100. [profile] lib/glimesh/accounts/user_social.ex compiled in 1344ms (plus 23055ms waiting)
  101. [profile] lib/glimesh/accounts/user_preference.ex compiled in 1445ms (plus 38109ms waiting)
  102. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/user_registration_controller.ex compiled in 476ms (plus 1607ms waiting)
  103. [profile] lib/glimesh/community_team/audit_log.ex compiled in 1374ms (plus 39468ms waiting)
  104. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/user_confirmation_view.ex compiled in 534ms (plus 7108ms waiting)
  105. [profile] lib/glimesh/accounts/user_token.ex compiled in 3030ms (plus 40843ms waiting)
  106. [profile] lib/glimesh/payments/subscription_invoice.ex compiled in 1729ms (plus 43873ms waiting)
  107. [profile] lib/glimesh/emails/email_log.ex compiled in 1694ms (plus 45227ms waiting)
  108. [profile] lib/glimesh/blog/article.ex compiled in 884ms (plus 46749ms waiting)
  109. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/plugs/api_context_plug.ex compiled in 441ms (plus 6852ms waiting)
  110. [profile] lib/glimesh/accounts/profile.ex compiled in 297ms (plus 2795ms waiting)
  111. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/chat_live/index.ex compiled in 705ms (plus 6721ms waiting)
  112. [profile] lib/glimesh/account_follows.ex compiled in 806ms (plus 6251ms waiting)
  113. [profile] lib/glimesh/graphql/resolvers/channel_resolver.ex compiled in 793ms (plus 40550ms waiting)
  114. [profile] lib/glimesh/streams.ex compiled in 1095ms (plus 48671ms waiting)
  115. [profile] lib/glimesh/oauth/token_resolver.ex compiled in 443ms (plus 10602ms waiting)
  116. [profile] lib/glimesh/payment_providers/stripe/stripe.ex compiled in 718ms (plus 21851ms waiting)
  117. [profile] lib/glimesh/streams/policy.ex compiled in 566ms (plus 13673ms waiting)
  118. [profile] lib/glimesh/apps/app.ex compiled in 1706ms (plus 32915ms waiting)
  119. [profile] lib/glimesh/oauth/oauth_application.ex compiled in 2365ms (plus 37512ms waiting)
  120. [profile] lib/glimesh/community_team.ex compiled in 981ms (plus 32400ms waiting)
  121. [profile] lib/glimesh/community_team/policy.ex compiled in 519ms (plus 22571ms waiting)
  122. [profile] lib/glimesh/payments.ex compiled in 1173ms (plus 40340ms waiting)
  123. [profile] lib/glimesh/apps/policy.ex compiled in 531ms (plus 26505ms waiting)
  124. [profile] lib/glimesh/emails.ex compiled in 573ms (plus 33307ms waiting)
  125. [profile] lib/glimesh/socials.ex compiled in 461ms (plus 42066ms waiting)
  126. [profile] lib/glimesh/streams/channel_notifier.ex compiled in 238ms (plus 37071ms waiting)
  127. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/emails/email.ex compiled in 845ms (plus 33776ms waiting)
  128. [profile] lib/glimesh/payment_providers/taxidpro.ex compiled in 395ms (plus 43696ms waiting)
  129. [profile] lib/glimesh/accounts/user_notifier.ex compiled in 488ms (plus 46405ms waiting)
  130. [profile] lib/glimesh/chat.ex compiled in 938ms (plus 23699ms waiting)
  131. [profile] lib/glimesh/apps.ex compiled in 1853ms (plus 52227ms waiting)
  132. [profile] lib/glimesh/stream_moderation.ex compiled in 847ms (plus 51435ms waiting)
  134. 15:34:31.052 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.UserView
  135. [profile] lib/glimesh/socials/twitter.ex compiled in 642ms (plus 53511ms waiting)
  136. [profile] lib/glimesh/accounts.ex compiled in 1510ms (plus 50059ms waiting)
  137. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/user_view.ex compiled in 382ms (plus 10682ms waiting)
  138. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/about_controller.ex compiled in 589ms (plus 12256ms waiting)
  139. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/admin/category_live/show.ex compiled in 532ms (plus 11782ms waiting)
  141. 15:34:31.189 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.LayoutView
  142. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/gct_live/components/channel_chat_log_table.ex compiled in 301ms (plus 13198ms waiting)
  144. 15:34:31.293 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.UserSettingsView
  145. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/gct_live/components/channel_button_array.ex compiled in 719ms (plus 13468ms waiting)
  146. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/gct_live/components/audit_log_table.ex compiled in 569ms (plus 11397ms waiting)
  148. 15:34:31.373 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.UserRegistrationView
  149. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/modal_component.ex compiled in 1504ms (plus 32386ms waiting)
  151. 15:34:31.417 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.Oauth2Provider.ApplicationView
  152. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/oauth2_provider/application_view.ex compiled in 841ms (plus 34172ms waiting)
  153. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/user_registration_view.ex compiled in 930ms (plus 33320ms waiting)
  154. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/components/click_to_copy.ex compiled in 1013ms (plus 35288ms waiting)
  156. 15:34:31.488 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.AboutView
  157. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/user_live/components/report_button.ex compiled in 855ms (plus 34625ms waiting)
  158. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/user_settings_view.ex compiled in 1678ms (plus 31374ms waiting)
  159. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/chat_live/pop_out.ex compiled in 1271ms (plus 35795ms waiting)
  160. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/layout_view.ex compiled in 851ms (plus 13990ms waiting)
  161. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/user_live/followers.ex compiled in 1290ms (plus 35947ms waiting)
  162. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/user_settings/components/profile_settings_live.ex compiled in 1331ms (plus 36542ms waiting)
  163. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/gct_live/components/button_array.ex compiled in 1344ms (plus 37927ms waiting)
  164. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/user_settings/components/channel_settings_live.ex compiled in 1452ms (plus 36536ms waiting)
  165. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/chat_live/message_form.ex compiled in 1267ms (plus 38819ms waiting)
  166. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/user_live/components/viewer_heads.ex compiled in 1412ms (plus 41212ms waiting)
  167. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/user_live/components/subscribe_button.ex compiled in 1494ms (plus 41382ms waiting)
  168. warning: unexpected beginning of EEx tag "<%=" on "<%= else %>", please remove "=" accordingly
  169.   lib/glimesh_web/live/user_live/profile.html.leex:26
  171. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/admin/tag_live/index.ex compiled in 1215ms (plus 46478ms waiting)
  172. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/user_live/profile.ex compiled in 1613ms (plus 44285ms waiting)
  174. 15:34:33.249 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.ErrorView
  175. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/user_settings/notifications_live.ex compiled in 1343ms (plus 46703ms waiting)
  176. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/gct_live/components/user_chat_log_table.ex compiled in 1264ms (plus 47398ms waiting)
  178. 15:34:33.339 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.ArticleView
  180. 15:34:33.428 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.Oauth2Provider.AuthorizedApplicationView
  181. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/error_view.ex compiled in 1374ms (plus 47647ms waiting)
  183. 15:34:33.651 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.UserApplicationsView
  184. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/article_view.ex compiled in 1526ms (plus 47971ms waiting)
  185. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/oauth2_provider/authorized_application_view.ex compiled in 1284ms (plus 49646ms waiting)
  186. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/subscription_component.ex compiled in 1333ms (plus 50869ms waiting)
  187. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/user_applications_view.ex compiled in 1318ms (plus 50297ms waiting)
  188. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/user_live/index.ex compiled in 1198ms (plus 52411ms waiting)
  189. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/streams_live/list.ex compiled in 1583ms (plus 51613ms waiting)
  190. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/platform_subscription_live/index.ex compiled in 1125ms (plus 52844ms waiting)
  192. 15:34:34.299 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.EmailView
  193. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/email_view.ex compiled in 1198ms (plus 55249ms waiting)
  194. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/user_live/components/channel_title.ex compiled in 1314ms (plus 55687ms waiting)
  196. 15:34:34.505 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.UserSessionView
  197. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/user_live/components/viewer_count.ex compiled in 796ms (plus 30750ms waiting)
  198. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/homepage_live.ex compiled in 1042ms (plus 31026ms waiting)
  200. 15:34:34.635 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.UserResetPasswordView
  201. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/user_session_view.ex compiled in 807ms (plus 29514ms waiting)
  202. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/user_live/components/follow_button.ex compiled in 750ms (plus 28538ms waiting)
  204. 15:34:34.722 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.PlatformSubscriptionsView
  205. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/platform_subscriptions_view.ex compiled in 621ms (plus 27105ms waiting)
  206. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/admin/category_live/index.ex compiled in 843ms (plus 27659ms waiting)
  207. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/user_reset_password_view.ex compiled in 880ms (plus 27880ms waiting)
  209. 15:34:34.801 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.ChannelModeratorView
  210. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/components/user_card.ex compiled in 663ms (plus 24730ms waiting)
  211. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/streams_live/following.ex compiled in 784ms (plus 25448ms waiting)
  212. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/about/open_data_live.ex compiled in 831ms (plus 23969ms waiting)
  214. 15:34:34.886 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.UserPaymentsView
  215. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/streams_live/index.ex compiled in 663ms (plus 23910ms waiting)
  216. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/components/tagify_component.ex compiled in 737ms (plus 23564ms waiting)
  218. 15:34:34.941 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.UserSecurityView
  219. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/channel_moderator_view.ex compiled in 982ms (plus 25055ms waiting)
  220. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/user_security_view.ex compiled in 843ms (plus 23525ms waiting)
  221. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/user_live/components/social_buttons.ex compiled in 577ms (plus 22772ms waiting)
  222. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/about_view.ex compiled in 4707ms (plus 35447ms waiting)
  223. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/blog_migration_controller.ex compiled in 352ms (plus 22141ms waiting)
  224. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/user_payments_view.ex compiled in 1027ms (plus 23605ms waiting)
  226. 15:34:35.182 [debug] AppSignal.Phoenix.View attached to Elixir.GlimeshWeb.GctView
  227. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/article_controller.ex compiled in 552ms (plus 24850ms waiting)
  228. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/user_session_controller.ex compiled in 436ms (plus 29931ms waiting)
  229. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/oauth2_controllers/token_controller.ex compiled in 473ms (plus 32166ms waiting)
  230. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/live/user_live/stream.ex compiled in 777ms (plus 23355ms waiting)
  231. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/user_social_controller.ex compiled in 736ms (plus 57623ms waiting)
  232. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/gct_fallback_controller.ex compiled in 467ms (plus 51637ms waiting)
  233. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/oauth2_controllers/authorized_application_controller.ex compiled in 748ms (plus 50866ms waiting)
  234. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/user_payments_controller.ex compiled in 847ms (plus 52650ms waiting)
  235. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/user_applications_controller.ex compiled in 799ms (plus 49019ms waiting)
  236. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/user_reset_password_controller.ex compiled in 636ms (plus 48736ms waiting)
  237. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/user_settings_controller.ex compiled in 696ms (plus 45919ms waiting)
  238. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/fallback_controller.ex compiled in 789ms (plus 40840ms waiting)
  239. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/user_security_controller.ex compiled in 854ms (plus 44789ms waiting)
  240. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/channel_moderator_controller.ex compiled in 811ms (plus 44269ms waiting)
  241. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/webhook_controller.ex compiled in 821ms (plus 39691ms waiting)
  242. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/quick_preference_controller.ex compiled in 837ms (plus 38080ms waiting)
  243. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/controllers/user_confirmation_controller.ex compiled in 740ms (plus 37050ms waiting)
  244. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/plugs/locale_plug.ex compiled in 552ms (plus 41671ms waiting)
  245. [profile] lib/glimesh/chat/policy.ex compiled in 507ms (plus 41209ms waiting)
  246. [profile] lib/glimesh/chat/effects.ex compiled in 357ms (plus 42924ms waiting)
  247. [profile] lib/glimesh_web/views/gct_view.ex compiled in 1239ms (plus 22778ms waiting)
  248. [profile] Finished compilation cycle of 221 modules in 58862ms
  249. [profile] Finished group pass check of 221 modules in 7951ms
  250. Generated glimesh app
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