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  1. command /annoucement [<text>]:
  2.   aliase:/am
  3.   permission:sk.admin
  4.   trigger:
  5.   if arg-1 is not set:
  6.      send "&b引数1を入力してください"
  7.   if arg-1 is set:
  8.      broadcast "%{am}%%colored arg-1%"
  10. command /annoucements [<text>]:
  11.   aliase:/ams
  12.   permission:sk.admin
  13.   trigger:
  14.   if arg-1 is not set:
  15.      send "&b引数1を入力してください"
  16.   if arg-1 is set:
  17.      set arg-1 to {am}
  18.      send "%{am}%に設定しました"
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