Amazing New World - 21

Sep 27th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Amazing New World ~ Thanks to Markues &

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Relationship
Hoseung (Mc) Chief Single
Kim Mijung (Fmc) Team Leader Single Parent
Sook Young (Sook) Employee Fiancee
Nasori (Bh) Employee Single
Jun Sook (Glasses) Fmc's Secretary Fiancee
Juwan (Sugar) Assistant Manager Single
[N/A] (Bun) Employee Married

Chapter - 21

(TLN: I did those gist in hurry until the chap 23, maybe there will be some incoherence with the previous and next chapters. The quality will improve later from chapter 24 or so.)

FMC's apartment Teacher x FMC x Daughter

FMC tells to Teacher that she'll not report him for stealing her underwear if he keeps is mouth shut and she even will give him a reward. He asks her what sort of reward, she tells him about what was hidden behind her underwear and if thinks it's a fair deal. FMC's daughter enters in the house, she notices FMC and her Teacher in an awkward position and them what they're doing and why her Teacher is here while it's not a day for tutoring. FMC tells her that she was the one who called him because she's worrying about her daughter future and wanted to have a talk with her Teacher about her career. Daughter rebuts her mother telling that it'sher life so they need to talk about that with her and not behind her back, FMC says that sometimes they need to talk between adults and it was more convenient because they can make a better judgement. Daughter goes to her room telling whatever and looks behind when she closes her door thinking they're suspicious.

Workplace Sook and Blonde x MC

MC's neighbor looks at an announce for hostess and the pay is really high, they accept female students and female workers, 20 yo mini (19 yo for non Korean).. It's 40,000 per hour up to 80,000 if your performance is good and it's 500,000 minimum per day..

They talk about the PowerPoint.. Blonde think how can MC's still not going to the bathroom.. (She might have put some laxative or other shit in MC's coffee, he throws it up in a trashcan without taking a sip of it just after she leaves in the previous chap)
She has an USB key in her hand and thinks that the video is just here and she can't miss this chance. MC tells her it's okay for today and because it's already late they will finish it tomorrow, she is upset because he'll leave the office without giving her a chance to copy the file and asks herself if she needs to go this far.. She pretends to be sleepy (I guess) MC asks her if she is okay, she tells him she's a bit.. He tells her he'll go right away, then he leaves the room.
Blonde is happy and begins to search the video and tries to copy it on her USB but she fails because MC set a password on his laptop.. She doesn't know what to do about this because she isn't good with computer and decides to play the video and to record it with her cellphone.

Before she can record the video, MC enters in the room surprising her, he asks her what she was trying to do right now. She tells him wanted to help him because she saw him suffering so much for this PPT and wanted to copy it for doing it at her house, she tells him that she failed because there is a security program.. He smiles and asks her if her throat / neck is okay now. She doesn't understand and asks why, he tells her that she stopped to cough so it seems to be fine now (So she was coughing..).
She looks at him not knowing what to answer.

Bar Fatty x Neighbor

Fatty looks at Sook and asks her is she's new because he never saw her.. She's acting all shy there.. He asks her name she gives him a nickname I guess (Swimming / Suyeong) he asks her to come closer to him because it's her work and to not be cold with him. He tells her to poor some alcohol in his glass and begins to grope / molest her with the excuse of him warming her body.. After groping her ass he wants to finds his way with her breast telling that he needs to check if she is cold here too..
She tells him to not touch her, he answers her that he didn't touch because he want to but he needs to teach her the way of this work and says that her Oppa will teach her everything so she can make a lot of moneys and doesn't need to worry..
She pushes him away, he's angry and asks her what she's doing, she tells him that she already warned him before..
Red hair barges in the room and apologizes to Fatty calling him Boss, she explains that it's Sook first time her and to not be upset because she'll give him a special service later..

Outside of the Hostess Bar Sook x Red

Red is smoking, she asks her if she doesn't want to do it she can be drunk before servicing a guest, it can help her.. (lol)
She says that when she passed the interview what kind of job she thought it was and to stop thinking too much because it's easy to sleep with Guest and to make big money, Sook apologizes, Red tells it's okay but she needs to tells her right now if she can do this kind of job or not..
Sook mutters I don't but keeps her voice low and tells that she needs this money. Red is happy about that and tells her to work hard but to not worry to much because she'll send her to easy guest at first and says it was her fault for sending her to that motherfucker..

MC walks by and hears a bit of the conversation, he thinks that he knows this voice, he moves closer and sees his Neighbor and says her name.

To be continued..
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