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  3. ღ | USERNAME: sseon-ho
  4. ⚊PASSWORD: milktea
  6. ღ | FULL NAME:  Ahn Hyunseong
  7. ღ | HERO NAME: Pyro
  8. ღ | SLOT: bakugou
  9. ღ | BACKUP SLOT: engine
  10. ღ | AGE: 16
  11. ღ | BIRTHDATE: Jan. 14 2002
  12. ღ | NATIONALITY: Korean
  13. ღ | ETHNICITY: Korean
  14. ღ | HEIGHT: 183cm
  15. ღ | WEIGHT: 64kg
  16. ღ | HOMETOWN: Daegu, South Korea
  17. ღ | PERSONALITY:
  18.     » He considers himself an "asshole" because of his inability to help and comfort people. He is very irritable and inconsiderate which drives a lot of people to hate him. He tends to get EXTREMELY competitive even when it comes to really small things like lining up for the ice cream truck. He gets really jealous easily but always hides it by cursing out the person he wants attention from. He tends to use really foul and vulgar language even for no reason. He doesn't like it when other people are ahead of him and would do anything to get back to them. Even though a lot of people think he's the type to just leave his friends hanging, he honestly can't bring himself to even leave them out of his sight. He also gets really soft to certain people that he is really close with. He prefers being alone than fighting in a team.
  20. ღ | BACKGROUND:
  22.     » Hyunseong was born on an average working class family. His parents weren't really the best in terms of taking care of children as they were still immature since they married each other at a young age. They separated ways when he was 6 and abandoned him in an orphanage which later closed down. A blacksmith, who he calls uncle, took him in with another child whom he now considers as his brother that he loves a lot. As he grew older, he became interested in forging blades which led to him discovering his powers. His uncle noticed this and was hesitant at first. He eventually let him go to YUUEI HIGHSCHOOL to make use of his powers. He left behind his uncle and his brother back in Daegu. An unfortunate event happened when a wire in a factory his brother works for short circuited, leading into a huge fire. His brother got trapped inside and ended up not surviving because of the amount of fumes he inhaled. He could never go back to his hometown because of this as he thinks that it was his fault that his brother died. He thinks that if he didn't leave for highschool, he could've controlled the fire and saved his brother. He wanted to practice and strengthen his powers more as his brother always liked it when he shows him his powers. It was also one of the childhood fantasies they acquired from reading comics when they were young. To save innocent people from harm together.
  24. ღ | LIKES:
  25. ※ cats
  26. ※ reading comic books
  27. ※ cooking
  28. ※ watching marvel movies
  29. ※ touching other people's hair
  30. ※ being alone
  32. ღ | DISLIKES:
  33. ※ the teacher
  34. ※ reading the news
  35. ※ hospitals
  36. ※ when it rains
  37. ※ noisy people
  38. ※ neon colors
  39. ※ affection
  41. ღ | TRIVIA:
  43. ※ he almost got kicked out since he was caught drinking in campus
  45. ※ he has a matching tattoo with his brother on his left wrist (they bribed the artist for that since they were roo young)
  47. ※ his actual birth name is Lee Juyeon but he legally changed it to Ahn Hyunseong
  49. ※ he goes both ways (bi)
  51. ※ he used to keep 4 cats
  53. ※ he manages to live off ice cream and packed ramen everyday
  55. ※ he lowkey has a thing for shoto
  57. ※ he tends to act on impulse as he is often blinded by anger
  59. ※ has zero self control
  61. ※ teachers hate him because he's "rude"
  64. ღ | FACECLAIM: minsung8809 (kinda old tho)
  65. ღ | BACKUP FACECLAIM: ironjagang
  66. ღ | MAIN SKILL: Combat
  67. ღ | WORST SKILL: Teamwork
  69. - COMBAT: 95/100
  70. - DEFENSE: 92/100
  71. - STRATEGY: 67/100
  72. - INTELLIGENCE: 68/100
  73. - TEAMWORK: 29/100
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