AWL All Hybrids FAQ

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  1. Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - All Hybrids FAQ
  3. Q: What is the goal of the category?
  5. A: To produce all hybrid crops and trees available in the game.
  7. Q: Hybrids?
  9. A: Starting in Chapter 2 (after Year 1), you may gain access to a giant two-headed plant named Tartan who lives in Takakura's house (yes, seriously). By feeding him two different crops (or seeds of those crops), certain "hybrid" crops can be made. What's more, in the case of crops (not trees), some of the hybrids themselves can be mixed with other hybrids to create so-called "generation 3" hybrids (third gen hype Kappa).
  11. Q: How many hybrids are there?
  13. A: A lot. Not every combination is possible, however, so not as many as you might think.
  15. Q: Runs when?
  17. A: Once I have figured out the quirks of the hybridization system I will be able to actually cobble together a route, but for now I need to test. As HM players are generally filthy casuals, most FAQs detailing the games' intricacies are woefully inadequate. For example, many FAQs insist that it is totally random when Tartan arrives, while others maintain it "helps" to befriend Takakura, but still doesn't guarantee anything. RNG is RNG, but it's likely that most of it can be controlled or at least influenced, and the extent to which is what I aim to find out.
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