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  1. I dont wan't to be readded because I know nobody give a fuck anymore bout me, but hear me out here's what I have to say. This started yesterday when me & my irl friend at school thought it would be funny as fuck to :clown: on some people in the community anonymously for a meme & then would later just tell the people we clowned on afterwards & have a good laugh bout it (obviously this backfired as you have realised.) So, each of us picked a random person out of my follow list which turned out to be driven & efficient (good choice imo cause funny.) Now, my friend setup the roaviation clowns account & soon worked up a piece of 'somewhat believable to be idiotic' tweet & posted it. After that, he soon started receiving replies after I shared it in our group chat. We thought this was funny as fuck & my friend (not thinking properly) soon posted a screenshot I gave about Driven questioning the tweet & all that. After he posted it, he deleted it around 30 seconds later when he realised what he'd done. By this point, everyone online in the chat had seen the post & immediately realised it was either digital or me. I was out of the chat for a while at this point eating dinner but when I got back (thinking what I was going to do next, mainly owning up to it because funny) digital was removed and I instantly thought 'Fuck.'
  2. I was going to own up to it but knew that if I did, then I was going to get the same fait. I knew this was wrong, but I was considering a better approach to get digital re-added & me staying in the chat - I was pushed to this, my fault but even so. Then after providing screenshots, I got called out, removed & now I end up here where I am now. I stuck to my story the whole way through after digital was removed & if you couldn't tell, I was upset because I didn't want to fuck up our friendships like that but I didn't know what to do - obviously it's done now & I meant this as a joke, but like most of my jokes they are taken out of proportion. I really need to quit trying to be funny & go back to being that sad as fuck person I was before because it really isn't for me, but I don't know what to do now. I know I won't be readded, it's fine I have other friends - I just wish I hadn't lost these ones.
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