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Dec 14th, 2019
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  1. Anyothew onye got caught today, it's aww uvw the papews. "Teenyagew Awwested in Computew Cwime Scandaw", "Hackew Awwested aftew Bank Tampewing"...
  3. Damn kids. They'we aww awike.
  5. But did you, in youw thwee-piece psychowogy and 1950's technyobwain, evew take a wook behind the eyes of the hackew? Did you evew wondew what made him tick, what fowces shaped him, what may have mowded him?
  7. I am a hackew, entew my wowwd...
  9. Minye is a wowwd that begins with schoow... I'm smawtew than most of the othew kids, this cwap they teach us bowes me...
  11. Damn undewachievew. They'we aww awike.
  13. I'm in junyiow high ow high schoow. I've wistenyed to teachews expwain fow the fifteenth time how to weduce a fwaction. I undewstand it. "Nyo, Ms. Smith, I didn't show my wowk. I did it in my head..."
  15. Damn kid. Pwobabwy copied it. They'we aww awike.
  17. I made a discuvwy today. I found a computew. Wait a second, this is coow. It does what I want it to. If it makes a mistake, it's because I scwewed it up. Nyot because it doesn't wike me... Ow feews thweatenyed by me.. Ow thinks I'm a smawt ass.. Ow doesn't wike teaching and shouwdn't be hewe...
  19. Damn kid. Aww he does is pway games. They'we aww awike.
  21. And then it happenyed... a doow openyed to a wowwd... wushing thwough the phonye winye wike hewoin thwough an addict's veins, an ewectwonyic puwse is sent out, a wefuge fwom the day-to-day incompetencies is sought... a boawd is found. "This is it... this is whewe I bewong..." I knyow evewyonye hewe... even if I've nyevew met them, nyevew tawked to them, may nyevew heaw fwom them again... I knyow you aww...
  23. Damn kid. Tying up the phonye winye again. They'we aww awike...
  25. You bet youw ass we'we aww awike... we've been spoon-fed baby food at schoow when we hungewed fow steak... the bits of meat that you did wet swip thwough wewe pwe-chewed and tastewess. We've been dominyated by sadists, ow ignyowed by the apathetic. The few that had something to teach found us wiwwing pupiws, but those few awe wike dwops of watew in the desewt.
  27. This is ouw wowwd nyow... the wowwd of the ewectwon and the switch, the beauty of the baud. We make use of a sewvice awweady existing without paying fow what couwd be diwt-cheap if it wasn't wun by pwofiteewing gwuttons, and you caww us cwiminyaws. We expwowe... and you caww us cwiminyaws. We seek aftew knyowwedge... and you caww us cwiminyaws. We exist without skin cowow, without nyationyawity, without wewigious bias... and you caww us cwiminyaws. You buiwd atomic bombs, you wage waws, you muwdew, cheat, and wie to us and twy to make us bewieve it's fow ouw own good, yet we'we the cwiminyaws.
  29. Yes, I am a cwiminyaw. My cwime is that of cuwiosity. My cwime is that of judging peopwe by what they say and think, nyot what they wook wike. My cwime is that of outsmawting you, something that you wiww nyevew fowgive me fow.
  31. I am a hackew, and this is my manyifesto. You may stop this individuaw, but you can't stop us aww... aftew aww, we'we aww awike.
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