Half-Moon in Equestria 5

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  1. Sitting up and stretching, you can hear Twilight and Spike in what you guess is the kitchen, giving they are disscussing what you might eat.
  2. "He doesn't look like a herbivore, but he doesnt look like a meat eater either" you hear Twilight say.
  3. "Maybe he eats gems, like me" Spike proposes.
  4. Chuckling you walk in, and say "Your pretty close Twilight, I eat both meat and plants, But given you probably don't eat meat, Im fine with whatever you wanna make."
  5. "Hmnnnnn... I know, Lets go to Sugarcube corner to get breakfast, that way you can pick out what you want"
  6. "Sounds good" You say "Just let me get ready first". Seeing twilights nod, you go up the stairs and put on your robe, which has dried overnight. Giving another stretch you come down the stairs and meet up with Twilight and Spike who are waiting at the door for you.
  7. Stepping through the doorway, Twilight leads the way through town. At the sight of you, most ponies vanish into their houses, or behind stalls. You just sigh and follow Twilight, picking a few leaves here and there. Twilight just gives you another confused look, and you shrug it off. Soon enough you arrive at a store that looks like it is made of gingerbread and icing and all sorts of sweets. Just looking at the store made your stomach grumble.
  9. Stepping into the shop, your nose is assailed with the smell of baked goods, cakes, pies, cupcakes and others of all different flavours. The selfsame foods were on a counter, and behind that counter stands a Pink pony, with a mane like cotton candy. With a gasp the pony jumps up and vanishes from sight.
  10. Giving a Questioning look at Twilight, she simply asks "Do you like partys?"
  11. Cocking an eyebrow you ask "What do parties have to do with this?"
  12. Grinning Twilight just says "You'll have to wait and see". Turning back to the counter she calls out "Mr and Miss cake! Are you here?"
  13. Getting  no response, she sighs and says "I guess we are gonna have to get breakfast somewhere else".
  14. "How about a snack before then?" You ask, holding up the leaves you picked.
  15. "Im not eating that" Spike says, and you chuckle.
  16. "I guess you haven't told him yet, huh Twilight" you say, making a circular motion with one hand.
  17. "So Thats what you picked those for" Twilight says.
  18. "So, what would you and spike like?" you say, taking a piece of paper and a pen from your robe.
  19. "Spike would probably want a gem, Saphires are his favourite, and as for me...." She says, pausing to think "A candied rose would be nice".
  20. At the mention of the rose you blush slightly, but quickly turn to the nearest table and set the paper down. Drawing a circle, similar to the one you used to make the umbrella, you place a small pile of leaves on the paper. Pressing your palms to the to the circle you focus your energy and the circle glows, causing the leaves to flow together, compress, until they finaly form a small saphire, about the half the size of your pinky nail.
  21. Picking it up, you pass it to spike, who's jaw has dropped to the floor. Spike eyes it warily till he pops it in his mouth. By the look on his face it was good, realy good. "Wow" He exclaims "That has to be one of the best saphires I've ever had. How did you do that?"
  22. Grinning, you say "Its probably the best, because it had no imperfections in it whatsoever, and it would take too long to effectively explain how I made it."
  23. Pulling out more leaves you set them on the circle and once again activate it. this time the leaves merge and form a Yellow rose with a sort of gleam to it, being candied and all. Holding it out to Twilight, she magics it up and practically devours it.
  24. "Ah" she sighs "It has been too long since I have had a candied rose, since the only place you can get them is a small shop in Canterlot."
  25. Looking over at her, you see her in a state of faint bliss, staring up at the ceiling. With a faint smile, you place the remaining leaves on the circle, and activate it a third time. the leaves join together to make a small round fruit, its skin perfectly smooth, and deep red in color. Both Twilight and Spike look at it confused before Twilight asks "What kind of fruit is that?"
  26. Holding it up, you say "Its called a Flame fruit. Its taste is a perfect blend of sweet and spicy, and its great for warming you up when your cold. Plus its got a cool side effect."
  27. With that you pop it into your mouth, savouring the flavour as it makes its way down your throat. Suddenly a red flush developes on your skin, causing Twilights eyes to go wide, before you let it out in a small burst of flame from your mouth.
  28. With that Twilights jaw drops, and Spike gives you a look of begrudging impessedness.
  29. Bowing, you give a goofy grin before asking "So, what are we gonna do about breakfast?"
  30. "Thats right!" Twilight exclaims, before putting a hoof to her chin in thought. Suddenly getting an idea she says "We should go to Applejacks place, Im sure Granny Smith would be more than willing to make us some breakfast, especially if you keep using the magic of yours."
  31. Spike chimes up "Im gonna head back to the library, that gem was plenty for me." With that he walks out and heads back the way we came.
  32. Turning to Twilight, you say "Well, lead the way".
  33. Opening the door, you hold it open for her, and then follow after her as she leaves.
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