Pony Plush Pt 3

Jul 2nd, 2012
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  1. >Cat on windowsill in no mood to help
  2. >Gets up, walks to bedroom door
  3. >Demands out
  4. >Younger cat hears older cat on other side of door and gets excited
  5. >Younger cat no longer wants in
  6. >Younger cat just wants to play
  7. >Older cat no longer wants out
  8. >Older cat just wants everything to go away
  9. >Isn't that me?
  10. >Old cat indignantly huffs in distaste as she retreats to the closet
  11. >Sobbing almost becomes laughter
  12. >Squeeze the plush tight, face drenched in tears
  13. "You can take this, Victor. Work it out one step at a time. Maybe it's only temporary!"
  14. >Laugh heartily
  15. "Yeah. It's all going to wear off in a couple of hours, and everything will be back to normal. It's a joke, or a game, or a free trial or something!"
  16. >Such a simple solution!
  17. "I should find out who sent it, though. Yeah. That makes sense. Let's ask the internet."
  18. >Laugh
  20. >Slide off bed, head to computer desk
  21. >Push chair out of the way; seat's no good for ponies!
  22. >Still too short to reach mouse or keyboard
  23. >Laugh
  24. >Use forehooves to stand up by desk
  25. >Yeah, I can do this!
  26. >How do I work the computer once I'm standing up, though?
  27. >Laugh
  28. "Of course!"
  29. >Flap wings, stretch
  30. >Cradle mouse with right wing and push it around
  31. >Computer wakes up from hibernation
  32. >Suddenly, Skype
  33. >Try to hit "answer call" with mouse
  34. >Arduously move cursor into place
  35. >Push down emphatically, propelling the mouse off the desk and onto the floor
  36. >Fall down backwards and land on the floor
  37. >Laugh
  39. >"Hey, Victor. How are you?"
  40. >Voice sounds almost familiar... is it...?
  41. >"Up to anything important?"
  42. >Guy from pony meetup group I only went to once
  43. >Went bowling a few months back, haven't talked since: hardly know him at all
  44. "Oh, good, it's just you!"
  45. >Nobody important! Hardly an acquaintance! Not even sure why he's still on my contacts list!
  46. >Laugh
  47. >"Victor?"
  48. "I'm a pegasus."
  49. >Laugh enthusiastically
  50. >"Are you feeling all right?"
  51. "Just peachy. I'm a pegasus!"
  52. >"You don't sound so great."
  53. "I've got big blue wings, and all these nifty feathers!"
  54. >"I'm coming over."
  55. >Since when does he know where my house is? And why would I let anyone in?
  56. >Laugh
  57. "Comin' right outta my fuckin' back. And they even work! I can fly!"
  58. >Stretch wings out, fold them back
  59. >"I'll be there in a bit."
  60. >Laugh
  61. >Call ends
  62. >Roll over onto back
  63. >Kick bed; knock off plush
  64. >Grab with hooves, snuggle close
  65. >Laughter turns to sobbing
  66. >Fall asleep on the floor
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