Keeping More Secrets

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  1. (All characters are 18 or older. Written by an adult and for adults. A work of fiction)
  3. (A sequel to Keeping Secrets:
  6. I wanted to see if I could talk to you about something ... you know, since we're keeping each other's secrets. (giggle)
  8. I actually have some more secrets that I wanna share with you. Fun secrets.
  10. (whisper) Dirty secrets.
  12. (whisper) I wanna know what you think.
  14. Um ... yeah there's more secrets than just that I've been dancing.
  16. A lot more.
  18. (whisper) Feel me under my clothes while I tell you ... I like telling you my dirty secrets while you touch all over me.
  20. I know I told you all about how taking my clothes off makes me feel. But I just kept thinking about it constantly ... how all those guys at the club look at me.
  22. And ... even when I have clothes on, men look at my body ... and I can't stop thinking about it.
  24. (whisper) And I like it.
  26. And ... I decided that ... I wanted to do more than just dance on the weekends.
  28. Do you ever go on Reddit? Well ... there's lots of parts of Reddit where girls post pictures of themselves. So ... not long after I started dancing, I started posting pictures.
  30. (whisper) Um ... yeah ... naked pictures.
  32. And ... I got a lot of responses. It really, really turned me on ... knowing that so many people were looking at my naked body.
  34. (whisper) Knowing that guys were jacking off to me ... and maybe ... some girls were lookin' at me ... and playing ... it made me wanna do more.
  36. (whisper) So ... I ... posted a video. Do you wanna see it?
  38. It's really short ... it's just ... running my hands up and down my skin. But I got lots of compliments. And that made me wanna do even more.
  40. (whisper) So ... I ... made another video that was longer. And dirtier. Um ... a lot dirtier. Do you wanna see that one too? It's OK ... I wanna show you. I want you to see how dirty I am.
  42. (whisper) I made it with my phone, right after one of the times that you fucked me ... and cummed in me.
  44. (whisper) I left your office and went to the bathroom. I used my fingers ... and played with my pussy ... and spread it ... I spread it open, so everyone could see. Everyone could see that you cummed in me ... and your cum was dripping down my pussy ... and sticky all over my fingers.
  46. (whisper) And ... I put it on Porn Hub. I made a video for Porn Hub right after you fucked me ... in the bathroom right here in school.
  48. (whisper) I spread my pussy and put it online ... and everybody watched me. Look at the views ... look how many thousands of people watched me spread my pussy open ... with your cum inside me.
  50. (whisper) Am I a dirty girl because I made a porn in school? Is it dirty that I spread my pussy on Porn Hub? Does it make me a slut?
  52. (whisper) Do you like seeing me spread it? Do you think my pussy's pretty? (giggle) ... I know you do.
  54. (whisper) I think your cock's really pretty too. If you take your cock out, I'll play with it for you while I tell you more dirty things.
  56. (whisper) Do you want me to stroke it ... and jack it up and down?
  58. (whisper) Mmmm ... you have a really pretty cock. I love to feel it in my fingers ... feel how hot and thick it is. Feel how smooth it is on the head.
  60. (whisper -- wet sounds) I love how hard it gets when I squeeze it ... and jack it. Does it feel good when I make it really wet and pump it up and down?
  62. (whisper -- wet sounds) When I go away to college, will you jack of just like this ... pump your pretty cock up and down while you watch me on Porn Hub?
  64. (whisper -- wet sounds) What about ... if I did more than just post on Porn Hub? I haven't yet ... but I have a chance to.
  66. (whisper -- wet sounds) I got a message from a guy in Los Angeles. He saw me on Porn Hub and contacted me ... he runs a really big porn site where he shoots himself getting blowjobs ... and fucking girls ... and he usually cums in the girl's mouth ... or all over her face.
  68. (whisper -- wet sounds) He let me see some of the videos on his site ... the way he shoots ... just ... makes all the girls look so pretty ... and they're all really young girls, like ... my age. And he's a little older, like you.
  70. (whisper -- wet sounds) I told him I'm still in high school, but I'm almost done ... and he said after I graduate he wants to bring me to LA ... so I can see if I wanna do porn.
  72. (whisper -- wet sounds) I'm kinda scared ... but ... I think ... I wanna do it. The guys are all older ... it turns me on ... everyone watching me fuck older men ... and swallow their cum. And I think I wanna play with some of the girls too ... there's so many pretty girls.
  74. (whisper -- wet sounds) What would you think if I did that? Would you jack off to me?
  76. (whisper -- wet sounds) If I go to LA and do porn ... would you still wanna put your cock in me when I come home?
  78. (whisper -- wet sounds) Do you wanna put your cock in me now? Mmmm ... I know you do.
  80. (whisper -- wet sounds) Are you gonna gimme my porn audition?
  82. (whisper) Yeah ... put your cock in me just like that.
  84. (whisper) When I come home from LA ... I'm still gonna wanna come see you ... dressed really skimpy ... dressed like a porn girl, with no bra or panties on ... so you can put your hands under my clothes and feel me everywhere.
  86. (whisper) I'm still gonna want you to use my pussy ... use my body any way you want.
  88. (whisper) Still gonna want you to fuck me any way you want.
  90. (whisper) Still gonna wanna make you cum really, really hard.
  92. (whisper) And when I'm a dirty porn girl you can do it anywhere you want.
  94. (whisper) Pull out and spurt your cum all over me anywhere you want ... let it fly ... let it fly out and lemme feel it all over my skin ... all over my pussy ... all over my stomach ... on my face ... on my lips.
  96. (whisper) Yeah ... cover me in cum just like that. Use me and fuck me and leave me covered in cum. Mmmmm ... yeah, lemme hold your pretty cock in my hand so I can feel you shoot your cum fly out.
  98. (whisper) Yeah ... lemme feel you cover me in cum just like that. Mmmmm-mygod it feels so good. Do you know that?
  100. (whisper) You always make me feel so good to be a dirty little girl. (giggle) ... Dirty porn girl.
  102. (whisper) I'll always be dirty for you ... I promise.
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