Owlia- Techniques

May 6th, 2018
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  1. Owlia Harken (Engemmed)
  2. Mana Color: Yellow/Red
  3. Mana: 2000
  5. Bolt Shot: Can conjure light bolts from her hands- about as strong as a heavyweight punch.
  7. Flight: Owlia can fly with the aid of her staff, thanks to Cylica's teachings.
  9. Shock Orb- 300 (600) Mana
  10. Owlia can conjure a ball of lightning, shocking anyone near it. She can infuse more mana to make it up to beach ball sized. The ball can be controlled and sustained even through shocking, unless it's engulfed by something.
  12. Max Power Beam - 500 Mana x number of combat rounds.
  13. Can emit a strong beam of mana with heat properties- enough to bore through steel and melt rock. Takes a great deal of focus to keep sustained, however, preventing her from moving when it's active.
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