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  1. Owner name:
  2. Mike
  3. Address:
  4. 600 Bay St #402
  5. Toronto, ON M5G 1M6
  6. Phone:
  7. (647) 812-5847
  8. Website:
  10. Email:
  12. Hours:
  13. Mon-Sat 9 am - 5 pm
  14. Year in Business:
  15. 2008
  16. Number of Employees:
  17. 10 - 50
  18. Category:
  19. Web Development, Websites, Web Services, Professional Services
  20. Keyword:
  21. Web design, web development, custom web design, custom web application development, UX design
  22. Description: 1
  23. We Create Websites is a Toronto-based web design and development company founded in 2008. There are 15 experienced web developers on their team and they offer web design, graphic design, UX design, logo design, marketing and SEO services.
  24. We Create Websites improved sites and conversion rates for multiple businesses. The team is also managing several websites for its clients, who are happy with the services they are getting.
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